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MAC Neutral Eyeshadow Collection- review and swatches

My MAC Neutrals palettes is one of my most prized possessions. I said it once before, and I will say it again, I am obsessed with neutral eyeshadows and I very rarely incorporate colour into my daily eye looks. I am not sure how well a flash of purple eyeliner would look in front of one the judges of the High Court or a senior partner in my firm! All jesting aside, I find neutral eyeshadows are a gift, and I was particularly keen to organise my MAC neutrals in a clear and fluid form, so instead of using my trusty four pan MAC palettes, I picked up one of the new 15 pan wells in Brussels recently.

The following are the colours that I have in my palette. MAC have like a million other neutrals and browns, but the following are my selection, and I have two separate shadows also that I could include. 

On the top row, from left to right, I have: Gesso, Phloof!, Nylon, Malt and Shroom.

Gesso- matte white, kind of like white chalk for the eyes, but I have found the eyeshadow itself to be not overly chalky. When blended out, I think this makes my eyes look alive.
Phloof!- Frosty, off white leaning on pink. I swatched it, I love it. I use this as a lid colour, and inner eye highlight.
Nylon- when I was purchasing this, I was torn between Nylon and Ricepaper, but I went with the former because I think it would be an amazing highlight.
Malt- one of my newer editions, I thought this would be a good base lid colour for a lighter and more subtle smoky eye. It is a soft pinky beige, which barely provides any colour on my lid, but leaves a lovely even veil. I also think this is a great transition eyeshadow. I was on the fence about it in the shop but decided to go with it, I don't think it is one of MACs more popular shades, but it is becoming a stabin it's place. I definitely think this colour is only for fairer ladies however.
Shroom- One of my first MAC eyeshadows also and I have repurchased this at least three times. It's a lovely pearlescent, soft beige with a really gentle sheen when applied on the eyelids. I also like this for a more subtle inner corner highlight.

On the second row, I have put: Naked Lunch, All that Glitters, Patina, Woodwinked, Cork

Naked Lunch- I could not imagine not owning this shadow now, and I often wear this on its own because I like it so much and I think it is sufficiently lovely to wear on its own. The colour itself is a really nice champagne/peachy colour with a really lovely, glowy (but not glittery sheen). This is definitely a must have colour.
All that Glitters- I like this, but I don't love this as much as Naked Lunch, and I don't really think you need both in your collection. The Veluxe Pearl formula means this soft golden colour applies like a dream. It doesn't have the most spectacular lasting power on it's own, so I would usually apply this over a good primer or MAC Painterly to make it last longer. As for the colour- think a luxury gold beige and you'd be close!
Patina- This is a frosty, light taupe with a hint of brown shimmer, sometimes leaning even a little purple in the pan. I love this colour, particularly when paired with Satin Taupe- together they are one of my favourite eyeshadow looks.
Woodwinked- This is probably one of the most raved about MAC eyeshadows of all time. I remember when I first bought this, I really thought I was so adventurous and expanding my colour horizons. It is a lovely warm antique gold which pairs perfectly with any brown eyeshadow that you could possibly throw at it. I know some people wear this on it's own but I don't think I could rock that look
Cork- Satin matte neutral brown, this is my transition colour of choice and I use this pretty much every day. I will repurchase this forevermore and I honestly don't think I can pay an eyeshadow a better compliment than that!

On the bottom row, I have: Sable, Mulch, Twinks, Satin Taupe and Mystery.

Sable- I think this is a deep plummy brown with a hint of shimmer. I use this on the outer corners of my eyes with a shadow like Naked Lunch for a less dramatic smoky neutral eye.
Mulch- I would say that this is more of a deep bronze brown, again perfect for the outer corners of the eye. I feel like this is a really luxurious brown, love it.
Twinks- This is a deep chocolately brown with a cranberry/plummy undertone. I use this more for a neutral evening eye than a day time eye, and I love the colour and formula.
Satin Taupe- Well if this is not the most revered and loved MAC shadow of all time, I don't know what is. It is a lovely deep frosty grey brown taupe colour, quite cool in comparison to alot of my warmer bronzes and browns.
Mystery- This brown is so muddy and deep that it is best to apply sparingly but it is a lovely colour for adding to a dramatic, smoky eye. It is a matte colour and not the easiest colour in the world to blend with so a little definitely goes a long way but the cool brown with a slightly purple undertone is completely worth it!

Near misses that also made the palette are Vanilla (I use this to highlight my brow bone but I don't believe the pigmentation or pick up is great). I also love introducing Cranberry or Club into the outer corners of a neutral eye for my very safe play on colours.

So that is my MAC neutral eyeshadow collection. If there is anything that you think I am missing out on, or anything that would supplement my collection, please comment below and let me know. And I would love to know what your favourite MAC eyeshadow is!


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  1. Wow, what a collection! I've been meaning to buy satin taupe for years and you given me a few others to add to my list!


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