Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cloud 10 Beauty Wishlist and 20% off Discount Code!

Hi all, 

I so very much putting together my September wishlist yesterday that I said I would do another one for Cloud 10 Beauty today because it has come to my attention that there is a current 20% discount code circulating  

I noticed that Sleek have a new limited edition out, and this blush and eyeshadow palette in the Romance Collection have my names written all over them. I don't own anything like this blush (a hard feat when you have so many) and I am experimenting with purples at the minute, so it seems like a natural fit. Thankfully, there is only one matte eyeshadow in the palette, I find the pigmentation of matte Sleek eyeshadows to be hit and miss at the best of times. The blush is €5.49 and eyeshadow palette is €9.99. 

I am not usually a sponge person, but I have pretty much every other Real Techniques tool and I love them all dearly, and I am very intrigued by this sponge! At €5.99, it's not going to break the bank! 

I have known that Cloud 10 Beauty stock Paese for the longest time, but I have never actually bitten the bullet and bought some. The nail polishes are only €3 and even though I need another nail polish like I need a bullet to the brain, I am curious to try them out. 

I also came across a new deep cleansing cloth from Human + Kind, and again this is completely up my street. I use a cloth and cleanser almost every night and I am eager to try these ones out- and again, €6.75 is chirpy chirpy cheap cheap!

Finally, the star of the show in my eyes in the REN Radiance kit, with a full size Glycolactic mask and little samples of other REN goodness, all for €35 which is what you would pay for the mask on it's own anyway! It's a no brainer!! 

So when I was browsing through U Magazine this evening, I noticed that there is a new 20% discount code off everything on the Cloud 10 Website www.cloud10beauty.com - the code is UMAG and is valid until 13th October, so get going and get your orders in quick! I am venturing towards the virtual checkout as I type so now that I have spread the good news, I am going to bid you farewell! 

Happy shopping x


  1. I am so tempted to try the new Sleek collection, and so tempted in fact that come payday I will be taking this discount and getting them both!! I have also meant to try Paese for the longest while but keep glancing over it. I just bought the miracle sponge today in Boots! So excited to finally try it:)

  2. Interestingly, I recently ordered 3 items out of your list (RT sponge, and Sleek Autumn collection). :)

    I have already received the RT sponge and am really surprised how much I love it! I have been applying foundation using RT buffing brush, and then move on to stippling brush. Both are good. With stippling brush I have to smooth out with fingers a bit, but it's very easy to clean (bonus!).

    Now with the sponge, the application is very nice (sponge feels cool on skin) and flawless. I am in love with it for another reason that it made my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer blend so well into the undereye areas... which I had to pat with fingers like mad before. Enough said. Get the sponge. haha

    When I clean the sponge however, it takes AGES to dry. Can you recommend how to clean it properly? Thank you. :)

  3. Love all your picks and love Cloud 10!


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