Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My Collection of MAC Paint Pots - Review and Swatches

Hi everybody! 

I hope 2013 is treating you all well so far. I have high hopes for this year and big plans so I hope all will come to fruition. :) 

Back to business and today I have a very important review for you, it is a product I use every single day without fail. These MAC Paint Pots are part of my staple collection, and I use one of the five colours I own as a base for every eye look I use. 

There are 9 shades available- all quite neutral shades. I have five in my collection so far.

 On their official website, MAC state:

A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with MAC shadows and liners.

Firstly, I will go through the different colours I have and how I typically use them. Then I will do a collective pro and con list at the end summarising my opinion of the MAC Paint Pots. 

Bare Study

This is a soft beige frosty colour with a gold pearl running through. I like to use this as a base colour- because it is very sheer and frosty, I don't think it adds too much to the eye to justify using it alone, but I love to use this as a base if I am wearing silver or grey smokey eyes, or when I am going for a strong red lip look, I might put some of this on and a champagne shadow over it, lashings of black gel eyeliner and mascara and voila. I also used a little bit of this under my brows over the Christmas season as an additional highlight.


This was the first Paint Pot that I purchased, and I am on my second pot now. This is my go to eyeshadow primer.  It is a very neutral beige colour with perhaps a slightly pink undertone, and I often use this as a base when applying neutral eyeshadows, or even on it's own sometimes if I feel like wearing minimal makeup, I put a bit of this on my eyelids just to neutralise any redness. Eyeshadows stick to this amazingly well because it is a very smooth and creamy consistency.


I don't actually know how to describe this colour- it's like a medium taupe/ tan brown with a satin finish. It is more of a cool toned brown than a warm brown and this is one of the Paint Pots that I wear on it's own on a fairly regular basis. It's a perfect lazy day eyeshadow. I also use this as a base and it's perfect for that too. I was a bit indifferent about this when I first swatched it, but Fleur de Force recommended this in one of her monthly favourite vids, and I picked it up soon after and have been loving it since. It's close to usurping my beloved Painterly on the love stakes! It's really smooth and applies and blends on the eye easily.


Frosty peach with a gold pearl, I find Rubenesque to be very sheer, and I wouldn't use this on it's own because I think it takes too much effort to build up the opacity. I love to pair this with similar warm bronze eyeshadows including Inglot shadows, MAC Woodwinked or a variety of colours from my Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I've recently begun embracing warmer colours- peach, bronze, gold, to try to bring out the blue in my blue-grey eyes- and Rubenesque adds that extra dimension and pop to any shadow paired over it.


A very nice MUA in the new MAC store on Henry Street persuaded me that I need Constructivist in my life, and I have been using it alot over the Christmas period to create dramatic smokey looks (along with my Naked palettes and fave MAC eyeshadows- Satin Taupe, Mulch, Twinks etc.). It is a  deep frosty mahongany brown colour with a red pearl, I really haven't seen any other colour like it. It is buildable so you can make it as opaque as you like, and I would personally never wear this on it's own because I fear that I would look like I have just had a fight with someone, but it is an amazing base, it can change the colour of lighter shadows (I love MAC Sable, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters and Patina over this) and it makes darker colours unbelievably intense. Truth be told, you don't have to work very hard with this one to achieve a really great look, it is an absolute godsend. Again, you wouldn't be busting this out every day (more's the pity). I also like to blend a little of this on my lower lash line and it does not budge.

(L-R: Bare Study, Painterly, Groundwork, Rubenesque, Constructivist)

So those are the colours I have, now onto the general overview stuff. I like the little glass pots that the, errr, paint comes in, I think it is very nifty and sturdy and I am not afraid that they will get abused or broken when I travel. Each pot contains 5 grams of product which does not sound like alot but these last so long, a little really does go a long way. I've only had to repurchase Painterly once so far, and I will repurchase again. I prefer this to other cream based primer products that I use- including the Urban Decay Primer Potion, Maybelline Color Tattoos, ELF Cream Eyeshadows, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and Eyeshadow Bases etc. They never crease, my eyeshadow sticks to them and they are not impossibly difficult to remove at the end of the day.

The only con I have really is the very limited colour selection available- even though I love my neutrals, I think the selections are lacking a bit in colour variety. I wouldn't change the colours I have for anything but I imagine there would be quite a taking if there were more colours available.

I hope this was helpful and if you are looking for a way to spend some vouchers after Christmas, I strongly recommend giving one of the MAC Paint Pots a try. If you do, drop back and let me know what you think



  1. Dying to get my hands on painterly .. DYING

  2. I've had my Painterly since April of 2012- it's still going strong! I got Constructivist for Christmas and have been using it daily as well :)

    Emily x

  3. Donna, you really need Painterly in your life, it is a gift!

    Emily- I know, they last the longest time, it's brilliant! :) Constructivist is unreal, like one of my favourite bases!

  4. painterly is a god xo

  5. I have painterly and I use it daily, such a good product! I am very tempted to get some more shades now! Great post, following your blog now! :)

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