Monday, 16 September 2013

September Wishlist

Oh yes, we are midway through September and I am secretly getting giddy that there is a nip in the air now and that the nights are closing in. I am much more of a winter gal at heart- I much prefer pink flushed cheeks than sweaty Betty hot mess on my face! My love for winter is also reflected in my favourite clothing and makeup choices- bring out the blacks, greys, navies, burgundys, creams, and throw in a measure of leopard print and I am a happy bunny.

This month's wishlist is just an overview of what I need in my life over the next month, and what I will make it my business to purchase. 

Firstly, this burgundy coat from A-wear is totally up my street, and it will have to be mine! Not only do I love the colour, but it's a nice length, I love the fit of Awear coats (I literally have dozens!) and it has a furry hood. Yes please. My only problem with Awear is that when I go back into the store a week later after buying said coat, it'll be on the sales rail for a tenner. If I chance it, I might never have it, but it is sickening to pay top dolla. I used to work in Awear, I know too well how the pattern goes now. It takes a really remarkable piece for me to buy on the spot and I am obsessed with this already so I think I will be breaking my own golden rule. The link is here and this will set you back €75.

I really do not embrace celebrity endorsed perfumes, but I am a secret fan of several of the Britney perfumes. I didn't want to love the Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume but low and behold, one sniff and it ignited the 'WANT' spark. The bottle is really cool but highly impractical, but I think I will definitely be procuring a bottle of this to add to my collection.

I find myself being very drawn towards leopard print detailing as the years roll on and when I saw this dress on the Awear website, I was excited. Now I have yet to see it in the flesh but if I like it, I think I'll get it. I would pair this with thick black tights and black boots for optimum winter cosiness. It has a glamorous 60s vibe to it and I love that era and look. If you like the look of it too, check it out here.

When I saw the limited edition Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Palette, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have not seen such gorgeousness for a long time and trust me, I own ALOT of brown eyeshadows. This will set me back €50 when and not if I buy it!

Another recurring theme in my winter wardrobe is some sort of cowboy boot. Yes, I know what you are thinking, I don't look like a cowboy, but that doesn't mean I won't fake it until I make it. My last two pairs of brown and tan cowboy boots were from Penneys Boutique and they did me very nicely. This black pair are also from Penneys and will cost my bank account €22.

Lastly, I have a thing for black and cream and a tradition where I always get myself a River Island bag for my birthday. I love love love black and cream combos- most of my work outfits are some sort of black and cream combination- so when I saw this bag, it was lurve at first sight. And it even has tassles. Need. 

So those are the top picks for my September Wishlist! I think I was quite reserved this month!


  1. I recieved a little sample of Killer Queen today, it's amazing! Currently a £30 offer on the 100ml bottle..the 50ml is £29 :)

    I adore the Bobbi Brown palette, it looks absolutely stunning. I definitely need it in my life (: xoxo

  2. Snap! I have killer queen on mine too:P I really love your coat choice, very pretty! The boots are fabulous and I also will need them... And I think you would be a fantastic cowboy:)

  3. Also snap with the Katy Perry, I think the stuff is addictive when you get a sniff of it! It's gorgeous. I also have some Penneys boots on my list, they have a great collection of stuff this year! Fab list x


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