Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Candle of the Week- Yankee Candle 'Black Cherry'

In the spirit of diversifying and blogging about more than face paint, much and all as I love face paint, I am going to start a new series on my blog where I talk about my favourite candles. I am a huge lover of candles. There are scant things that bring me such unadulterated pleasure as the gentle warm waft of some delectably fragrant scent escaping from under a little flame and impregnating its environs with a sensuous and indulgent perfume. Translation: I love candles that fill space with a beautiful smell. I think they just make personal space smell so homely and inviting. I am obsessed with candles, always buying them, always burning them.

I cannot define my favourite candle smell or what I search for in quest of the perfect candle. I own dozens of candles and I always have one on the go at any given time, rotating every couple of weeks so that I can experience different scents. 

This month I have been loving 'Black Cherry' by Yankee Candle. I originally got this in one of those disposable car fresheners months and months ago, and I made a mental note to purchase this candle whenever I clapped eyes on it. When I saw it, it became mine. 

I find it very difficult to describe smells in all honesty. It truly smells like a delicious, rich, tarty cherry scent. I find that this smell will travel to every single corner of my apartment and will fill the whole airspace with its beautiful soft fragrance. I think this candle is pretty strong- as in it can fill alot of space- but it's not headache inducing like some candles I have used. 

Even though it is made with natural plant extracts, I am not convinced that this is a very natural smell, and on paper, I feel like I shouldn't like it, whereas in reality, I love it! 


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

MAC Powder Blushes- my collection, review and swatches

Hi everyone, 

I've been collecting MAC blushes for a while now and I have often meant to review them separately. Since I now have 10 in my collection, I said I would do a ginorme collective post/review/swatch extravaganza. I get asked alot about MAC blushes- do I think they are worth it, are they as good quality as the eyeshadows, what do the different finishes mean, etc. and I hope to address all those questions in this post. 

First things first, there are several different types of finishes of MAC blush, and I have noted that the quality differs quite significantly between the different finishes. 
Matte: as the name would suggest, this just means a flat colour with no shimmer or glitter. In my experience, these blushes have the best colour payoff of the bunch.
Frost: Similar to the Frost eyeshadows, these are pigmented colours with an inbuilt iridescent shine, leaving a sheeny colour.
Satin: I think this is a hybrid of matte and frost- the colour applies quite matte but leaves a soft satin, not frosty finish.
Sheertone: Again, as the name would suggest, this blush goes on quite sheer and can be built up for extra colour payoff if that is the desired effect.
Sheertone Shimmer: The same as above, but with a touch of shimmer. 
Mineralize: These blushes are usually domed and contain traces of shimmer running throughout the blush, leaving a soft iridescent finish.
Pro-Longwear- Lightweight finely milled powder promising 8 hours no fade colour capacity.

Firstly, I will take you through my peaches. I love peaches and think they are so flattering on paler toned gals when applied lightly. As with bronzers etc, if you get peach happy, you risk looking like you have mud on your cheeks. My peach MAC choices are:

(Clockwise- Melba, Sunbasque, Gingerly, Peachykeen)

Melba: Matte. Soft coral peach. Because this is matte, a little of this goes such a long way. This is probably one of the most pigmented blushes I have, and I always have to give my brush a good tap when applying this. When applied lightly, it's really lovely and leaves a really nice healthy, peachy glow. If you apply even a smidge too much, it looks borderline ridiculous.
Sunbasque: Sheertone Shimmer. Peach with pearl. I use this as an alternative to bronzer in the summer months to warm my face. I would say that it's not the strongest pigmented blush, but it is very easily buildable. It has a gentle shimmery sheen to it also.
Gingerly: Sheertone. Capri bronze. One of my favourites. In the pan, it doesn't look that spectacular but I have used this so much this summer. I think of it as my 'I don't really want people to know I am wearing blush' colour. If applied lightly, which is quite easy with the sheertone formulation, it leaves a really nice pinch of peach on your cheeks.
Peachykeen: Sheertone Shimmer. Very baby peach. Similar to Sunbasque, only pinker in tone. A little harder to wear than Sunbasque because it leans pinker on the skin than it does in the pan. This would probably be the most coral of all my peaches, and I am verrrry selective about when I choose to embrace this colour.

