Tuesday, 29 January 2013

MAC Glamourdaze Limited Edition Extra Dimension Skinfinish in 'Superb' - Review and Swatches

Hi everybody!

You may remember a few months back that I blogged about my trip to France and the wonders that I encountered when I was over there (if you didn't read it or forgot, check out my massive haul here). One of the treasures I picked up was this MAC Limited Edition Extra Dimension Skinfinish in 'Superb' from the Glamourdaze Collection. I was pretty lucky to be able to grab this- the girl in MAC told me it was the last one they had and that the other powder in the range, Whisper of Gilt, was sold out also. 

As you can see, the packaging is typical of what you would expect of a MAC Powder, except you get a glossy black compact with a transparent lid instead of the usual matte black. The face of the powder is very decorate, and it almost looks like it has a mousse texture, when in fact it is a finely milled powder.

The product itself is very hard to describe. Colour wise, at first I was inclined to say it is a light bronze colour, I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was exactly. Then I realised that it reminds me of rose gold jewellery, so I guess I would say it's rose gold coloured. Sometimes, I get a hint of peachiness to it, sometimes a warm pink, it's very hard to describe but then again, baring in mind that this is an extra dimensional product, maybe that's what the maestros at MAC had in mind when they made this beauty.

I find the finish of this to be a little more metallic than I would like, and the colour unfortunately is not for me because I am deathly pale. I think I will only be able to use this after Cocoa Browning myself beforehand. On a definite plus, this lasts ages on the skin, and I am used to topping up my makeup every few hours- I could not fault the colour payoff or lasting power in the slightest. 
Overall, I like but I don't love it, I feel like it is just a smidge too bronzey for my pale skin. Such a pity because it is such a beautiful product!

(Blended out on the left, heavily swatched on the right)

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  1. I love the Whisper of Gilt one, I got this one for Christmas too, and it is a little too dark :( But hopefully I can use it during the Summer when I have a bit of colour! :)


    1. Thanks Emily, seems we are both too pale! At least you will get a colour over the summer- I go red, then pink, then freckled and back to white !! The Whisper of Gilt one looked beautiful x

  2. Great review!
    Love its texture!
    I think you can use it during summer!:)


    1. Thank you, I am hopeful! It's so pretty I have to make it work!

  3. the color is really gorgeous! even though it might look abit dark on your skin, but when you apply a little bit it still looks amazing :D

    xo; L&M


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