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Catrice Limited Edition Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties Review and swatches

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As I have already mentioned a few times, I am a sucker for limited edition ranges and Catrice is one of my favourite affordable brands. It should be a no brainer that I love every Catrice LE line that comes out, but truth be told- alot of them do nothing for me. I didn't rate the Cucuba range and the neon colours of the Coolibri collection have been haunting me at every Catrice display unit that I encounter. I was beginning to lose all enthusiasm for the limited edition lines, until I spied the new Hollywood's Fabulous 40Ties line on the website a few weeks back, I knew I had to get my mitts on this. I can honestly say there has never been a limited edition line from Catrice that has swung me so much as this one has, it's right up my street. I was unable to pick up one of the eyeshadow quads and one of the nail polishes during my hunt and I had no interest in any of the eyebrow products or that super glossy gloss (now if it was a doe-foot applicator, I might have succumbed!) but the rest of the bits I managed to pick up have become staples in my everyday makeup over the Christmas season. I think they are just the most beautiful, feminine colours and I think that all the pieces I have so far are very complimentary against my colouring, hair, and even the clothes I wear. It's like this collection was tailor made for my taste.

This is where I originally spied the collection, and I always keep an eye out on the Catrice website for the newest LE ranges : http://www.catrice.eu/limited-edition/hollywoods-fabulous-40ties.html

So onto the goodies.

Eyeshadow Quad in 'She's a Lady'

As I mentioned, there were two quads in this line, but in all the Catrice displays that I visited, I was only able to locate one of them, the more neutral of the pair. The packaging is pretty much the same of the standard eyeshadow quads available in their permanent lines, but it is decorated with beautiful pink and purple flowers as you can see from the picture. I love the packaging- it's sturdy, transparent, pretty and doesn't come with those insulting little eyeshadow applicators! The colours themselves in this palette are beautiful matte neutral shades- perfect for pale skinned maidens like myself. They are finely milled, and when I topped them over MAC Painterly, they lasted a whole day. You can use them individually or together to define your crease, and it's the handiest little palette for creating neutral eye looks on the go because it is so darn portable. I have no doubt but that I will get alot of use out of this and at less than a fiver, this is a good value buy.

Multi Colour Blush in 'Gone with the Wind'


There was just the one blush in this LE, but it is a beauty. It's a beautiful rosy coral colour, absolutely perfect for a healthy looking flush on the cheeks. Again, packaging similar to permanent line but it is nicely decorated with the girly red flower detail. Again, I find this so flattering on my pale skin and I have worn it so much over the Christmas already. I also love that it shows up completely matte on the cheeks. It was only €4.49 and well worth every cent.

As you can see from the swatch on top, this is the blush swatched heavily. Below is a lighter swatch but you can clearly see how pigmented this blush is.

The blush has a completely matte finish, is quite finely milled. The texture in the pan is very buttery soft and can be very powdery, but nothing that a tap of the brush cannot resolve.

Also, the little specks on the blush that you can see in the picture above has little flecks of white and red in the pan but these have been fading consistently with use. I don't think they affect the colour or finish of the blush in any case.

Velvet Lip Colour in 'Rose Butler', 'Holly Rose Wood', 'Marlene's Favourite' and 'The Nude Scene'

Now these were the finds, I am going to repurchase all of these because these are amazing. Firstly, the texture is amazing- smooth and creamy, they are not drying or sticky on the lips and they do not budge but fade nicely to a tint instead of disappearing, velvetly smooth with a matte finish but not a drying matte a la MAC matte lipsticks (Ruby Woo I mean you!) The colours again must have been tailor made for me. 'Rose Butler' has been my Christmas red lip of choice. 'Holly Rose Wood' is an epic dusty rosy pink, perfect for daytime or night time looks in my opinion. 'Marlene's Favourite' is a beautiful pink coral which I will probably use more coming into the spring and summer and 'The Nude Scene' is a lovely peachy nude which I would probably team with a pink gloss in the spring or summer. I also think because of the matte finish of the nude that it might be a good nude to put under a different more vibrant lipstick for a different colour effect. For the quality of the product and the quality of the packaging, I think these are a steal at €4.49 each.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 'Holly Rose Wood'. 'Marlene's Favourite', 'The Nude Scene' and 'Doris' Darling'

Again, there are five colours in the collection but I have not yet been able to source the shade 'Rose Butler'- the search continues so I live in hope. Still, I have four more to play with. I really didn't need new nail polishes, I have too many as it is, but I think that my level of impressedness with this LE range was so high that it warranted forking out the extra couple of yoyos, and let's face it, at €2.79 a pop, these are not going to break the bank. I will get around to doing NOTD for each colour so you can see it properly swatched but for now, I'll just briefly describe the colours and you can check the photo also for your reference. 'Holly Rose Wood' is a lovely rosy pink, not fuchsia or a hot pink, but more of a classic cool toned deep pink. 'Marlene's Favourite' is a lovely coral similar to 'Pimp My Shrimp' by Catrice. 'The Nude Scene' is a gorgeous pink nude colour and 'Doris' Darling' is a purple, not quite plum, not quite violet, but somewhere in the middle. I have high hopes for this because all my experiences of Catrice nail polishes have been good so far.

So that's it for this haul/ review. I would love to hear how other people have found this LE, especially in relation to the previous offerings. Also, to any of you with access to a Catrice stand that stocks this, you should definitely pick some up before it disappears! 

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  1. I love catrice! Great review X

    1. I'm a Catrice Addict too so glad I am not alone! Thanks for reading x

  2. Love Catrice nail polishes, I will have to try their lipsticks now x

    1. I love all of their lipsticks but the formula of these limited edition ones is so smooth and velvety and matte- definitely my fave Catrice lippies- you actually NEED them in your life Yaz! :)

  3. Ah, I went and bought this too : ) came in very handy for my theatrical make up exam. Tbh I loved the lipsticks the best, I don't think I've seen similar colour elsewhere except for the art deco dita von teese stuff

    p.s. Hi I'm Kim, a student MUA based in Cavan


  4. oh my god ! you are so lucky that you have found out about those in time, i managed to find last bits of those (somewhere in may i think) and i`m so angry with myself i couldnt get the whole thing i hope they will make another collection like this one, i have The nude scene nail polish (that i`m crazy about i wear it with mat top coat) and my most favorite Holly Rose Wood lipstick ! :)


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