Saturday, 17 August 2013

NEW! Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks in 22 'Famous Fuchsia' and 23 'Grenade In'

I just couldn't help myself. I loved my first two so much that I caved in and bought two more of the new Bourjois Shine Edition lipsticks. Though in my defence, I did warn that this might happen in this earlier post where I swatched and reviewed 20 '1,2,3 Soleil' and 24 'Rose xoxo'. You beauty fanatics amongst me will know the way it goes- you buy one or two, you fall in lipstick lurrve, you go back for the rest. It's a familiar pattern.

I spied these colours at the same time as I made my first Bourjois Shine Edition purchase, but they didn't make the final cut because I thought they were more wintry colours because they were slightly darker. I was still unsure about the pigmentation and staying power and it wasn't until I actually tried the other lipsticks myself, and realised that they left a nice stain on your lips over the course of the hours of application, I said I would chance picking up a few of the darker colours.

Shade no. 22 in 'Famous Fuchsia' in a (rather unsurprising) fuchsia shade. It is a beautiful, bright but not in-yo-face hot pink. The lasting power of this is quite marvellous, maybe not the 10 hours that Bourjois claim, but when the shine wears off, your lips are left with a lovely stain so you get great colour payoff for hours. When it first applies, it is gorgeously glossy and creamy and comfortable on the lips.

Shade no. 23 'Grenade in' is a more berry toned pink, which is screaming Autumn at me. It's not dark enough to be vampy but it is considerably darker my usual daytime pink. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of my key lip looks this winter, even though it is very shiny, VERY.

So I was proud to introduce the two newest members of my Bourjois family to the fold! I think I may give the other two colours that I saw a miss- even on my second day out, the didn't quite do enough to catch my eye. 

Let me know what you think of these new shades, thanks for reading! x

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