Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Recent Purchases (and THE most random gift with purchase ever!)

So again I am being a little bit naughty and straying slightly from the SBBC regime in talking about a few recent purchases of mine. I am too excited about these to wait. I picked up some cosmetics, a few haircare bits and some randoms over the last 2 weeks and I just wanted to share with y'all because who doesn't love a haul!! And I also am welcoming your opinions on what I believe to be the most random free gift with purchase that I have ever come across.

First things first, if you follow my blog or my Facebook or Twitter, you will know that I recently underwent a major hair transformation and I am rocking darker locks (if you missed that memo, click here). I picked up a few hair bits and pieces in Boots. I usually don't go for styling products, I am lucky enough that when I style my hair it holds a style pretty well! Also, when my hair was blonde, I found it really hard to find styling products that wouldn't make my highlights go a funny shade of orange or brassy yellow.

Boots were having a 3 for 2 on haircare so I picked up a few items for experimental purposes of course! I got the Schwarzkopf Got2Be Heat Protection Spray, I've heard great things about this from many people and it was only €4.99 so I said I would give it a whirl. It smells really good and the spray is nice and fine so when I give this a proper whirl, I will report back on my findings. I also got a Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray which costs €8.99. I have never used anything remotely like this now but I feel with my hair being so much darker, it doesn't have to looked polished all the time. I also picked up some Batiste Dry Shampoo in the shade 'Medium and Brunette'- again, this is my first time trying it, I hated the blonde version because it made my hair look yellow (literally thick yellow fog was all that came out of that canister!) but I have already used this one on my fringe to inject a bit of life into it and it is the perfect colour match. This was €5.29 and also part of the 3 for 2 offer. L'Oreal Elvive also have a new Colour Protect After Colour Intensive Treatment and I picked this up to use on my hair which has been battered over the weekend. At €2.99 for 40mls, it was completely affordable, but I am not convinced that it was intensively conditioning.

The very reason I popped into Boots in the first place was to pick up my favourite toothpaste- Colgate Max White- and I find this quite difficult to come by. It's usually around the €5 mark but you can pick it up ob offer pretty frequently. Rather remarkably, I picked up a tube in Boots and the girl at the counter asked me if I had picked up my free Nails Inc nail polish with it! I didn't even notice the giant display because I don't think it registered with me that if you buy toothpaste, you get a free red nail polish. Anyways, when the shock factor subsided, I had my selection of 2 red nail polishes- a red gloss or a red metallic. I feel like it's a bit too early for me to be rocking festive nails so I went with a gloss red and I must say, I really love the colour. I haven't applied it to my nails yet but I have high hopes because I have a few Nails Inc polishes and they are all great quality. So ladies, if you are in the market for a new toothpaste or red nail polish, pop down to your nearest Boots! Is it just me that is baffled by this latest Colgate marketing trick?

As for cosmetics and makeup, I noticed that Catrice have a new limited edition line out called 'Glamazona' out so I hotfooted in to my local chemist to peruse and, of course, I picked up a few things. The Defining Blushes in the collection looked really pigmented and bright and I got both of them, the red colour is 'I'm a Survivor' and the hot pink is 'I've Got the Flower'. I think a very light hand will be in order when it comes to using these bad boys. I also purchased one of their Lip Colour Pens (also in 'I'm a Survivor'). Lastly, I got one of the new Ultimate Colour Lipsticks in the shade 'Matt-erial Girl'. It looks like the most lovely plummy winter shade and I can't wait to get a chance to roadtest this.

I heard about the new limited edition line of L'Oreal Color Riche Collection PrivĂ©e Nude Couture lipsticks. From what I gather, there are 6 shades available in the collection (though I have only ever noticed  four shades) and all of these shades were created in tandem with the celebrities after which the lipstick is named. I have been using them non-stop over the last few days and they are beautiful and creamy, not at all drawing, and they are all beautiful wearable nude and neutral shades. I got Julianne and Eva. Expect a review on these really soon! I've only used it once though and there are probably two more applications left so I will persevere and see. And last but not least, I picked up another sachet of the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. I have gone through half a dozen of these in the last few weeks and I really like it- also expect a full review on this soon!

So those are my main beauty purchases in the last 2 weeks. Are any of you going to rush off to Boots now to get your toothpaste and lipstick combination? ;-)


  1. That's definitely a random freebie, nail polish and toothpaste?! Weird!! I want to get one or two of the lipsticks, I fell in love with them on the ad, they look gorgeous x

    1. I love them, I'm tempted to go back for another one that I really liked the look of. They wear really nicely :)

  2. That is a very unexpected freebie! Lovely surprise though! :)

  3. I made sure my mom picked that as our household toothpaste just for the freebie:P Love the Catrice stuff, will be keeping an eye out!


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