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MAC Lipsticks- My Collection to date w/ Review and Swatches (pic heavy)

I have been asked the same questions a million times already- what are my favourite MAC lipsticks, which MAC lipsticks do I have, what MAC lipsticks do you recommend for me and what formula do you prefer? I thought it was time to finally give a little exposé on my collection, what I have picked, and my experience of different formulas and finishes. I will attempt to answer the above questions so this post is going to be a long  one but I hope you will find that it is a helpful one.

Firstly, whilst most people probably pick lipstick shades because they are attracted to a colour, I find myself selecting MAC lipsticks because of their formula. I definitely have formula preferences. The finish, texture, lasting power and colour opacity of MAC lipsticks can vary quite considerably between different formulas.

Amplified/Amplified Creme- one of my favourite MAC formulas. The Amplified line comprises of mostly bright, popping colours (as the name would suggest) and some of the colours are particularly vivid (think Impassioned). These have the pigmentation of a matte lipstick and dry to a semi- matte finish, and are completely opaque on their first swipe. They are quite creamy and hydrating, last me about 3/4 hours without reapplying. More importantly, they do not parch your lips like some other MAC lipsticks do.

Cremesheen- My other favourite MAC formula. These lipsticks are super soft and creamy (danger- warm sunny days will cause said lipsticks to melt!) and have a finish on the lips somewhat reminiscent of a really creamy gloss. These are not as pigmented as the Amplified lipsticks and I also find that they only last about two hours before they need to be touched up. However, these are definitely amongst the most comfortable lipsticks to wear because they feel quite moisturising on the lips and do not slip into little tiny cracks on your lips.

Matte- as it says on the tin, you can be guaranteed that the Matte lipsticks are matte- they are flat matte, completely opaque with amazingly high pigmentation, lasting power and coverage. You will pay for the pigmentation with these however because they are so unbelievably drying- both whilst on the lips and afterwards- so you need to have a very trusty lip balm on hand if you are thinking about delving into MAC mattes. These last about 4-5 hours on me without reapplying and even then, they tend to fade out rather than disappear off the lips. Alot of the matte shades are varying shades of red also (Russian Red, Ruby Woo).

Frost- probably my least favourite out of the bunch- these can appear metallic/shimmery/iridescent on the lips which I am not particularly fond of. These can also be quite drying, I find them a little uncomfortable over extended periods of time. I also think the pigmentation can be quite hit or miss also- some are crazy frosty, some just have a shimmery sheen.

Satin- like the Matte shades, these can be a bit drying on the lips also. These kind of have a matte finish with a slight hint of shine/shimmer- but only very slightly. I do like these and I have quite a few Satin colours in my collection but I have to make sure my lips are well moisturised in advance because again, these can be quite unforgiving on drier lips. The pigmentation of these is good, and they last me about 3/4 hours without reapplying. They are a little bit creamier than the Matte line but nowhere in the league of the Cremesheen colours.

Glaze- these are not very pigmented, and probably the most sheer of all MAC lipsticks. They are also not that long lasting- I would get about two hours maximum wear out of this. These are more natural looking than most of the other formulas- they look more like a lip gloss than a lipstick on the lips in my opinion. I only have one Glaze lipstick in my collection and I can't see myself rushing out to purchase another in the near future.

Lustre- these are quite similar to the Glaze formula, in that they are very sheer, and only last about two hours before they need to be reapplied. They are very comfortable to wear on the lips, and are slightly more buildable than the Glaze lipsticks IMO.

I do not have any of the non standard lipsticks (e.g. Pro Longwear) so I cannot truthfully comment on them. I just think it is worth bearing in mind if you're perusing the MAC Lipstick collection in your nearest store.

Now, onto the colours that I have selected for my collection (which is by no means finished FYI!). All of them bar one are Limited Edition so you can still get your hands on them relatively easily I am sure (I don't know about you guys but I have oft fallen for a shade online following a swatch only to realise said shade was limited edition and it is unlikely I would get my hands on it!)

(L-R: Russian Red, MAC Red, Ramblas Red, Ronnie Red (LE), Viva Glam IV)

Russian Red- Matte. Probably one of my favourite reds. Intense blue red, this is absolutely a statement lip. Classic red- love it, but very rarely get to use it!
MAC Red- Satin. Bright true red, cool and blue based. Sometimes leans a little pink. I don't think this gets as much hype as Russian Red or Ruby Woo but it is definitely sufficiently different on the lips to justify having both.
Ramblas Red- Amplified. I love this red for many reasons, not least because the Amplified formula doesn't parch my lips, but because it is a beautiful cool red berry pink, a blue-ish red with deeper undertones than Russian Red but is not too overpowering at the same time. Definitely looks darker in the tube than on the lips.
Ronnie Red- Matte. Bright pink red with blue undertones and a matte finish. This is so longwearing, perfect for nights out. I think this lasted about 5 hours straight on one occasion, and just faded slightly but still left my lips stained. Con- stains your lips like nobodys business. 
Viva Glam IV- Frost. Mid tone rosy red with a gold pearl. I usually hate frosty colours, nevermind frosty reds on my lips, but I saw this and loved it and just had to have it. Already I am imagining this being my Christmas red lip!

