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Embracing your inner creative- DIY Nail Varnish Storage Idea

I have been searching for a way to not only safely store my nail polishes but to display them in all their glory for the longest time ever. I always pictured that my nail varnish storage would be like a little colourful art display to be admired. I googled, watched Youtube videos, considered nailing spice racks to my walls, I had almost lost hope. Last February, I picked up a baby bookcase from Argos (like this one) for €17.99, and I stored my nail polishes on this for a while, and it seemed to serve a purpose, but it was not really what I had envisioned, and I vowed that even if I had to construct it myself, I would. A few weeks ago, I blogged about my novel lipstick storage idea (if you have forgotten, look here), and I was so thrilled with that, I decided that I would finally put my nail polish storage dreams into fruition.

So construct it myself is what I did, and this is what I came up with. Nestled in nicely between my Ikea Helmer and my Alex is my little modest nail varnish display, with every single member of my nail polish army on display.

Basically, my idea was to create a tiered system so that I could display all of my nail polishes in single file, making it easier to select a colour and rotate my polishes around so I get a chance to use different polishes over the course of time, instead of relying on 10% of my collection because they are the only ones I can see easily. It was quite a simple solution and it was easy enough to put together. If you would like to create something similar, this is what you will need:

1 large sheet of plywood- I got this one in B&Q for about €7 and I only used half. I also bought some quadrants from B&Q (they are v shaped pieces of wood that come in different sizes that i placed on the junctions of all the wood to make the structure more sturdy.

No More Nails- try to get this one with the pump- it is perfect for applying the glue to the wood and will save you having to purchase a glue gun and glue cartridges. 

A measuring tape and 12 inch ruler for getting your measurements in order. 

A hacksaw, Stanley knife, and the use of a jigsaw, or alternatively ask your significant others or male friends or lady friends who are gifted in the operation of tools to do the wood cutting for you. 

Nails to reinforce the structure (those nail varnish bottles can be heavy and you don't want your wood to warp!)

Paint and brushes- because my baby bookcase was white, and all of my makeup storage furniture is white, I bought a white gloss paint. You can use whatever colour you wish.

It's really not that much all in all. You want to measure the width of the bookcase- luckily for me, the baby bookcase from Argos was 61 cm in width, as was the precut wood that I purchased from B&Q, so that saved me one batch of cutting. You need need to measure the height and depth in between the shelves so you know what dimensions you have to work with and can decide from there how you will organise your tiers. I used a simple divide by 3 rule- and decided that I would go for a three tiered structure which meant I need two 5x61cm and two 7x61cm per shelf. I made my measurements on the wood and cut 6 of the 5cm pieces and 6 of the 7cm pieces. I asked my friend to cut the wood for me using a jigsaw so there was a nice clean finish, and then cut some chunk of the quadrant and put them behind the tiers to make them stronger. Then I glued then together using the marvellous No More Nails. I let to dry out completely for about 24 hours, and then I applied the first coat of paint the following day, followed by one more the day after. When they were ready to be used, I cut 14cm legs for the back tier to support from leftover pieces of wood, and I put one on each case of each shelf of the bookcase.

Then all I had to do was arrange my nail polishes! I chose to arrange them by colour family instead of by brand family, I thought they looked better that way.


Purples, Blues, Greens

So there you have it. It took me a while but IMO it was completely worth it, and I now have the nail varnish storage/display that I always dreamed about. If this post inspires one more person to undertake the same task, I would be delighted.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That nail storage looks great!

  2. This is amazing!! Ok, I'll hire you to come do mine next ;)

  3. Hey love your blog, just nominated you for a Liebster Award, hope you can check it out :)

  4. Wow this is amazing, I have major storage jealousy!!

  5. Amazing! It's like your very own nail bar :)

  6. I think I might actually pay you to do one for me!


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