Saturday, 14 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips- did they live up to the hype?

The Maybelline Baby Lips only landed on this side of the Atlantic a few weeks back, despite having been released in the US aaaages ago. I was completely blue in the face from hearing about these lip balm-esque products as bloggers seemed to go gaga from them from the get-go. Some bloggers on this side of the pond even brought some back from the States and blogged about them, and tantalised us just that little bit more. I never bothered ordering off eBay or any other source, I was quite happy to wait for these ones to be released over here. When they were released, I trotted on to Boots and picked up three- Hydrate, Pink Punch and Cherry Me.

These cost  €4.49 each, but when I picked them up, they were part of a special 3 for 2 offer. Maybelline tell us that we will love the Baby Lips because they are not just your average lip balm, because they contain a secret lip renew formula which will protect and moisturise our lips for a full 8 hours and that after a week, our lips would be reborn. Talk about hyping up a product. So I picked up three and said I would give them a whirl and witness the hopeful rebirth of my lips. Who doesn't want born again lips?!

The packaging etc of the Baby Lips themselves is quite simplistic and childish- plastic, colourful, maybe a little bit gawdy- so much so that the concerned folks at Maybelline had to clearly write 'For adult use only' on the packaging. I don't mind the packaging really, you're not paying top dolla for the products in the first place, and as long as it's not a reflection of the quality of the goods inside, I am willing to overlook the BA BY LIPS childlike writing emblazoned across the packaging. There are six different varieties available to the best of my knowledge.

On a plus side, these provide a nice little wash of colour. The Hydrate version has a built-in SPF 20 which is always very much appreciated but I believe the coloured versions lack the same SPF.

That's about the extent of the nice things I have to say about this product. I am so incredibly and bitterly disappointed with these products. They promised to cause my lips to be reborn, but all they have done is completely parch them. My lips feel so incredibly dry about one hour after using these, and they have been chapping like crazy since I tried. I don't find them to be moisturising or hydrating- ironically, I think the Hydrate Baby Lips is the most dehydrating of the three. Cherry Me and Pink Punch pink tints respectively, but if you're lips are chapped in any way (which mine were after using Baby Lips), the colour just clinged to the chapped bits and did not hydrate my lips whatsoever. They are packed with petroleum jelly, and I have said the same about Vaseline before in this post, I don't really rate petroleum jelly as all that nourishing on the lips.

Overall, I am sure these will appeal to the young'uns, but they were a firm fail in my eyes. I don't think I have yet been this disappointed with such a hyped up product.

Have any of you guys found that Baby Lips just haven't lived up to the hype? Or do any of you think I am mad for not rating these at all?



  1. I think I'm going to trust you with this and not bother buying them... Especially since we had the same opinion about the eos too.

  2. I have to admit that I was put off by the packaging - I'm glad that I waited to read more reviews before purchasing as more and more people are admitting that these don't lie up to the hype!

  3. Absolutely the worst product I've bought this year by a long shot. Fair play to them for their marketing, because everyone seems to have one, despite the fact that they DO NOT WORK!!

  4. I was utterly disappointed too, I done my review of them last week and threw them in the bin! Can't understand why these are so hyped up at all.

  5. I wanted to love these, but really and truly don't. They do nothing. Do love the smell though! Don't understand how these have been so hyped seeing as all I read are bad reviews.


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