Monday, 10 June 2013

DIY- Lipstick Storage Idea- feat. Ikea Alex Drawer unit

Hi all, 

I purchased an Alex unit from Ikea a few months back and one thing that always really irritated me was the fact that I could not store my lipsticks satisfactorily. I wanted to have them all stacked upwards so I could see what colours I had easily. I bought some Antonius inserts when I bought my Helmer and I was using this but it was a bug bear of mine to be honest. I was trawling through different websites online trying to find some sort of upright storage unit but I was not able to find anything even remotely near what I needed. 

Well they say inspiration strikes in the weirdest places and inspiration struck me when I was in Tesco slotting some wine bottles into one of those disposable carrier boxes. I thought this was a clever way to snuggly pack something, and I set my mind on overdrive trying to figure out how to recreate something similar. I have always been a bit arty and creative, I have quite a good mind for constructing things, and to be honest, once I figured out how I was going to do it, the actual execution was really easy. I am thrilled with the results and I hope that this quick how-to guide will be of use to someone.

The finished product- as you can see, it fits nice and snuggly into the drawer and all the lipsticks I have in it are visible and ready for use.

Step one- get your measurements sorted. My Ikea drawer was 11.5inches x 16inches x 2inches. I decided that I would adopt this and create little horizontal 11 inch walls and vertical 16 inch walls. The depth of all my walls was 2 inches.

Step two- Get your materials in order.

I bought these two A2 sized cardboard sheets in Art n Hobby for €3.30 each. They had a dozen or so different colours so you can pick whatever colours you want- you can barely see them anyway once they go into the drawer. 

You will also need a scissors, 12 inch ruler, a pen/pencil, a few inches of sellotape and a marker.

Step three- start marking. When creating one of my walls, I would measure out two rectangles first of all- either 11 or 16 inches in length and always two inches in width. 

Step four- keep dividing. I decided that each gap  would be one inch to keep my wider or rectangular lipsticks in order. I divided my two rectangles into inch long segments.

Step five- start cutting. I cut out a little V out of each square to make the end product look nicer. I also cut a little slit along one side of the squares which will make it easier to slot all the walls together without any glue.

Step six- start slotting all your walls together. 

It's beginning to take shape!

Step seven- build a frame

Now that you have your intricate weave of little card board walls, build a box to slot them all into. I wanted the depth of my box to be the same as the walls so I took a long strip of cardboard, measured out my two inches and left half an inch all around to help stablise the base of the insert. 

I then made another identical strip- marking 16 inch and 11.5 inch milestones along the way. I bent the half inch border on the bottom up- here you can see what you will be sticking the base of the storage unit to.

Voila, you have a frame!

Now if you have gotten this far, you are so close to finishing!

Step eight- cut out your base.

Keep in mind your original measurements- if you were accurate all the way through, this is the stage where it all comes together. 

Once you have your base cut out, stick it into the bottom of the frame and secure with sellotape.

Step nine- Assembly

So there you have it- upright storage for 176 lipsticks!

Time to take your masterpiece and ease it into your drawer- should be nice and snug!

Step ten- Organise

Take all your beloved lippies and organised whatever way your heart desires- do it by brand like I did, by colour family- the choice is yours!!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you found it useful. Overall, the whole thing took me about an hour and a half, but I was glued to the telly at the same time so the time absolutely flew. I am chuffed with it because it is working really well with me and in the last few days, I have been picking lippies that I haven't used in yonks, simply because I can now see them again!! So with a little bit of innovation and the princely sum of €6.60, this could be yours! Alternatively, you would recycle old cardboard boxes that you find at home- cereal boxes etc. You want a relatively stiff cardboard to give the unit structure. 

That's all from me but I hope that this post has inspired you if you were fed up of not being able to see your lipsticks like I was! If anyone has any other makeup storage tips, please share! 

Thanks for reading!! 



  1. Wooww!I super love your creativity! I enjoyed this post. I want to try it too when I have more lippies to store. Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea. :)

    Genzel Kisses

  2. That's completely amazing!!! Now all I need is a drawer! :)

  3. That is really neat!I Oh I totally love your idea! I suppose we can extend this idea to storage box that fit into a deep chest drawer! Hmm... I am so going to start this project soon! :D

  4. Wow! This is fantastic! Have been toying with doing this for a while... but now you have spurred me on!

  5. Fair play to you, that is extremely impressive! I got make up storage in Ikea recently too but my lippies are nowhere near as neat as this! Great inspiration!

  6. This looks amazing!! such a clever idea.x


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