Monday, 16 September 2013

MAC Lipstick Dupes

Another day and an SBBC challenge required me to compare two or more products. I had so many products in my mind that I would love to compare to each other but I decided to use the opportunity to showcase some MAC dupes because I think they are rather helpful posts and I know I love dupe posts. I don't know about you guys, but I love finding a MAC lipstick dupe. MAC lipsticks are great- now don't get me wrong- but at €18 a pop, they ain't cheap! In the spirit of SBBC, I have raided my lipstick drawer to bring you my list of MAC dupes that I have in my collection already, without having to purchase any specifically! I posted up on Facebook already how annoyed I was with myself that I had so many MAC dupes in my collection and I still went and purchased 21 MAC lippies, but some good has to come out of all those dupes, so I am compiling a little list for you on the dupes that I have. If you are interested in any of the MAC lipsticks listed below, I urge you to try out the dupe before you commit your hard earned cash to the real deal.

So there you have it, and let me tell you this was not a hard task! I was mortified by the amount of MAC lipstick dupes I had just sitting in my lipstick drawer. I am definitely on a MAC lipstick ban now methinks for a while because I probably have a dupe in my drawer anyway! What do you think of these MAC dupes I found in my collection? Are there any great dupes that I am missing out on?


  1. MAC Girl About Town is the one I've wanted for ages, but now I might get the NYX one.. Especially because we share a name! Haha there are dupes for most lipsticks at this stage, don't feel too bad :)

    1. It's like it's fate! And I much prefer the Chloe to Girl About Town so I think it would not only be remarkably appropriate given that you share the same name, but also, it's a nicer lippie! Win win! :)

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  3. hi Aisling, glad to see your blog. thank you so much for the post. I search for the MAC dupes and found your blog ;)
    oh ya, do you know dupes for mac myth? I searched and found dupes for MAC myth is Revlon pink Pout. But Revlon Pink Pout doesn't came in Indonesia. I'm a fans of pale and nude pink lippie :D

  4. This post has really helped me but where can you get the dupes from? I don't live in America so I don't think I can get elf but I am not sure about NYX, any ideas? :)


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