(Swatches L-R: Peachy Keen, Melba, Sunbasque, Gingerly)

Whatever about peaches, I absolutely love my pinks, and MAC have so many decent pink blush offerings. I am cool toned and I naturally flush pink and I find that MAC in particular have a great cross section of pink blushes that would allow me to accentuate

(Top Row L-R: Dame, Dainty, Stay Pretty)
(Bottom Row L-R: Prom Princess (Limited edition Archie's Girls), Fleur Power, Pinch o'Peach)

Dame: Satin. Sophisticated pink. My favourite MAC blusher of them all- I have repurchased this at least four times. It is the perfect shade of not baby but not bright pink, it's very flattering, works with so many eyeshadow and lipstick combinations- I just love it. 
Dainty: Mineralize. Light yellow pink with gold pearl. This was also a repurchase product for me, even though I do not use it as much as Dame. This is like a summer equivalent, and I think it leaves a lovely ethereal sheen when you use it. It's not packed with shimmer or glitter or anything, but I don't really have anything truly like this in my collection.
Stay Pretty: Pro Longwear. Light bright blue pink. This is another quality blush. It is more blue based than Dame, more of a Barbie pink shade, and this powder lasts a crazy amount of time on your face. When applied lightly, I think it is very flattering.
Prom Princess: Limited edition from Archie's Girl collection. Satin. Mid-tone violet pink. I bought this a few months ago because I do not own anything else like this in my collection. It looks scary in the pan, and I am sure if you applied this heavily, it would look similarly scary. However, when applied lightly, this is such a beautiful colour, and I think I will probably get more use out of this in the winter months.
Fleur Power: Satin. Soft bright pinkish coral. This is a gorgeous summer colour, straddling the boundaries between coral and pink, and I have been wearing this so much since I picked this up.
Pinch o' Peach: Sheertone. Warm peach (allegedly). Well if there was ever a name to trick anyone, it has to be this. I don't think this leans peach at all- quite frankly, it comes across as pure pink to me. It definitely looks more pink than Fleur Power. Name confusion aside, it's a nice colour!

(Swatches: Dame, Dainty, Stay Pretty, Prom Princess, Fleur Power, Pinch o'Peach)

So there you have it, and those are my selections. I have picked up all the ones I have been dying to try by now, so I would be really interested in any suggestions you would have if I were to expand my little MAC blush family. 

Thanks for reading x


Monday, 29 July 2013

A few little reasons why I love Superdrug

As the Irish ladies amongst you are probably aware, we are not blessed with many Superdrug stores in Ireland. I usually go to the one in Limerick city- it's ginormous- but now that I have taken up permanent residence in Dublin, a five hour round trip to stock up on toiletries seems a bit ludicrous. I now make do with the Superdrug in The Square, Tallaght. It is not the most glamorous or largest store I have come across, but it definitely serves a purpose. I travel to Superdrug every couple of months to get some essential pieces, particularly their own brand stuff that I couldn't get elsewhere even if I wanted to. As I always say, with the vast multitude of various products available in numerous outlets, anything that requires me to go out of my way to repurchase it is a sure sign indicator that I think that that particular product is something special. 

In this summer months, and particularly in this hot weather, there is nothing I love more than hopping out of bed at 6am and jumping into a nice zesty, fruity shower. I have tried a couple of these shower gels before, and I like the Lavender, Mint and Shea Butter incarnations, but it's the Lemon and Tea Tree and Orange and Satsuma ones that really tickle my pickle. It's like a big citrus explosion in the shower, and I just feel so fresh and zesty in myself- it's a really nice morning treat. These do not aggravate my sensitive skin and are cheap as chips at €1.95 for the pair (on special at the moment, I think they are normally about €1.55)

I love the Vitamin E Skincare range and repurchased the Hot Cloth Cleanser again- at €6.10, the giant bottle is a steal. I also picked up the night cream, day cream and exfoliating facial scrub for €3.55 each. I love the smell of these- it reminds me of sunscreen I used to use as a nipper- and they are nice and gentle on my angry, sensitive and dehydrated skin.

I also picked up a spare muslin cloth and facial cleansing sponge for about a euro each- I always pick these up when I get to Superdrug, I like to have a few backups on hand. I think these are great quality and I love the hygenic and convenient packaging.

