Thursday, 19 September 2013

Makeup Storage Ideas feat Ikea, Argos, Homestore & More, Ebay, Homebase, E.L.F and Easons

Today SBBC calls on me to discuss makeup storage. If there is one topic that is close to my heart, it is makeup storage. I think it lies within the fact that I really like homewares and home decor and finding practical solutions for storage issues. I have tried many different forms of makeup storage over the years- from humble beginnings when I could store all of my makeup in a small bag, to the pieces of furniture that I had to buy to store everything. 

I use a few different things to store my makeup and I will go through each one and let you know where I got it, what I use it for, pros and cons and if I would recommend.

The majority of my makeup is stored in my Ikea Alex Unit, which I purchased a few months ago from Ikea. Don't be alarmed at the thought of applying flat pack furniture- I put this together myself in about an hour, and it was so easy to put together, it practically self assembled. Now it's not the cheapest storage solution at €100 for the unit, but this unit is quite tall and has an impressive nine drawers, five shallow and four deeper. The drawers have a little catch on the end so that they will not come out of the unit when you open them (I really really rate this feature. I wish ALL my drawers everywhere wouldn't come out!). You can only get this unit in white but I really like white makeup storage so this made no odds to me. I use the more shallow drawers for laying out products and I have inserted some Ikea Antonius basket inserts into some of the drawers to enable me to store different types of products in separate compartments. Since I got the Alex, I can find my makeup so much easier, I keep discovering hidden gems in my own collection that I had completely forgotten about but can now see them so easily. It's easy to clean and keep tidy, it is the perfect size, it holds an incredible amount of makeup, and I highly highly recommend this.

I also have an Ikea Helmer Unit which I also use to store makeup. This is alot smaller than the Alex and only has 6 drawers. I have the white version even though it also came in red and now I believe it also comes in a sunny yellow if you are that way inclined! This is much cheaper than the Alex Unit and comes in at just €30, and unlike the Alex, this also comes on castors which means you can move it too and fro. It's so easy to assemble, you literally have to just bend metal and tighten a few screws.
 I don't really have much else nice to say about this unit unfortunately. Firstly, it is made of metal and looks really industrial and stark in a fairly girly bedroom. It's definitely not a pretty or statement piece of furniture. I would be able to forgive that if it was a useful storage set but the drawers on this get stuck like a royal mofo and I quite literally have to prise and yank a drawer open. I don't store any of my favourite of most regularly used makeup in the Helmer. I also use the Ikea Antonius inserts for this, and they just about fit in, and I mean  it's really a tight squeeze. I think this is noisy and to be honest, if it wasn't in my bedroom anymore, I wouldn't really mind.

I picked up this little drawer set in Homebase a few months back, and I absolutely love it. The drawers are a nice size and have great depth. I couldn't find a link for this but I think it was around €30 and I love it, I think it's a quite unusual piece. The set of tins on top came from Ikea- white with roses on- sure I couldn't leave them behind!

I have already spoken a bit about my nail varnish storage in a previous post. Essentially, I store my polishes in a baby bookcase that I got from Argos which I have modified a bit according to my taste. At €17.99, it was quite the bargain, and even if you never modified it and included a tier structure, it's still a nice and novel way to make a colourful display out of your nail polishes. Again, this was so easy to assemble, it's nice and sturdy, and I would happily recommend this.

I also have some smaller pieces of acrylic storage also that I got from Homestore + More. I got this four drawer set for €17.99 and I put this cosmetic organiser on top of it and it set me back €7.99. I also got a smaller cosmetic organiser that included a drawer for €8.99 and finally, a little flower shaped holder for €2.99 and I put my mascaras that I am currently using in here. I have these right under my mirror and I put the makeup that I use on a daily basis in them, things like my MAC Paint Pots or Maybelline Color Tattoos, my lipstick of choice, foundation, concealer, etc. 

Finally, I keep my MAC and YSL lipsticks on show in a lipstick holder which I bought on ebay. If you are interested, you can pick up the same for in and around €3-4 including postage on ebay (see here and here).

Finally, brush storage is quite simple for me. I have a mixture of little pots and holders that I keep my brushes in. I got the pink wire pen pots in Ikea, the darker ones in Easons, the glass vase and white pots in Ikea also, the three part brush holder from ELF and I store my double ended brushes in a little pouch that I got with an eyebrush set from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

So there you have it and that is how I choose to store my makeup! How do you store yours?


  1. I love storage posts so much, I'm practically drooling! Your makeup looks so organised and pretty. I need something for makeup, I seem to have little bits & pieces all over the place. I've always wanted a Helmer and you're actually the first person I've ever heard mention that it's made of metal - that's put me off instantly, I always assumed it was wooden!!

  2. So jealous of your Ikea Helmer Unit, I must get one, they look amazing! xxx

  3. Holy mother of god i want and need them all!!! This is one of the best storage posts I have read!!! :)

  4. *drools* I would love to root through your makeup haha!

  5. Gorgeous set up, love this type of posts. Lovely collection xo

  6. Oh my god, I just drool at your make up storage! Love the homebase drawers, they are so cute! Wish I had some sort of a system but I’m dreadful!

  7. I love your storage, such lovely spaces for all your bits! Still especially love the nails the best! So fantastic x


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