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HUGE Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts Review (w/ swatches!)

Hi everybody!

Hi everybody!

I'm back today with a merged review of several products from the Dainty Doll range. The blogosphere has been set alight recently with recessionista fashionistas picking up these products for mere pennies from websites like Fragrance DirectCara Pharmacy and Amazon, but I found it quite different to find many reviews and swatches of particular products. I had a quick check today and many of these products are still available, so if you are interested in purchasing, this is my experience of the products so far.

I am not ashamed to admit that I can recall watching a TV show a few years back where Nicola Roberts, after ditching fake tan, set out on a quest to develop and put into production a line of cosmetics specifically geared towards the most alabaster, porcelain and fairest folk to enable others to embrace their pale. I didn't really think too much more of it, I don't generally buy into crazes heavily endorsed by celebrities, and even though I am ghastly pale at the best of times, I thought that these products (which were sold in Harrods amongst other places) were a little on the steep side, and I feared I would be paying for a mediocre product with a celebrity endorsement.

However, the lovely Rachel (known on the blogosphere as A Pretty Obsession) directed me towards Fragrance Direct a few weeks back and Dainty Doll products were going for a ridiculously cheap price, no single product was more than £3. Not one to pass on a bargain, I picked up a few bits to give them a whirl. I have already included links to websites that I know of that are selling DD for similarly ridiculously cheap prices, so if you're feeling like, err, splashing out (?!), go and have a gander for yourselves. 

The following are my own selection and I have a few general comments that apply to all the products. 

Firstly, all of the products have names, but the names are not printed on the products themselves. This drives me crazy. Everything instead just has a number on the packaging, and it's up to you to remember. Why oh why do companies do this, I cannot think of a logical explanation. Why go to the bother of naming products only not to include them on the sticker that goes on the bottom of the product anyway? I don't know if 'the' mind boggles but I am certainly baffled by this.

Secondly, I do quite like the sleek black packaging that everything comes in but I wish that there was some indication of the colours on the outside of the packaging without actually having to open everything individually to check. This might just be my own personal preference but I have found that anything which does not have a colour somewhere on it tends to get lost in my makeup drawers.

Now onto the review:

Powder Blushers

"Go from cheek to chic with my soft blushers that lift your features and add definition to your face. The super smooth formula is perfect for building and contouring, making your cheeks centre stage. Comes complete with a cute compact mirror for on-the-go touch-ups."

I picked up the four of these for £1.99 each, which was delectably cheap for the very decent 4.5g pans. Each compact came with a mirror. From left to right, the colours are You Are My Sunshine, My Girl, Money Talks and Happy Shake. These are very soft and a little powdery but I would say that these are a great dupe in texture to Inglot blushes so if you like a more powdery, blendable blush, try these. I would also say the lasting power is pretty decent and the colours are very easily blendable. I really like these and I think they are one of the standout products.


"Some things are best kept secret, so hide away imperfections whilst helping them with my new full-coverage concealer with anti-inflammatory ingredients. This luxuriously creamy concealer camouflages blemishes and dark circles and is enriched with shea butter to help condition and protect the skin."

I picked up the concealer in the lightest shade 001 Abracadabra. I find it a little stiff- ok it gives great coverage but it feels very cakey and I don't like that much in a concealer. I thought it would be creamier in consistency and I was hoping to use this to conceal the bags and dark circles under my eyes but it would just sink into the teeny tine fine lines I have and draw attention to instead of concealing anything. I'll keep trying to make this work though, because it's a pretty generous sized concealer and the colour is very light. This set me back just £1.99.

Cream Blushers

Go from cheek to chic with my soft blushers that lift your features and add definition to your face. The super smooth creamy formula provides long lasting medium coverage, making your cheeks centre stage. Comes complete with a cute compact mirror for on-the-go touch-ups.

These cream blushes were just £1.99 each also, and there were only two shades left in stock by the time I got around to ordering them. I picked up Orange County Girl and Billion Dollar Babies. Admittedly, I am not a huge cream blusher fan, I prefer powder blushes, but these are quite nice, a bit on the sheer side but easy to build up pigmentation, and I don't think these makes my cheeks look oily unlike some other cream blushes I have tried. I apply these with my fingers and spread using a stippling brush, and I have also used Billion Dollar Babies as a cream contour and I like it for that. 


Capture the ladylike magnetism of your favourite 40's screen sirens with Dainty Doll's ultra 
feminine, long-lasting lipsticks. Classic vintage beauty has never been so easy.