I didn't mention any of the other reasons I love Superdrug in this post because I just wanted to give a taster of what in particular draws me there. Needless to say, the selection of cosmetics not available in Boots (including MUA, Me Me Me, 2 True, B Pure) and the great offers they carry out on the essentials are also enough to draw me into their stores on regular intervals. It is such a pity we do not have more Superdrug stores in Ireland!

Thanks for reading! 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Inglot 'Colour Play' Satin Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a very special event in Inglot's flagship store in Blanchardstown to celebrate the launch of their new Colour Play range of products. It took a very long and hot commute across the city to get to Blanchardstown but it was completely worth it, and I knew the minute that I went into the store that I would definitely be making a purchase. There are several different products available- including 6 eyeliners (that double up as lipliners), 5 new Satin Rainbow eyeshadows, 5 mascaras, along with their amazingly pigmented lipsticks and nail polishes.

Now when it comes to Inglot eyeshadows, I am like a moth to a flame, and even though I did not have the intention of picking up the new eyeshadows, when I saw them, I knew I had to have them. That damn feeling will have me bankrupt! If you read my blog, you will know that I am a neutrals kinda gal through and through and I very rarely, if ever, incorporate colour into my every day looks.

(From L-R: 133, 131, 132, 134, 135)

I have been experimenting with these shadows pretty regularly since I got this palette- I even incorporated some of the coral into one of my every day work looks and it was a nice summer pop. I have used the blue and green as eyeliner for a colour pop- I think this is such a manageable way to wear colour on your eyes.

As you can see from the swatches, the quality and pigmentation of these shadows is nothing less than I would expect from Inglot- soft, pigmented, great lasting power. Really, when you buy Inglot shadows, it's a no brainer! Inglot are definitely my go-to shadow stop, if only they would just christen their colours with names instead of numbers! 

Let me know what you think of this new collection! x

Friday, 26 July 2013

Fragrance Friday- My Lucky Scent- Chanel 'Chance'- Eau Fraiche

For the second instalment of my 'Fragrance Friday' series, I could not but mention my favourite perfume. I recently repurchased 'Chance' by Chanel, I am now on my third bottle, and I have never loved it as much. 

Smells remind me of places, experiences, events- and I am sure that I am not the only one. Perhaps I can attribute my love for this perfume to the fact that I first got it as a birthday present when I was living in France almost six years ago now. It was my first Chanel perfume experience, and I could not actually have picked better myself. I also think of this perfume as my lucky perfume (luck in French is "chance").

So onto the scent itself- luxurious but fresh, romantic and empowering. This is a feminine floral- not sickly sweet. Citrus and fruity, hints of patchouli and white musk. Sophisticated and age appropriate across the board, universally appealing and eternally classic.

Six years later, this perfume is still attracting compliments left right and centre. It's not one of those overpowering perfumes that stinks out a whole room, but it is one of those perfumes that will leave a gentle linger in the air as you walk past someone. 

The funny thing about Chance is that it comes in three different incarnations- Eau de Parfum, Eau Tendre and Eau Fraiche, and I feel like each smell is markedly different from the rest. I personally love the Eau Fraiche too much to try one of the other ones- but I have smelt them- and they are lovely. I just feel like I would be betraying the loyal perfume warrior that has served me so well for the last six years, and I'm not a traitor. I usually get sick of things very quickly- so to have something which I use very regularly is definitely an achievement. 

I always purchase 100 ml bottles but I believe that this is also available in 50ml and 150ml bottles. I think it is around the €75-80 mark, but a little of this goes a long way, and I am sure that the bottle will last you for ages. I can't see myself ever tiring of this scent or finding anything that ticks as many boxes for me in the near future. The bottle of this perfume differs somewhat from the other members of the Chanel Perfume family because it is circular and not rectangular (think No.5 and Allure)- legend has it, this is to represent a wheel of fortune! All the omens are good with this perfume!

