Monday, 12 November 2012

Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes- Review and Swatches

Hello all!

Today I have a review of three cream blushes that I have been loving recently from Revlon. I should probably start off by admitting that I am not a huge fan of cream blushes because I have never really had any cream blushes before that I found were really workable. These caught my eye in Boots a few weeks back, I bought one to begin with the see what the consistency was like, and in the following weeks I went back and picked up the other two. I am loving these and I use them pretty much every day.

There are three colours available- Pinched (100), Flushed (200) and Coral Reef (300). Not all three shades are available in every Boots store so it is worth keeping this in mind. They cost €11.20 each. They all have a really lightweight formula and they blend like a dream, pretty much drying to a powder finish. I apply using my fingers and then buff out with a kabuki. These are also quite sheer and buildable, which I am sure appeals to many- they are definitely not as vibrant as they look in the pot. The texture and finish is semi-matte and it leaves more of a natural flush. I also like the way the formula is very lightweight- it does not feel cakey or heavy and it has not wreaked havoc with my sensitive skin.

 (L-R: Pinched, Flushed, Coral Reef)

Pinched is a peachy pink naturalish blush, and I find this is hard to get to show up on my skin. I have to apply several layers and even then, I almost feel compelled to top it up with powder blush. Pretty but  if it barely shows up on my porcelain skin, I don't know how it would fare with darker skintones.

Flushed is my favourite out of the three- it a beautiful pink, not as bright or vibrant in the pot as it is when it's blended out on your cheeks, it leaves the healthiest looking flush of colour on your cheeks, and I love it for that. I'll definitely repurchase this one.

Coral Reef was the newest addition to my collection because I found this quite difficult to track down. 
As the name suggests, it is a lovely coral peachy colour, again not as pigmented as it looks in the pot, but nicely buildable nonetheless. I love this for a healthy flush of colour when I am not wearing pink- it kind of gives off the impression that you have just come in out of the cold air and your cheeks are flushed. 

 (L-R: Pinched, Flushed, Coral Reef)

Natural daylight, heavily swatched

 (L-R: Pinched, Flushed, Coral Reef)


I really like these and I think they are worthwhile additions to my collection. They are a great formula, I  personally prefer that they are light to begin with and buildable. I love Flushed and have been using it loads since I got it, and I also really like Coral Reef. Whilst Pinched is a lovely colour in the pot, I just find this is too hard to build up on my pale skin.

Have any of you tried these before and how did you find them? Do you think that Revlon will release any new colours soon?

Thanks for reading :)


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  2. i haven't tried them yet but flushed looks really pretty!


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