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Dupe Alert- "Stars" v Thierry Mugler "Aliens" + Milton Lloyd Dupe List!

I love a nice fragrance and there is nothing I love more than discovering new fragrances. I am extremely picky about perfumes and fragrance- it cannot be too sweet, too floral, too woody, too musky. I am so intolerant of bad, overly strong or sickly smells that I would never risk using a bad perfume because I would literally be at my wits end until it weared off. I believe that perfume is an extremely personal thing, as personal as a favourite colour or favourite day of the week, and the vast array of perfumes on the market are aimed to cover every single niche.

I have spoken a bit about perfume and fragrance on this blog, sharing my favourite fragrances and what I look for. It might surprise you to learn that my most read blog post on my blog was my exposé on Milton Lloyd perfumes, and I expressed delight with a dupe for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I am completely unsupportive of counterfeit goods and the black market, and I believe that infringing on another's trademark and copyright is as unethical as it is illegal, but god knows I love a dupe, and Milton Lloyds perfumery is perhaps the most celebrated and well known fragrance-dupe house.

I was in a small pharmacy in Cork recently and I spied this "Stars" perfume on the counter near the checkouts. I couldn't resist a smell and when I did smell it, it was love at first smell, and it smelled uncannily familiar to me. I purchased it for a mere €5.99, and after a little google research, I found out that it smells like Thierry Mugler's "Aliens", and suddenly the purple packaging and the scent all clicked. I was gifted "Aliens" years ago and I used it all, I really liked it but not enough to repurchase, certainly not for high street prices! I only repurchase things that I absolutely love, and to be honest, I completely forgot about that perfume until I realised I had just bought the dupe of it. 

I am terrible at describing smells so I will leave that up to the crew chez Milton Lloyd:
"A rich and commercial floral woody fragrance with fresh citrus and orange flower top notes on a diffusive jasmin, rose and violet heart. The floral spicy dry down in enhanced with elegant sandalwoods, patchouli and warm white amber notes."

For the price, you get a 50 ml bottle which is quite decent, and I usually use three spritzes of this in the morning before I leave for work and the bottle is small and neat enough to pop into my handbag for a sneaky top up after lunch. It smells nice and light and fresh, I certainly do not get any residual alcoholic smell from this, as is the case with alot of inexpensive perfumes, and it doesn't take half the bottle to achieve any sort of smell payoff, like I said, a spritz on each wrist, spritz on my neck and job oxo. The packaging might not be as glamorous as 'Aliens' but bear in mind, if you walked into Boots, you would be shelling out €68.50 for 30mls of a fragrance pretty darn similar to Milton Lloyd's 'Stars' (which, FYI, costs €5.99 for 50mls).

If you are interested in picking up one of these smell-a-like perfumes, keep an eye out in local independent pharmacies, on Amazon/Ebay or via any one of the UK websites that sell Milton Lloyd perfumes (though you may have to avail of Parcel Motel services!). The list below might be a useful guide:

Dupe Name/Branded Perfume name

331 = 212

Bondage = JPG
Bondage Extreme = Deep Red
Bondage Out = Fuel For Life
Bondage Temptation = Armani Code
Boutique Girl = Armani She
Buddy = Boss Woman
Calibre Senses = Burberry touch
Calibre UK = Burberry Brit
Chacal = Poison
Cuba = Narciso Rodriguez
DNA = Armani Code
Exodus = Escape
Fame Day = Anais Anais
Fame Night = Oscar
French Look = Rive Gauche
Futurity = Eternity
Grasse Experience = Aromatics Elixir
Great Lakes = Cool Water
Hawaii = Chloe
To Go = Gucci Rush
Joe Girl = Tommy Girl
JoJo = Loulou
Kantali = Opium
Kudos = Clinique Happy
Love = Eden
Love You = J'Adore
Me Too = Joop Femme
Miss America Sport = Polo Sport
Miss Tutu = Coco Mademoiselle
Monaco = Paris
New York Dolls = Boss Femme
Now My Generation = J-Lo Live
Papagayo = Youth Dew
Ping Pong = 1881
Poker = Chance
Popcorn Girls = Touch Of Pink
Spirit Of Heaven = Angel
Spirit Of Shadow = Ghost
Success = L'Eau D'Issey
Summer Flowers = Kenzo Flower
Summer Sky = Light Blue
Superstar = Euphoria
Tactique = Amarige
Tutu Woman = Coco
Vogue = Chanel No.5
Young Love = Romance
Zozo = Giorgio Beverley Hills
The Look = CK One
The Look For Me = CK Be
Pure Gold Lady = Lady Million
Weekend = Pleasures
Arome di Femme = Acqua di Gio 

So if you are a fragrance freak like moi (and there is nothing wrong with that!), try Milton Lloyds smell-a-likes. If you have tried any other dupes besides Miss Tutu or Stars, please let me know and I might try that one next!!



  1. Really interesting post! I've seen these types of perfumes around but never bothered to smell them. Milton Lloyd sound a bit like FM cosmetics - my sister used to sell them and some of their perfumes were also well-known dupes. I have my favourites but I'll definitely keep these in mind for times when I run out or I can't buy my go-to ones!

    1. Yeah defo keep an eye out for them in pharmacies- new varieties are pretty hard to come by but for the price, you can't really go wrong! There are a few more I would love to try but I'll hold off for now :)

  2. I am a self confessed perfume junkie! I absolutely love fragrance with a passion, i wear it everyday even for bed! I own a lot of perfumes most of which are fairly expensive. I discovered milton lloyd around two years ago and omg their fragrances are absolutely amazing for the price!! ok...the names are corny and the bottles are not all that either...certainly wouldnt display them on my dresser along with my coromandel or commes des gargons etc... but who cares if they smell so nice?! Ive tried around 8 of their fragrances and rated them below. P.S ive owned the originals to all of the dupes ive tried.

    Miss Tutu ( coco mademoiselle) - 9/10!!
    Kantali ( opium) - 9/10
    vouge ( chanel no.5) 8/10
    Love you ( j'adore) 8/10
    Bondage ( JPG) 8/10
    Zozo ( Giorgio beverly Hills) 9/10
    Spirit of Shadow ( Ghost ) 9/10
    Grasse experience ( Clinique aromatics) 9/10
    Spirit of Heaven ( TM Angel ) 7/10
    Pure Gold Lady ( PR lady million) 8/10
    also tried Hawaii but i havent tried the original so i cant compare :( but it does smell nice and longevity is good. All the Above fragrances have amazing longevity and silage for the price. I whole heartidly recommend them to anyone who is a fan of the original. Hope this helps :) x

  3. Thank you. I'm looking for Boutique Girl (Armani She) but can't find it online. I might have to pop into every chemist I walk buy! If anyone knows where i can get it online from please let me know. X

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  5. Would you mind saying which pharmacy in Cork you bought this from?
    I've been looking for Milton Lloyd perfumes for ages, without any luck.

  6. Great post with a very comprehensive list of fragrances! Some of these are available online, worth having a search on amazon or ebay if you can't find them elsewhere.

    This site has a list of Milton Lloyd fragrances too (and other brands), including some that aren't on your list (although some on your list aren't on this site)

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