If you are looking for an alluring, signature scent then look no further. The next time you are in a perfumerie, try a spritz of this- I know smell is subjective, but I am pretty sure you will be impressed. If you are not willing to fork out the €80ish price tag, I believe there is a dupe for this perfume- details of which are available on one of my older posts on this blog. Let me know how you get on!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

MAC Neutral Eyeshadow Collection- review and swatches

My MAC Neutrals palettes is one of my most prized possessions. I said it once before, and I will say it again, I am obsessed with neutral eyeshadows and I very rarely incorporate colour into my daily eye looks. I am not sure how well a flash of purple eyeliner would look in front of one the judges of the High Court or a senior partner in my firm! All jesting aside, I find neutral eyeshadows are a gift, and I was particularly keen to organise my MAC neutrals in a clear and fluid form, so instead of using my trusty four pan MAC palettes, I picked up one of the new 15 pan wells in Brussels recently.

The following are the colours that I have in my palette. MAC have like a million other neutrals and browns, but the following are my selection, and I have two separate shadows also that I could include. 

On the top row, from left to right, I have: Gesso, Phloof!, Nylon, Malt and Shroom.

Gesso- matte white, kind of like white chalk for the eyes, but I have found the eyeshadow itself to be not overly chalky. When blended out, I think this makes my eyes look alive.
Phloof!- Frosty, off white leaning on pink. I swatched it, I love it. I use this as a lid colour, and inner eye highlight.
Nylon- when I was purchasing this, I was torn between Nylon and Ricepaper, but I went with the former because I think it would be an amazing highlight.
Malt- one of my newer editions, I thought this would be a good base lid colour for a lighter and more subtle smoky eye. It is a soft pinky beige, which barely provides any colour on my lid, but leaves a lovely even veil. I also think this is a great transition eyeshadow. I was on the fence about it in the shop but decided to go with it, I don't think it is one of MACs more popular shades, but it is becoming a stabin it's place. I definitely think this colour is only for fairer ladies however.
Shroom- One of my first MAC eyeshadows also and I have repurchased this at least three times. It's a lovely pearlescent, soft beige with a really gentle sheen when applied on the eyelids. I also like this for a more subtle inner corner highlight.

On the second row, I have put: Naked Lunch, All that Glitters, Patina, Woodwinked, Cork

Naked Lunch- I could not imagine not owning this shadow now, and I often wear this on its own because I like it so much and I think it is sufficiently lovely to wear on its own. The colour itself is a really nice champagne/peachy colour with a really lovely, glowy (but not glittery sheen). This is definitely a must have colour.
All that Glitters- I like this, but I don't love this as much as Naked Lunch, and I don't really think you need both in your collection. The Veluxe Pearl formula means this soft golden colour applies like a dream. It doesn't have the most spectacular lasting power on it's own, so I would usually apply this over a good primer or MAC Painterly to make it last longer. As for the colour- think a luxury gold beige and you'd be close!
Patina- This is a frosty, light taupe with a hint of brown shimmer, sometimes leaning even a little purple in the pan. I love this colour, particularly when paired with Satin Taupe- together they are one of my favourite eyeshadow looks.
Woodwinked- This is probably one of the most raved about MAC eyeshadows of all time. I remember when I first bought this, I really thought I was so adventurous and expanding my colour horizons. It is a lovely warm antique gold which pairs perfectly with any brown eyeshadow that you could possibly throw at it. I know some people wear this on it's own but I don't think I could rock that look
Cork- Satin matte neutral brown, this is my transition colour of choice and I use this pretty much every day. I will repurchase this forevermore and I honestly don't think I can pay an eyeshadow a better compliment than that!

On the bottom row, I have: Sable, Mulch, Twinks, Satin Taupe and Mystery.

Sable- I think this is a deep plummy brown with a hint of shimmer. I use this on the outer corners of my eyes with a shadow like Naked Lunch for a less dramatic smoky neutral eye.
Mulch- I would say that this is more of a deep bronze brown, again perfect for the outer corners of the eye. I feel like this is a really luxurious brown, love it.
Twinks- This is a deep chocolately brown with a cranberry/plummy undertone. I use this more for a neutral evening eye than a day time eye, and I love the colour and formula.
Satin Taupe- Well if this is not the most revered and loved MAC shadow of all time, I don't know what is. It is a lovely deep frosty grey brown taupe colour, quite cool in comparison to alot of my warmer bronzes and browns.
Mystery- This brown is so muddy and deep that it is best to apply sparingly but it is a lovely colour for adding to a dramatic, smoky eye. It is a matte colour and not the easiest colour in the world to blend with so a little definitely goes a long way but the cool brown with a slightly purple undertone is completely worth it!

