Monday, 19 November 2012

Make Up For Ever Haul

Hi all, 

I have a small-ish haul today for y'all. It was quite an unexpected haul also. I'll elaborate. I called into the Make Up For Ever store on Clarendon Street two months ago to pick out foundations armed with €180 worth of Pigsback vouchers, and even though I spent ages browsing and was colour matched, they were completely out of stock in practically every colour. Anything I picked up in the shop was out of stock. I was very depressed and vowed I would only return once the shop was restocked- they were expecting a mega order from Paris. I called into the store a few times, called the store a few times and even asked on their Facebook page, and last night whilst I was reeling in X Factor shock, I got a message on Facebook from MUFE telling me that the order from Paris had finally arrived. So, needless to say, I hotfooted it into town today and picked up a few bits and pieces I've been dying to try. 

In general, I think MUFE is a really expensive line and it definitely wouldn't be my all time favourite brand or anything near it. I have some MUFE cosmetics already- a few lipsticks, powder blush, HD blushes, Uplight and Aqua Creams, eye pencils and lip pencils. I like everything that I have but I don't love it, and often I find it hard to justify the price of MUFE cosmetics against any other brand. I don't mind forking out for more expensive cosmetics if I feel like they can be justified. MUFE had a flurry of deals on sites like Grabone and Pigsback and I picked up some vouchers because honestly, I just wouldn't pay full price here for any of their products. 

HD High Definition Foundation

I have heard a lot about the HD foundations and I picked up two different shades to try out- 110 and 115. These are probably the two palest shades in the shop but I liked the consistency in the shop so I said I would pick it up. When I swatched the Face and Body foundation, I was not at all happy with the consistency or the finish, but the HD was impressive- obviously as I picked up two! At €39.50 each, these are definitely at the upper end of the scale and I have high expectations of these!!

HD High Definition Primer

I also picked up the HD primer in the shade 0 to compliment the foundations. Admittedly, I hardly ever use primer under my foundation these days, I keep meaning to but it never seems to happen! There were several different shades but I picked out the generic transparent gel like one. Again, at €31, it's not cheap, so again, my expectations are very high!

HD High Definition Invisible Cover Concealer

The very friendly girl in the shop recommended this to me even though I wasn't particularly looking for a highlighter today. I swatched it on my hand and was impressed with the mousse like consistency blending it out. I have been told this will cover a multitude of sins. I have the shade 310. This would set you back €27.50.

Sculpting Kit

I've been practising contouring now for the longest time, and I have found it very hard to find a cool toned contour colour. The girl in the shop recommended this to me- she said she uses this all the time and she also takes a 110 in the HD Foundation so she's equally as pale as me. The darker colour is a nice light cool brown and the lighter is a highlighting powder which is completely shimmerless and sheenless to my eye. They look like they might have a little bit of sheen in the pan but I think they are pretty matte swatched. This costs €35.

Aqua Cream

I already have a pearly white one of these and I love it, and this lilac one caught my eye in the store, and when I swatched it, I fell for it. It's a beautiful lilac with a silver sheen. The Aqua Cream range are waterproof and designed to be used on the eyes or lips, but I probably wouldn't use a cream product like this on my lips. A little goes a long way and I think this would last for ages. This is in the Shade 18 and costs €21.50.

That's my haul for today- like I said, I don't often shop with Make Up For Ever because I think pretty much everything is overpriced for what you get. I have never been blown away by any of their lipsticks or anything else I have tried so far, but like I said, I have high expectations for the new HD products that I picked up. I'll give 'em a whirl anyways and report back on my findings in due course. 

I'd just be interested to know- is there any MUFE product you can't live without? Does anybody else think it's a bit overpriced for what you get? 

Thanks for reading x


  1. Wish MUFE was more readily available! Enjoy your goodies! :)

    1. Thanks! Actually Orla I might have good news for you- now that they are restocked again, the girls in Dublin will be selling MUFE online- the shop is under construction but I was told today it'll be live by the end of the week- keep an eye on! x

    2. Oohh...that's fantastic! Now just need to sort out some, err, 'funding' issues! :)


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