Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Self Heating Face Mask - Review

Hi everyone,

Today I have a different post up my sleeve. I don't usually post about skincare but I have really been embracing it in the last few months because I have realised my skin has multiple personalities and I have been trying to accommodate them! I wasn't a huge fan of Soap & Glory originally but the line has definitely grown on me and I've been using lots of bits and pieces. 

The product I am talking about today is the rather longwindedly titled No Clogs Allowed- Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask. That's a mouthful right there if ever there was one. According to the box, this product features 1-minute Hot Poreclear Technology- is that actually a real technology?! It promises to rid your face of blackheads.

The general idea is that you apply a grape sized amount of this on your face and scrub it until it changes colour- from white to blue- and when it changes colour, this alleged Poreclear technology is activated. Pretty smart right? Then leave it for 3-5 minutes and sponge it off using the little pink sponge included for a squeaky clean.

I couldn't begin to describe my skin in one mere paragraph- but mostly, I go from having an oily T-zone to dry patches, particularly on my forehead. If I get a spot, it'll be on my chin 99% of the time. When I am having a dry phase, my skin would be completely parched and I would find that my make up looks flaky. I do have sensitive skin- I cannot use certain products like Johnsons Fragrance Free baby wipes on my face (they burn the face off me!) so I am always a bit wary of trying something new. But you only live once right? (I know, I'm a rebel!)

I was very pleasantly impressed with this product- even though truth be told, I was looking to poke fun at it. It applies really nicely, it's not too thick in consistency and you can feel the little beads as you apply it. It doesn't dry out or go hard on the face, but it most definitely is self heating. It doesn't burn but it was a stronger sensation than what I was expecting, and actually, I find it very refreshing to rinse this off and then spray La Roche Posay Eau Thermale on your face for a really clean fresh face before bed (my favourite time to wash my face!). The cream itself is not messy and it's not difficult to remove, especially with that dandy French sponge made from 100% natural biodegradable cellulose.

I have used this now about five times over the course of three weeks, and either I am going through a good skin phase at the moment, or this is helping out. I've also been trying other products so I cannot say that definitively. It does contain salicylic acid which might be the reason. It is a really nice product to put on your face as far as self heating, pore unclogging masks go, and I really like the fresh, zingy fragrance- not the usual Soap & Glory waft that would knock a horse! I am terrible at describing smells but I would submit that it's kind of a lemony-minty smell. 

Bottom line: I do really like this, and I would repurchase it. I cannot remember exactly how much it was but I think it was around the €15 mark from Boots. If you're skin has a split personality like mine, give it a whirl.

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  1. wow that sounds so cool, i never even knew you could get self heating things for your face!!

  2. It's a very strange but nice sensation, I have tried a Montagne Jeunesse Self Heating one before too- it was some sort of stress relief one I think? I know I sound like my mother, but the things they think of these days!! :)


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