Near misses that also made the palette are Vanilla (I use this to highlight my brow bone but I don't believe the pigmentation or pick up is great). I also love introducing Cranberry or Club into the outer corners of a neutral eye for my very safe play on colours.

So that is my MAC neutral eyeshadow collection. If there is anything that you think I am missing out on, or anything that would supplement my collection, please comment below and let me know. And I would love to know what your favourite MAC eyeshadow is!


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Happy Haulidays! MAC. Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Rituals

As you may or may not know, I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend in Brussels in the company of a smattering of my very best friends. I'll write more about my experience later on in the week. 

Today I have some holiday goodies to share with you all. I had been exceptionally good over the last few months in abstaining from placing any online orders (except for an essential shampoo order) because I knew I would probably go mad in the airports and on European soil (as per usual!). Well my buddies should have gotten the straight jackets out because I did end up going a wee bit mad.


Unsurprisingly, my first pit stop was the MAC counter at Dublin Airport. Anybody who knows Dublin Airport at all will know that it sits directly opposite the security scanners, and as I was taking off my jewellery and being frisked by security guards, I was bursting with excitement to get over there. The girls at the counter were so friendly and helpful- they let me have my own space to peruse, made useful suggestions, and one of the girls actually gave me a little black briefcase box to put all my make up in, and that box will now take pride of place in my room! I picked up blushes in 'Pinch o'Peach' and 'Fleur Power', two eyeshadows in 'Vanilla' and 'Club', another MAC Paintpot in 'Quite Natural' and four MAC lipsticks in 'See Sheer', 'Craving', 'Rebel' and 'Russian Red'. 

I passed a MAC store in Brussels also and I called in and picked myself up a nice new palette and an eyeshadow well organiser whilst I was there- I have been meaning to pick one up for the longest time and every time I tried they were sold out, I was delirah to finally get my hands on one.

Whilst in Brussels, I picked up an Yves St Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in Shade 8, Pink in Confidence, and also a Glossy Stain in Rose Tempera. I absolutely fell in love with the shades and once I swatched them, I could not let them pass me by. I also repurchased one of my favourite shower mousses by Rituals and my favourite ever perfume, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche,

 Lastly in all things beauty, I also picked up some bits from Bobbi Brown in the airport including a Shimmer Brick in Beige, a Skin Foundation in Sand and a slightly darker Long Wear Foundation in Warm Sand.


I am still roadtesting these so I cannot give a fully informed review of them at this stage. Suffice to say, my first impressions of everything has been extremely positive. If there is anything on this list that you would like to see a full depth review of, please let me know. Also, if you are heading off on hols soon and would like to know the prices of any of the above items and where to procure any potential discounts, drop me a line. 

Am I the only one who goes mad in the duty free when heading off on hols? 


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hello Illamasqua, nice to meet you!

Hi all,

I have a weeny lickle Illamasqua haul for you today (and no, it does not involve an Alter Ego mystery box!). I ordered a few bits from Illamasqua about 2 months ago. I had never tried Illamasqua before so I ordered three makeup items that I know and love all too well- neutral eyeshadows, pink powder blushes and cream eyeshadow bases- and I said I would see how Illamasqua compares to some of my other favourites brands.

I ordered this from and it took about 2 week to arrive, which was pretty decent. Now I know alot of people, none more so than my fellow bloggers) really rate Illamasqua for their bright colours and "out there" products, but I am WAY too mild to chance any of these. It was actually my first time on the website and I swiftly selected what I wanted because the site kept crashing.

I will review each of them individually once I have had a proper chance to road test everything, but needless to say my impressions so far have been good. I absolutely love the powder blush (I picked up the shade 'Katie') and the cream pigment (I went for 'Delerium'). I also bought a Neutral palette and the jury is still out on that one so watch this space.

