Monday, 29 July 2013

A few little reasons why I love Superdrug

As the Irish ladies amongst you are probably aware, we are not blessed with many Superdrug stores in Ireland. I usually go to the one in Limerick city- it's ginormous- but now that I have taken up permanent residence in Dublin, a five hour round trip to stock up on toiletries seems a bit ludicrous. I now make do with the Superdrug in The Square, Tallaght. It is not the most glamorous or largest store I have come across, but it definitely serves a purpose. I travel to Superdrug every couple of months to get some essential pieces, particularly their own brand stuff that I couldn't get elsewhere even if I wanted to. As I always say, with the vast multitude of various products available in numerous outlets, anything that requires me to go out of my way to repurchase it is a sure sign indicator that I think that that particular product is something special. 

In this summer months, and particularly in this hot weather, there is nothing I love more than hopping out of bed at 6am and jumping into a nice zesty, fruity shower. I have tried a couple of these shower gels before, and I like the Lavender, Mint and Shea Butter incarnations, but it's the Lemon and Tea Tree and Orange and Satsuma ones that really tickle my pickle. It's like a big citrus explosion in the shower, and I just feel so fresh and zesty in myself- it's a really nice morning treat. These do not aggravate my sensitive skin and are cheap as chips at €1.95 for the pair (on special at the moment, I think they are normally about €1.55)

I love the Vitamin E Skincare range and repurchased the Hot Cloth Cleanser again- at €6.10, the giant bottle is a steal. I also picked up the night cream, day cream and exfoliating facial scrub for €3.55 each. I love the smell of these- it reminds me of sunscreen I used to use as a nipper- and they are nice and gentle on my angry, sensitive and dehydrated skin.

I also picked up a spare muslin cloth and facial cleansing sponge for about a euro each- I always pick these up when I get to Superdrug, I like to have a few backups on hand. I think these are great quality and I love the hygenic and convenient packaging.

I didn't mention any of the other reasons I love Superdrug in this post because I just wanted to give a taster of what in particular draws me there. Needless to say, the selection of cosmetics not available in Boots (including MUA, Me Me Me, 2 True, B Pure) and the great offers they carry out on the essentials are also enough to draw me into their stores on regular intervals. It is such a pity we do not have more Superdrug stores in Ireland!

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  1. I am also a superdrug addict! I must try the shower gels! xxx

  2. I love Superdrug, but so far have yet to really try any of their own brand cosmetics! These look amazing, and I definitely want to try the shower gels and the hot cloth cleanser!


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