Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Candle of the Week- Yankee Candle 'Black Cherry'

In the spirit of diversifying and blogging about more than face paint, much and all as I love face paint, I am going to start a new series on my blog where I talk about my favourite candles. I am a huge lover of candles. There are scant things that bring me such unadulterated pleasure as the gentle warm waft of some delectably fragrant scent escaping from under a little flame and impregnating its environs with a sensuous and indulgent perfume. Translation: I love candles that fill space with a beautiful smell. I think they just make personal space smell so homely and inviting. I am obsessed with candles, always buying them, always burning them.

I cannot define my favourite candle smell or what I search for in quest of the perfect candle. I own dozens of candles and I always have one on the go at any given time, rotating every couple of weeks so that I can experience different scents. 

This month I have been loving 'Black Cherry' by Yankee Candle. I originally got this in one of those disposable car fresheners months and months ago, and I made a mental note to purchase this candle whenever I clapped eyes on it. When I saw it, it became mine. 

I find it very difficult to describe smells in all honesty. It truly smells like a delicious, rich, tarty cherry scent. I find that this smell will travel to every single corner of my apartment and will fill the whole airspace with its beautiful soft fragrance. I think this candle is pretty strong- as in it can fill alot of space- but it's not headache inducing like some candles I have used. 

Even though it is made with natural plant extracts, I am not convinced that this is a very natural smell, and on paper, I feel like I shouldn't like it, whereas in reality, I love it! 


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