Thursday, 10 January 2013

MUA 35% off Haul- first impressions!

Hello all!

So a few weeks back, MUA held a 35% off and free shipping extravaganza to celebrate reaching 35,000 fans on Facebook, and I placed an order for a few of the newer items to try them out. The website experienced such a surge that it crashed, but as soon as it came online again, I got my order in double quick, and it took just over one week to arrive which is great considering the pressure they must have been under. 

I ordered two cream blushes in "Blossom" and "Bittersweet" and my first impressions of these are not great. They don't swatch very well and I tried one on my face and it felt a bit greasy. I don't think they are that pigmented, I don't like the packaging, I just don't have much interest in these, but to be honest, I didn't have the highest hopes. Still at just over £1 a pop during the promotion, I won't be crying over them! I would like to make them work for me and I might resort to trying these on my lips if I cannot get them to work as blushes.

I also picked up an Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in "Smooch" and a Sheer Lip Gloss in "Happy Days", both of which will look nice over lipstick I believe. The Intense Kisses gloss is packed with fine glitter but it doesn't feel grainy on the lips, and the sheer gloss is sheer but it is perfect for layering over a lipstick- there is no glitter, these are just true glosses. The formula is very thin so these will probably need to be reapplied several times over the course of a night.

I had to try out the Nail Constellations- I selected the shade "Libra" because that is my starsign even though I don't particularly think it was the prettiest one. It consists of little black and aqua balls and you apply these over a thick coat of nail varnish and press them on and let them set. I decided to try to have one accent nail the other day but by the end of the day, I didn't have a bead left, so even though they are very pretty, I don't know how well I will fare with these guys! But they are so pretty, I will definitely try them again.

I also picked up one of their magnetic polishes in "Park Lane" which I am completely disappointed with- it just went on as a red nail varnish, I cannot see how this is magnetic when the magnetic on the top of the bottle had no effect on the finish of the polish. Bit of a non-event unforch. I also got one of their new £1 nail varnishes in the shade 'Plum' because if I am coral crazy in the summer months, I am definitely obsessed with plum in the winter, and this is a really nice purple/plum shade. I will feature a NOTD with this colour soon.

I picked up the Shimmer Kisses Bronzer and Blusher also, and whilst they definitely are not the most pigmented shadows I have ever tried, the bronze in particular is a very pretty shades for pale skinned folk like myself. 

I also purchased the Extreme Felt Liner in "Black" which is the MUA version of a felt lip eyeliner pen. I have an Essence one that I am loving at the moment- I took it to France with me and I use it on days when I am too lazy to apply my preferred cream eyeliner. Straight off the bat, this is not as pigmented as my Essence one- it's a more watered down black colour which I am not very impressed with- but admittedly I have not put this near my eyes yet so it might be a completely different kettle of fish then. I try to use one eyeliner pens up before using new ones because they dry up like nobody's business but I will of course post a more detailed review once I have given it a fair try.

So that's all from my haul this time around- like I said, I just wanted to test a few things out. I love MUA as a brand, some of their palettes are amazing and their shadows are extremely pigmented and soft, their £1 lipsticks are amazing as are their individual shadows and nail polishes. I'm looking forward to playing with these bits more over the coming weeks and reporting back on my findings!

Did anybody else avail of the 35% off code from MUA or does anybody have any must have product recommendations for the 50% off and free shipping over they will hold once they reach 50,000 fans on Facebook?

Thanks for reading! x


  1. Oh darn, I got a cream blush too but hadn't tried it out yet! I guess we can just use them as lipsticks like you said :)

    1. Sometimes when I first get a product, I am not impressed and cast it aside until a later date when I am determined to make it work for me somehow! That day will come I am sure :) Let me know how you get on with yours, you might inspire me! :) x

  2. I can't believe you dislike their cream blushes, I'm loving them and I'm not the biggest fan of cream blushes xx but I love that you did a mini review of everything loved reading it ash! xx

    1. There is hope for me yet Dyna, I haven't given up completely on them! I just need to build up the enthusiasm I think! :) I think it takes me a while to accept new products into my make up family!! :D x

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