Saturday, 31 August 2013

Belfast Haul- feat. Sleek, Essie, Rituals, Beauty UK, It's a 10

I took a little trip up to Belfast last week when I was on my holliers from work and I took the liberty of purchasing a few items that are not all that easily available south of the border. Like it would be rude not to! I know Belfast quite well by now so I made a beeline to the nearest Superdrug to raid the Sleek Makeup stand- only to be quite disappointed by it's shoddy state. Not one to give up too easily, I then hotfooted it to the next nearest Superdrug which had a much better display altogether and I picked up a few bits and bobs there also.

Sleek Makeup is one of those brands that have just seem to have taken off, and one thing that really bugs me about purchasing Sleek Makeup in the Republic of Ireland is that our Superdrugs do not stock Sleek display stands, which means we cannot swatch our hearts out or see products in the flesh before purchasing. Why oh why don't Superdrug stock the stuff!? Anyways, rant aside, here are the Sleek goodies I picked up on the day.

Sleek palettes in Au Naturel, Storm, Oh So Special. I did have the Ultra Matte Darks palette on my list also but I hated it when I swatched it and think I made a lucky break. If I had bought that online, I would have been miffed.
Sleek Blush by 3 palettes in Pink Spirit and Pumpkin. I love my Lace trio and I was happy to pick up two more. Getting brave enough to wear them was another thing altogether!
Sleek Lip4 palette in Ballet- I don't really like lipsticks not in stick format but I thought this looked so darn appealing in its packaging that it made it's way into my basket.
Sleek Blush in Suede- I wanted it for ages, so I bought it!

I didn't intentionally mean to pass the Beauty UK stand but I did and I picked up two of their new 'Posh Palettes' in Eden and Masquerade. I hadn't tried any Beauty UK eye products before so I very gladly decided to take lawful custody of these. Beauty UK is stocked at Irish Superdrugs, though the displays are alot smaller than what I witnessed in Belfast, but I hadn't seen these palettes before.

I also stopped by the Rituals store in Victoria Square for a sniff or two of their wares and came out of said shop armed with the Zensation Foaming Shower Gel Sensation, Fortune Oil Caring Shower Oil and Ginkgo's Secret Hand Cream. I love that shop and I could do serious damage to the bank balance there given half the chance so I had to really steel myself to be sensible. I love the Victoria Square store, the layout, the numerous testers, and surprisingly it is never really busy, so it's a nice tranquil little spot if the hustle and bustle of shopping gets to you!

Finally, I perused the beauty section of TK Maxx (a shop I usually avoid like the plague because I only ever come across tatt and junk in there) and I picked up an Essie trio of nail polishes (Bordeaux, Watermelon and Tart Deco) for £9.99. I couldn't believe I would find a nail trio with colours that all appealed to me quite so much! I also bit the bullet and bought some It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In plus Keratin spray - at £14.99, it's not cheap, I am a bit skeptical, but if it does what it promises to do, I will be very happy. I've heard good things so I have higher hopes than Kodaline. Then on the way home, I picked up Elle Magazine for a read on the train and I got a freebie Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray to try out. I've wanted to try this for ages because I have been embracing my thick hair of late and even though my hair is very voluminous, I wanted to see how big it can go!

And there you have my little Belfast haul. I will try to get reviews up as soon as possible once I have given everything a whirl- lord knows I have been whirling enough the last few days sampling everything! 

What brands do you wish were more easily available in Ireland?


  1. Ooh, great haul! I love Sleek lately, such great prices and quality :)

  2. That looks like a little bit of heaven. Those Essie nail polishes look divine not to mention how much I love SLEEK, I'm leaving now, it's all too tempting.


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