These are definitely another stand out product in my eyes. The packaging might not be the most glamorous but it is definitely sturdy and the lipstick winds the whole way down into it's tube so there is no chance of taking a chunk off the top of it. Again, the lipsticks do not have the colour names on them and instead just have stickers with a number on. The colours (from L-R in all of the pictures above are: Couture, Saucy Sailor, It's my Party and Baby Love) are not exclusively pale girl oriented I would say, and the pigmentation, lasting power and quality of these lipsticks is commendable given their £1.99 price point. I know these are available from Cara Pharmacy for €1.50 each which is quite simply too good to pass by for these.

Eyeliner Pencils

Define, line and shine with this soft kohl eyeliner. Perfect for adding strong definition to eyes or creating a sexy smoky-eye effect.

These are a complete fail in my eyes. I picked up two colours- I'm So Pretty and Night Train and they were only 99p each. As far as eyeliners go though, I'm afraid to say they are pretty shoddy. The packaging isn't hugely exciting- they are just pencils after all- but these tug at my skin when I swatch them, and I am too afraid to put them near my sensitive eyes. I don't think the colour payoff is good, and I could pretty much rub the colour off my hand with minimal effort. In fact, I think I must have gotten a bad batch because these were so dry. I know they were cheap but I don't like buying rubbish products. Avoid!


Dainty Doll Eyeshadows have already been dubbed as a ?makeup artist favourite? as these heavily-pigmented pots of colour have been created in hues to flatter and intensify every eye colour. These eyeshadows are perfect for smooth application, a long-lasting finish and contain Vitamin A and E to soothe tired eyes.

These remind me so much of MUA shadows in consistency, staying power and pigmentation. Now I know that MUA shadows cost just 1 but for an extra 99p you can get a sleek black compact and mirror. Actually, only three of my eyeshadows had mirrors!! You can see the size of the pan in the pictures above in comparison to a MAC eyeshadow. The colours above from L-R are: Purple Hills, Treat Her Like a Lady,Teach Me Tiger, I'm So Pretty and Jungle. These are fantastic shadows for the price, soft, blendable (I don't actually want to say buttery...but it slipped out!). Another DD hit for me!

Eyeshadow Base

Eyeshadow Base is perfect for camera-ready colour-correction and keeps your favourite Dainty Doll Eyeshadow crease-free and perfectly placed for hours. Dainty Doll Eyeshadow Base is designed especially to amplify the colour intensity of your eyeshadow.

At £2.99, this was the most expensive DD product I purchased. I wasn't sure how I felt about this until I swatched it, even when you swatch it on your hand, you kind of don't know what to make of the thick yellowish white powder, and when you put it on your eyelids, it stays equally opaque. However, all first impressions aside, I really like this as a base for eyeshadows. It's not in the same category as my beloved MAC Paint Pots but it's a pretty nifty little product all the same.  Eyeshadows just stick to it, and I have used this with the DD Eyeshadows reviewed above and they have lasted a whole day without creasing.

So that's it for my Dainty Doll haul and review, hope it was a help to you all! If you do bite the bullet and purchase, let me know how you got on! 

Thanks for reading 



  1. Thank you soooo much for your tip and review of the products! I've wanted to try out some products for a while now but they were simply to expensive! I now ordered 3 blushes and 1 eyeshadow over Fragrance direct.

  2. I just ordered some blushes & lipsticks from cara pharmacy & I'm seriously excited! x

  3. That's some haul! I'm trying to resist ordering, love that My Girl blush, it looks gorgeous!


  4. Wow, nice haul!! I got two blushes and a concealer for my sis and a concealer for me. I totally agree with you about concealer consistency - it is a bit weird but once you get a bit further down it gets a bit easier to work with, also mine (shade 2) was orange when I opened it and I had to scrape off the top layer for it to show its true colour!

  5. Disappointed to say that I have only just discovered your blog, but I will no doubt be spending the rest of the day reading it.

    I wear the Dainty Doll liquid foundation and I think it's great. It matches my skin tone perfectly and I would even go as far as to say that it blends so well that it doesn't even look like I'm wearing foundation. I wear the darkest shade (I'm not sure if it has an actual name) but it's still very pale.

    I have just ordered the "My Girl" powder blush, I might as well try it for £1.99!

  6. Hi there does anyone know where I can get the liquid foundation in the very light or I would even settle for the light? I can't seem to find any stockists in Ireland and I've tried ebay, and half a dozen other international cosmetic sites but I'm not having any luck. Also, does anyone know if they have been discontinued or rebranded? I'm very pale and am sick of forking out for the Bobbi Brown. :-P Thanks! :-)

  7. I splashed out on the Dainty Doll range too when they went on sale - i see their's still eyeshadows available for sale. How are you getting on with yours? Would they be comparable at all to the likes of MAC, Urban Decay or Inglot at all? Or is this just wishful thinking on my behalf? :D

    Belle Morte Beauty

  8. Are they matte shades or shimmer?


Thanks for your comment, I love to hear what you all have to say!

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