Friday, 20 September 2013

What I keep in my makeup drawers!

I have been asked so many times to do a makeup collection post. I know I personally love makeup collection vids and blog posts, there is something so voyeuristic about looking into people's collections and seeing what they have amassed over time. I have WAY too much makeup for my own personal use, but somehow I keep on collecting them over and over. I've resisted doing a blog post on it for quite some time because I felt like it was a little bit braggy and that it would take me DAYS to organise it, type it up, take photos, etc., but if you can't do it for SBBC, I don't know when you can. SBBC's lifestyle post for the day calls on me to talk about collecting, and I would say that one of my biggest hobbies is collecting makeup. I showed you all my drawers and what I do for storage in a post earlier this week, so I'm not going to dive into the ins and outs of storage, I'll just give a very brief overview!

So taking it drawer by drawer, I am starting off with the top drawer in my Ikea Alex unit, and in this drawer, I keep my concealers, primers, setting powders and highlighters. I also keep some of my contouring kits here, some highlighting liquids from MUFE and Benefit, and eye primers from Urban Decay, Fyrinnae and ELF.

The second drawer houses my foundations and I have a huge variety of both high end and high street foundations in different shades to account for when I am fake tanned, or depending on what coverage or finish I like. I also keep my BB creams and tinted moisturisers in this drawer. I change my favourite foundation preference like the wind but stars in this drawer include Estée Lauder Double Wear, MAC Face and Body, Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal Foundation and No 7 Instant Radiance.

Next up we have my blush and other powders drawer, and I have a mixture of high end and high street, powder and cream blushes, and even a few Sleek trios tucked in along the sides. My most prized blushes du jour include Nars Deep Throat. MAC Dame and the Revlon cream blushes.

In the fourth drawer, I keep my single eyeshadows and small palettes. I keep my MAC, Urban Decay shadows in little compartments of their own, and I also have loads of Catrice and x shadows. I put my smaller palettes in here also because I feel like these tend to get lost with my bigger palettes in that drawer. I find myself leaning more towards using palettes than individual eyeshadows these days. I also keep some pigments in this drawer. Some of my favourite pieces in this drawer include Urban Decay's Maui Wowie, MAC Club and Cranberry and my Inglot single eyeshadows. I also have my palettes from the US of A that my good friend Heather sent over to me this summer.

Drawer no. 5 contains the vast collection of my lipsticks. You might remember my lipstick storage idea post from a few months back where I demonstrated how to store all your lipsticks like this. Well this is the same system that I am using, and it is working an absolute treat. I have a mix of high and low end lipsticks and there are also a few lipglosses in the mix here. I don't keep my MAC Lipsticks in this drawer anymore so I have a separate little haunt for them, but as you can see, my drawer is pretty jam packed now! Highlights of this drawer include L'Oreal Rouge Caresse and the ELF essential lipsticks.

The sixth drawer is the first of my four deeper drawers, and it here I keep the skin care bits that I use pretty regularly and like to keep on hand. These include eyecreams, blemish treatments, various moisturisers, cotton pads etc. This drawer changes pretty regularly whenever I change my skincare up. I'm excited to try out my new Ren kit which arrived today!

The next drawer in my Alex is one of my favourites and it contains most of my eyeshadow palettes. I am constantly rooting around in this drawer. I have my MAC, Urban Decay, Physician's Formula, NYX, Wet 'n Wild, Sleek, MUA, Kiko, Soap & Glory, Fashionista and Stila palettes in this drawer. I like that I can easily see all the palettes in this drawer very easily. My favourites at the mo include Wet 'n Wild Nude Awakening, all of my Urban Decay palettes, and my MAC neutral palette.

In the eighth drawer, I keep some more larger palettes that would not fit in the drawer above it. I have my depotted MUA eyeshadow and ELF blush palettes, my Inglot round palette, my Blank Canvas Cosmetics Palettes, my MUA Immaculate palette, some Benefit Lipglosses which I have not yet opened and some of my brush holders and dividers. I also keep some samples for review in here.

Lastly in this set, I store my false eyelashes, false nails, eyelash glue etc. Anything is likely to be tossed into this drawer!

I also have an Ikea Helmer drawer unit that I store makeup in, and in the first drawer I keep most of my gel eyeliners. I love the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners and the Catrice gel liners are a worthy dupe of these. I also have a Wet n' Wild one from my friend Heather which I haven't had the heart to open yet!

In the second drawer, I store lipglosses. I am not much of a lipgloss person but I have these loosely sorted by colour category. You will find some Lancome Juicy Tubes, Christian Dior lipglosses, Catrice, MUA, Essence, ELF glosses all neatly stored in the little Antonius inserts which you can also pick up in Ikea.

In the third drawer, I keep my mascaras in order. I don't often open or play with new mascaras because I find they dry out so much. Favourites include Diorshow and Benefit Bad Gal. I also love Maybelline 'The Falsies' and 'Colossal Cat Eyes' mascaras. I am very excited to try my Cover Girl mascara that Heather sent over- I have heard great things about this mascara so I am uber excited to try it out for myself.

Next, I keep all my bronzers and most of my bronzing products. I tend to use the same bronzers over and over again and I don't really buy bronzers all that often. I love the Bourjois BB bronzer and x for warming up my face and lending a little bit of dath na gréine to my face!

The next two drawers just contain random bits and bobs- wipes, cotton pads, spare muslin cloths etc, so I won't bother including these.

So that's all from me, sorry for this monster post, I tried to keep it as short as possible believe it or not! Thanks for reading and hope you are still enjoying SBBC!


  1. omg, I want it all. I want the unit and everything in the drawers, every single last thing #jealous

  2. You wouldn't believe the amount of satisfaction I get from looking through other people's stashes! Gorgeous collection, fancy coming and organising mine? :)

  3. Wow that's some serious organisation, well jealous! My collection is tiny in comparison!


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