Just a little point- I ordered two powder blushes and I got an email about a week after I had placed my order saying that one of the blushes was out of stock and that my card was being refunded. I would have appreciated having the option of waiting for same to come in stock, even if it meant waiting a little longer to get my products, but I was not given the option. In circumstances where somebody puts through an order and none of the products appear to be out of stock, I just think it would be better customer service to at least offer the product at a later date. I just feel like if you put it in your basket and made it to checkout without being notified that the item is out of stock, then you have a legitimate expectation that you will receive this item and not just get an email saying it's out of stock and that the cost of it has been refunded to you. I would be wary of placing an order online now again in case the same thing happened. I am not out of pocket but I am disappointed because the very item that was not in stock was the one that I was looking forward to the most.

I look forward to giving these a thorough testing and reporting back at a later date. In the meantime, if there is anything from Illamasqua that you think I just have to have, do tell! I would be glad of the recommendations!

Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mascara Duel #1- Urban Decay 'Supercurl Curling Mascara' -v- Benefit 'They're Real'

Hello all! 

As you may have noticed in this blog, I am extremely fussy about mascaras- from different wands to various formulas, the right level of clumpage to the right degree of separation- I am notoriously difficult to please. I have no qualms in forking out for a decent mascara because I so love to have my lashes in order- I would forego eyeshadow and eyeliner to have nice long thick eyelashes. My eyelashes are naturally quite long so I have a bit to work with, and I have tried so many different types of mascara- from drug store €3 Essence Mascaras to €30 Dior mascaras. I find myself that I cannot stop comparing mascaras to each other, so I said I would start a little duel series on my blog where I will compare and contrast two different products and then choose the victor.

The first competitors battling it out for the title are the much hyped Benefit 'They're Real' mascara and the lesser known Urban Decay 'Supercurl Curling Mascara'. 

I have long time loved Benefit's 'Bad Gal' mascara and repurchased it more times that I care to admit, and for a considerable period of time (circa 9 months), it was my mascara of choice. I had very very high hopes for the latest lash incarnation from Benefit, and I must say, I am slightly disappointed. I think it's a fine mascara, but not an amazing mascara. It definitely does not make my eyelashes look like they are not real as the title would suggest. The wand is again one of those spiky wands that hurts my sensitive eyelids because I can feel it poke into my lash line, and I am not at all fond of the little spiky sphere at the tip of the wand that I have heard so many other people praise. I found the formula of this to be too wet and shiny for my liking in the beginning but I have found that, with time, this improved as the mascara dried up a little bit. In my experience, the wetter the formula, the longer it takes to build it up to the level of lash that I like. I have always noticed how Benefit mascaras seem to dry up so much quicker than any other mascaras so I don't know how much more life is in it, and I don't know whether this is necessarily a value high end product in that regard. Lastly, I have noticed that this mascara transfers and smudges under my eyes throughout the course of the day and I really do not appreciate this. A full size (8.5g) costs €26.

I had never tried an Urban Decay mascara before and I didn't really have high hopes of the Supercurl Curling Mascara to be honest. The wand looks alot less artistic than the Benefit offering with it's spikes and spikey sphere. I cannot mince my words when I say that this is a freaking amazing mascara. The contents of this shiny gunmetal tube have brought me so much joy, it's hard to fathom how Urban Decay packed all this amazingness into one tube. Why exactly do I love it so much? It has a great wand which effortlessly fits my lash line and catches every single one of my lashes without dragging, pulling or poking. It provides the perfect degrees of length, volume and curl. The formula was perfect from the get go and not too wet and sticky. Just the right amount of product is on the brush to do each eye and there is no need for excessive topping up of the mascara (introducing more air into the product and making the mascara dry up quicker). It stays in place all day long without smudging under my eyes, and the length, volume and curl last all day long. A full size of this will set you back €22.

So as for the winner of this battle- has to be Urban Decay's 'Supercurl Curling Mascara' hands down. This is my new HG high end mascara. and I will definitely be repurchasing this over and over again. I think it is great value for money, and I strongly urge any of you looking for a new mascara to give this one a try- honestly I am as picky as they come and I absolutely love it. 10/10 for sure.

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Inglot Noble Collection- feat. my favourite summer eye palette!

Hello everybody,

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a special bloggers event in the Inglot store in Blanchardstown, where us very privileged bloggers were given a sneak preview of the Noble collection.

