Friday, 13 September 2013

What was I thinking?- MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2

The superstitious amongst you will be cautious today on Friday 13th. Today I am going to brief y'all on a little bad luck of my own! In life, we all make hasty decisions and look back and think 'what in the name of God possessed me to do that!?'. Whether it is getting a fringe, choosing a course of study, picking something off a menu, whatever it is, we have all been smacked with that pang of regret. 

Sometimes you can cause less damage than other times, but luckily enough, on this occasion, the only damage caused was to my bank balance. So what the heck was I thinking when I bought THIS!

Yes, I am now aware that this colour looks ridiculous on me. I actually remember looking at it when I came home and thinking 'what have I done?'. I blame this purchase entirely on the fact that I am a big Nicki Minaj fan. And I know, I know I do not look like Nicki Minaj. I don't know how I thought it would suit, when I swatched it in store it would have looked something like this:

So, in reflection, my moment of madness only cost me €18.50 so I escaped lightly, but I almost don't trust myself in a MAC store now in case I purchase something equally as ridiculous on me!

Live and learn is the motto for the day. 

Have any of you ever had a 'what was I thinking?' moment?


  1. We've all been there Aisling, my unfortunate lipstick incident was Barry M - Marshmallow. Sweet.Jesus.

  2. Been there,done that, thank God there's Ebay :-D

  3. Ohh so many items like that, look so great on some people but on me I look like.... nothing good:P Maybe if you layered it?


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