Thursday, 3 January 2013

January Sales Haul

Hi everybody! 

Usually the January sales are my favourite shopping experience of the year but this year I was very disappointed. Admittedly, I left it very late to hit the shops this year and I only managed to reach the Crescent Shopping Centre in Limerick today for some retail therapy. The shops were crazy and I wasn't really in the mood for fighting off other eager beaver shoppers like myself so I didn't pick up too much. I was quite disappointed by some of my favourite haunts- I love picking up suits in the Next sale but there was not one matching jacket and trousers/skirt to be had and nothing else clothes-wise caught my eye. River Island wasn't floating my boat, nor was H&M and a few other places I was looking forward to. I had €350 in One for All vouchers to spend and I just couldn't believe how uninspired I was by the sales.

What I did pick up in the sales so far include:

Two pairs of shoes from Next- As I said, I went into Next to pick up some smart clothes for work but nothing clothes wise caught my eye. I did pick up two pairs of heels for work. I went for a pair of black square topped heels and some cream pointy heels. I have a small foot (size 3) and I find it quite hard to get work appropriate shoes- heel not too high and comfortable for getting around the office or running any errands in. My most loved and most worn pair of heels came from Next so I said I would stock up. The black heels were €19 (reduced from € 42) and the cream ones were €15 (reduced from €39).

Black fur collar from A-Wear- I had been eyeing this up all winter but I just didn't want to spend €22 on it. Snapped it up today for a fiver so I was chuffed with myself! I will get much use out of this I am sure, I love furry cuffs and collars and I can't wait to try it out.

Furry iPhone Cover from Claire's Accessories- I am always constantly routing through my bag looking for my phone so when my 13 year old sister pulled me into Claire's Accessories, I spied this out of the corner of my eye and for a mere €2, it was mine. It kind of screams Legally Blonde but I like it and that's all that matters! :)

Neon 'Pop' Jumper- This was completely an impulse buy from Penneys because I was not very taken with anything else they had in the store today and I can never leave without picking up something!! This was €7 reduced from €15 and I deliberately got a size too big so that it was nice and warm and comfy for lounging around in. I have actually been wearing this all evening and I am snug as a bug so it was a good investment! It will probably lose all shape when it goes for a wash but time will tell. I am not really a slogans or neons girl so I feel like I have also taken a tentative leap forward brandishing a neon orange 'POP' when I wear this!

Inglot-  A trip to the Crescent SC without calling into Inglot is like, going to Mass and not getting Communion! I couldn't resist and it took all my strength to restrain myself to just a few items. I picked up an amazing red lipstick (#181) for €7.50 (normally €13) and three single round eyeshadows  (Pearl #425 and AMC Shine # 25 and 26) for €6 each (normally €12 each). I know I probably have colours identical to these already either in my Inglot palettes or some other form, but I love Inglot shadows and I know I will use these to the death (aka when I hit pan!). 

So it wasn't a major shopping expedition for me so far, and I don't know if I will bother with the sales again next year. I probably will have a peek around Dublin and especially Dundrum when I get back to normality next week (how fast did Christmas go!?!). 

As a matter of interest, has anybody else found the sales this year to be more than a little disappointing or am I just blind? Also, I would love to hear if anybody came across an absolute find in the January sales rummage!

Thanks for reading xxx


  1. The sales were a total disappointment for me this year as well! Maybe because the sales started back in November! Love those Inglot eyeshadows!

    1. They started in NOVEMBER??? Explains so much! I was really miffed, I've been to all my favourite shops and all I can see is tatt! :( Boo! x

  2. I got a few bits in the sale this year. Love the jumper, and total core on the fur collar yay! x

    1. Lol I kinda feel like Cruella de Ville with the faux fur colour but I love it, it spruces up a simple long black cardigan. They still had some on Henry St when I was in there last if you are in town and looking x

  3. I love everything, those black shoes are so classy love'em. You did well :D

    1. Aw thanks Sarah, and they are actually surprisingly comfy too as far as work shoes go! x

  4. I adore that jumper it is so cute!
    Here's my River Island January Sales haul if you would like to check it out! :)


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