In this collection, there are 5 eyeshadows, 4 gel eyeliners, a dazzledust shimmery loose powder and five pigments- all in various metallic/neutralish shades from gold, silver, bronze, pewter and rose gold. The various colour combinations are endless.

I can't speak for anybody else but this was completely up my street- metallics and moi = bosom buds. I couldn't resist picking up a few items. I bought all 5 eyeshadows in the collection- I just thought they were all absolutely beautiful, and I could really see myself getting alot of use out of those bad boys. As you can see from the swatches below, these shadows pack a mean metallic punch without making you feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. I actually feel like these are better quality than normal Inglot eyeshadows (which were already amazeballs!). I think these are five completely wearable metallic shades.
 I do not even know how it is possible but it made me very happy indeedy. 

(Colours in photo above from left to right are: 151, 152, 153, 154, 155. All swatched in natural daylight with no primer.)

I also picked up two gel eyeliners in 93 and 94, a lovely silver and bronze duo. I have used these as eyeliners for pops of colour but I have also applied these to my lid with a synthetic concealer brush to use as a base for different shadows (particularly a brown smokey eye over a metallic base- perfect work combination!).

I didn't pick anything else from the Noble Collection on the night, but that's not to say I won't do so in the future. I am beyond impressed= pigmentation is amazing, lasting power is amazing, variety is amazing, price and quality, amazing. This is just a whole lot of amazing and if you veer towards metallics or an alternative neutral look, I strongly recommend you try these out. This is one of the best collections that has ever come out by any make up brand in my opinion. I am even tempted to buy another palette and display it in my apartment as art! 

My only criticism of the collection, as is always the case with Inglot, is that they did not name the various products with different shade names, and instead rely on the numbering systems they have in place to identify. I have oft ranted about this so I will not bore you again with the same rant. I have volunteered my services to christen all the eyeshadows if needed. If that is all I have to complain about however, it is very little indeed, and I am willing to forego names for such amazing quality products.

I would love to hear what you think about this collection, and whether you are rocking some metallics this summer. Does anybody else join me in thinking that when it comes to eyeshadows in particular, Inglot can do no wrong? 

Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sleek's Candy Collection- Blush By 3 in "Sweet Cheeks"

When I first spied this blush palette, I just knew instinctively that it would be mine. To me, it just screamed summer with it's vibrant pink, almost intimidating hues.

I am not sure whether it was the hot pink collaboration or the allure of a cream and powder combination that caught my eye. A long time fan of Sleek, especially their blushes, I had high expectations of this. 

I ordered this on Cloud 10 Beauty and it set me back the meagre sum of €12.49- a real steal considering you are getting three decent sized pans of product.

The blushes have three different finishes- one cream blush and two powder blushes, one matte and one shimmer.

Candyfloss is a highly pigmented, hot pink cream blush. A little of this goes a very very long way- and get ready to blend blend blend with this one to avoid looking like you got a slap in the cheek. It is very easy to work with. 

Dolly Mix is a beautiful, cool toned pink that almost leans lilac, and I love this when my fake tan has faded out a bit. It is completely matte so it leaves a lovely natural healthy looking flush of colour on the cheeks. It is probably my favourite blush out of the three in this palette.

Finally, Cupcake is a super, uber bright blue toned pink with a slight gold shimmer running through it. Again, you will need to give your brush a good tap before putting it near your cheeks.

Overall, I absolutely love this palette. I don't use it every day admittedly, my conservative day job does not lend itself too easily to the wearing of hot pink cheeks, but I can see myself really getting so much use out of this. The pans and colours do appear to be very scary, but it is quite easy to apply them very lightly and build up to your desired effect gradually.

The palette itself is nice and sturdy- the typical matte black packaging that we have come to know and love by now, and the fact that Sleek are now cramming three whole pans of product into the one compact is credit worthy in my opinion. I have some other Blush By 3 palettes and the Face Form palette and I absolutely love and adore them.

So if you are looking for fat free and guilt free cosmetics this summer, I urge you to check out this palette whilst it is still around (as it is Limited Edition!). There is also an i-Divine palette in the collection but it was a little too outrageous for my liking (i.e. not enough browns!). 

If you have tried this or have been trying to find this, let me know.

Laters! x
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