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Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains- Review and Swatches

Hi everybody!

Most people would probably find a love affair with a lip product to be a bit excessive or unnecessary- most people that are not cosmetics obsessed like I am (and presumably you are because you are reading this post!). We all know the way it goes- you get one, you love it, you get bitten by the bug, you get another, it confirms why you love that first one so much, and before you know it you have the whole happy family hanging out in your make up collection. It's a familiar pattern by now.

I bought my first Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, Lovesick, back in October, then I picked up Honey, and before I knew it, I wanted them all. And it is LOVE. The biggest compliment I can ever give any product is when I pick up every colour. These are the much celebrated dupes of the Clinique Chubby Sticks and I cannot hype them enough.

So, I hear you ask, why EXACTLY do I love these so much? Two words- lasting power. These are incredible on the lips- they do not budge when you put them on, they last for so long and fade gradually instead of disappearing in patches and the pigmentation is amazing- you can apply one quick coat and go for a more sheer look, or build up the opacity with a few layers.

The packaging of these is really nice- I LOVE how the external packaging replicates the colour inside- so easy to tell them apart and so easy to pick out a colour. Also, the lids fits on really sturdily so I don't worry about it coming off in the battlefield that is the dark depths of my handbag (my phone and wallet have been assaulted by rebel lipsticks in my bag more times than I care to remember!). The little silver part of the end is the twisty part so you can release more lovely product when you are running low.

There is a minty taste off these when you apply them first but it's not strong or overpowering and fades quite quickly. There is peppermint oil listed in the ingredients so I guess this is the culprit! I don't like alot of artificial minty tastes but I do not mind these in the slightest. They seem to last ages also- I've been using a few of them very regularly over the last few months and I haven't had to wind them up yet.

Speaking of winding them up, look how much product you get in each!!

Verrrrry generous Revlon, much obliged! :)

As for the colour selection- bearing in mind that we in Ireland and presumably in the UK are deprived of the full range of colours (I think there are five more available- Adore, Sweetheart, Smitten, Charm and Precious- I've been stalking Ebay and one of these days I will pounce!), the colour range that we are afforded is quite decent- from a nice MLBB colour in 001 Honey, a blue toned lilac pink in 010 Darling, a Barbie pink in 015 Cherish, a fuchsia pink in 020 Lovesick, an orange orange in 040 Rendezvous, a pillar box red in 045 Romantic and a deep berry wine in 005 Crush- there definitely is variety in their offerings. 

And now for the swatches....

(L-R: Honey, Darling, Cherish, Lovesick, Rendezvous, Romantic, Crush)

Bottom line- these are amazing. They are the most troublefree lip products I have ever had the pleasure of owning- they are just fantastic. They last incredibly well- I've put them to the ultimate test- eating, drinking, nights out, days in college or work- and they just fade ever so slightly. They do not budge from your lips, there is no issue with the colour bleeding- and amazingly enough- they do not dry out my lips (which is the easiest thing in the world to do at the moment in this freezing Irish weather!). They glide on so easily, no tugging or pulling, and they feel like a giant crayon in your hands as you do so. They leave a glossy finish- some more glossy than others, but they are not sticky or gritty at all- you do not even notice you have these on your lips- whether you eat, drink or talk.

These are really an absolutely stellar offering from Revlon and were definitely a find- I cannot recommend them enough! At €11.20 a pop, they are not the cheapest product on the shelf but in terms of value for money and cost per use, these are top of the class. HYPE HYPE HYPE!

Have you tried these out yet?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Loved your post- I picked up the rest of the colours when I was in America- I'm obsessed. They are so hassle free, love them! :)

    1. Hassle free for sure, they are just the bee's knees in my eyes at the mo! Sooooo jealous that you have the whole family! I'm definitely going to end up getting them on ebay I'd say! :) #addicted! x

  2. I really want to get the color Lovesick it looks gorgeous!

    1. Be careful Ashley- Lovesick was the first one I got, and that got me hooked! You might get addicted too! But in all seriousness, it's lovely, and one of the longest lasting! x :)


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