(L-R: Blankety, Cherish, Hue, Angel, Creme Cup)

Blankety- Amplified Creme. Soft pink beige, for me it is a perfect nude for a paleskinned lassie like me because it has the requisite amount of pink. LOVE.
Cherish- Satin. Soft muted peachy beige. Another nude that I love, but the Satin formula can be quite drying.
Hue- Glaze. Soft pale pink/peach colour. So sheer that it looks quite natural on the lips, almost like a pale lipgloss. One of my first MAC lipsticks so has sentimental value. It is probably one of the most popular MAC lipsticks.
Angel- Frost. Pale blue based pink, very soft in the pan but quite pale on the lips. I love the colour, but not so mad about the finish on my lips. For whatever reason, this just doesn't get on with my lips. I even bought Nars Turkish Delight to encourage myself to use it and whilst I love the lip gloss, I can't get excited about Angel. I probably wouldn't repurchase.
Creme Cup- Cremesheen. Light blue pink, amazing formula, one of my favourites. I'm on my second tube of this- absolutely love this colour. It's perfect for work, comfortable on the lips, and a really fantastic, natural dewy pink. 

(L-R: Viva Glam Nicki II, Impassioned, Chatterbox, Girl About Town, Rebel)

Viva Glam Nicki II- Amplified. Now this was a big mistake- I let my love for all things Nicki Minaj impact my judgment on this one, and I knew from the minute I brought this home that I would probably never ever wear it. I tried it on once, and I looked ridiculous and dead. Still though, it's so pretty in the tube! Considering I believed Nicki's first incarnation to be too daring for me (it was an uber bright coral), this pastel lavender pink is too much for me to carry off. I can't hold it against the colour, I should have known better! I am the female wheezy.
Impassioned- Amplified. This is a crazy vibrant fuchsia- an orange/pink/coral hybrid. It's very bright and very in your face but I love it and I don't have anything else like it. Hard to describe how vibrant this colour actually is until you see it in person. 
Chatterbox- Amplified. Bright blue based red pink. I love wearing this- it is my exact favourite shade of pink and it comes in lipstick format. I have had this for ages and I love it. This is actually my second one because I lost my first one and I couldn't bear to not have it in my life.
Girl About Town- Amplified. Bright blue based fuchsia. I love blue based fuchsias and this is amongst my favourites- makes your teeth look uber white and your smile look uber broad. It's such a fun, vibrant, girly colour.
Rebel- Satin. Mid tone cream plum. This was such a wild card for me, I definitely do not own anything else every remotely plummy. I just saw so many swatches of this online on pale girls and it looked so striking so I am looking forward to embracing this during the winter months especially when I bust out the black and grey wardrobe again.

(L-R: Please Me, See Sheer, Speed Dial, Snob, Craving)

Please Me- Matte. Muted dusty rosy pink. This is a great colour, especially for work, but I find that the formula is extremely drying on this one especially. My lips need a good conditioning both before and after using this.
See Sheer- Lustre. One of my most recent acquisitions to my MAC Lipstick family. I just really wanted a not too opaque coral to get my through the summer months, and when I swatched See Sheer on my hand, I just loved it and could see myself wearing it. It is quite comfortable to wear, not the longest staying power in the world, but I don't really have anything else like it. A really love orange-coral sheer but buildable colour.
Speed Dial- Cremesheen. Light blue pink. I love this again because of the Cremesheen formula, it is very comfortable on the lips. I think this is kind of a MLBB colour and is so versatile.
Snob- Satin. The MAC website says that this is a light neutral pink. This is another MLBB colour, and I find it very flattering on my paler skin.
Craving- Amplified. Mid tone plummy pink. Again this is one of my newer ones but I think this will be my winter pink this winter. It's a really beautiful, sophisticated pink, and the Amplified formula does the colour the ultimate justice.

So there you have it. I hope you have found this little insight to be somewhat helpful, I know when I started picking out lipsticks to suit my colouring and what I envisioned using them for, I felt a bit lost because of the sheer volume of colours, finishes, etc. I know that we all have different tastes, and that you might not select the colours that I did, but I would love to know what your favourite MAC lippie is!

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  1. Oh my gosh! There are so many I want here now... going to have to use up some of my many lipsticks first. Great post, very helpful!

  2. wow you have an amazing collection! Great post! xxx

  3. That's quite the collection!

  4. Angel was the first shade I ever got from MAC and I was disappointed. Maybe I should give some other shades a try :) Hue looks lovely! xx

  5. It sucks that my country doesn't have MAC...they have great stuff.

  6. i have a $140 voucher to spend at mac its so hard know which ones to choose!

  7. This maybe be too little too late, but mac magenta lip liner under nicki viva glam 2 makes for a beautiful unique and wearable lip look! Might be worth a buy as its gorgeous anyway and it would mean nicki wouldn't go to waste!


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