Friday, 7 December 2012

NOTD- Essence 'Chic Reloaded'

Hi everybody, 

I have a very special NOTD today for y'all- one of my most favourite nail polish colours that I have ever had the privilege of owning. It's called 'Chic Reloaded' and is one of the new formulation Essence nail polishes. 

Words cannot convey how prrrretty this colour is. So I took about 20 photos to try to illustrate.

It's kind of a multichromatic aubergine colour that looks purple/green/teal/blue/grey under different lights. Also sometimes I feel like I can see a tinge of pinky/red tones. From a distance it looks like a dark purple but up close and personal, it really is so multifaceted this it would probably make you dizzy.

I love this colour for this time of the year and I do not own anything quite like this with this combination. I think it is exquisite and I want to buy back ups so I will have this colour forever. 

 I also love the formulation- 2 coats and this is completely opaque and the actual nail polish itself is a gel like consistency so colour payoff is absolutely maximised. It dries quickly, it lasts well with my top coat of choice (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails) and I haven't experienced any issues with bubbling between coats. I just cannot do justice with these photos.

You need this in your life and as far as I know, it's still on Essence stands at the moment.

Thanks for reading x

Monday, 3 December 2012

L'Oréal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipsticks- my collection, review and swatches

Hello all!

Today I have another bit of a collective post for you. I didn't purchase these lipsticks all in the same day- I tried one, loved it, picked up another, and another, and you know how it goes. Soon before you know it you have seven different colours! These have been available for the last few months.

(L-R: Lovely Rose, Sweet Berry, Dating Coral, Impulsive Fuchsia, Rock'n'Mauve, Aphrodite Scarlet and Rebel Red)

L'Oreal claim:

Don't just stroke your lips, Caresse them. Lips say yes to this Caresse. A flutter of kissably soft light-

weight feeling colour. Its delicate texture glides onto lips creating a veil of colour with a luminous 

shine. Available in 10 bright and eye catching shades.

I love a strong pop of colour on the lips- but sometimes it's hard to maintain lipstick over the course of a busy day. What I love about these lipsticks is the fact that they are pigmented and buildable so you can achieve whatever finish you want, but they are also really soft and moisturising on the lips without being slippy and sliding off all over your lower face! I love the fact that they are not opaque but the more you put on, the opaquer the colour gets, and they feel really light on the lips too. They fade to a tint which is nice- overall semi matte, and last about three hours before they start to fade (not disappear). You definitely get more coverage than a gloss, but less than a lipstick.

These are celebrated dupes of the Dior Addict extremes, but at €12 each, they are more suited to those of us who like to lead a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. I think there are about ten shades on offer altogether. These have been likened to the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters alot but in my opinion, there is no comparison. I have 2 lip butters and neither of them set my world on fire really- I never find myself reaching for them, and I don't really have any huge ambition to purchase any more of them. The Revlon lip butters are alot softer than these and about equally as pigmented, and I imagine they will last longer before needing to repurchase also. These are perfect for this colder winter months when our lips are quite sensitive (my lips chap like crazy in cold weather given half the chance).

The packaging of these is really sturdy also- little clear bullets with stickets corresponding with the colour on the bottom and the tops are also colour co-ordinated which makes it really handy to pick a colour quickly. I personally like to store them sticker side up. The top fits on really nicely and provided the lip colour is wound all the way down, the lip doesn't catch or scratch the colour. They don't have a particular scent or taste on the lips. They are also so easy to reapply on the go without access to a mirror which is a major plus in my mind also.

As for the colours that I have picked out:

Lovely Rose- as the name suggests, this is a lovely rosey pink colour which looks really natural on the lips- kind of like a baby lips colour. Perfect daytime colour.

Sweet Berry- a slightly pinky/brown berry colour- perfect for this time of year.

Dating Coral- as the name suggests, this is a lovely coral colour- absolutely perfect for summer. This was the first colour from the range that I picked out and the one that got me hooked.

Impulsive Fuchsia- one of my favourites of the bunch- I love this for the colour and the way it gives a nice pop, but also this fades into a really nice tint as the hours pass by, and it is super easy to reapply.

Rock'n'Mauve- I was a little bit intimidated by this before I swatched it on my hand but when I did, I loved the purple/pink colour, and I think it is very striking against my cool toned, pale skin. I don't really have a colour like this, and it is nice to have a moisturising shade like this.

Aphrodite Scarlet- this is a red-pink colour, and I absolutely love it, right up my street! Again perfect for a daytime red lip- Lord knows red lips can be difficult to maintain at the best of times! Not opaque but pigmented enough for me.

Rebel Red- this is a truer red than Aphrodite Scarlet and also perfect for a daytime red lip. I love that you can easily get away without paring this with a lip liner.

(L-R: Rebel Red, Aphrodite Scarlet, Rock'n'Mauve, Impulsive Fuchsia, Dating Coral, Sweet Berry, Lovely Rose)

I love these- I definitely prefer them to the Revlon lip butters, and I think these are absolutely ideal for a daytime lip. Even though I am very happy with the shades I have, I can see myself picking up some more of these in the not too distant future, and that's about the highest compliment that I can pay to a lipstick!

Have you tried any of these colours? And if so, which one do you think I should try next?

Thanks for reading!

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