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Inglot Bloggers Event + haul

Hello all!

Firstly, apologies for not posting in a while- the last few months have literally been a whirlwind- I have moved up to Dublin, started my apprenticeship as a trainee solicitor, started my PPC course and just generally trying to get my life in order- it has been hectic! I have of course been picking up a few bits and pieces in the meantime and I have oodles of ideas for new blog posts in the near future, so please bear with me folks! 

Anyways, to get to business. Last Tuesday night, I had the absolute privilege of attending the first ever Inglot Bloggers Event in the flagship Inglot store in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. It was an amazing night and I jumped at the chance to attend, particularly given how Inglot has fast become one of my all time favourite brands since I moved up to Dublin. I have a nice little stash of products to review for another day.

The event was to celebrate the brand new products in store for the festive season, including the Metallic Nail Enamels, Rainbow Eyeshadows and the new 14 piece brush set. There was a whole bunch of us bloggers cooing and oohing at all the beautiful booty laid out in the store. 

The Metallic Nail Enamels were at the back of the store when I walked in but they caught my eye immediately. The metallic nail trend is absolutely huge this winter as evidenced by offerings from both Chanel and Tom Ford to name a few and Inglot came up trumps with this collection. There is something so decadently festive also about metallic nails, perfect for any time of year! The colours are just stunning shades of gold, silver and bronze, and trust me when I say you need one of these in your life. My favourite in the collection is shade # 225, a really striking bronze colour. These bad boys retail for just €10 each - impressive considering you get 15 ml of product.

Along with the nail enamels, Inglot have also released a new range of Rainbow Shadows. These are sure to be a huge hit in my eyes- not least because you get three eyeshadows for the price of one with these beauts, but they are equally as pigmented and buttery as the other Freedom Shadows that I own (i know this because I swatched all 30 colours on the night!). These cost just €8 each and fit into the Freedom Palettes so you could pick up all 10 shadows in a palette for just €88...hell yes! I picked up 5 on the night but I am lusting after the other 5 so watch this space, I just think these are so versatile and portable, I love the Freedom palette system and these colours are incredible- I have been playing with my palette non-stop for the last couple of days and I am just dumbfounded by the endless number of colour combinations and different looks to try. These should definitely be included on the list to Santa!

Another offering is the new 14 piece brush set that comes in a very dainty bag emblazoned with the Inglot logo. This set pretty much contains all you need to create almost any look- brushes include:
  1. Large fluffy goat hair brush- ideal for applying setting powder all over the face.
  2. Angled goat hair brush- perfect for highlighting and contouring
  3. Soft eye shadow pony hair brush- great for blending eyeshadow
  4. Medium sized eye shadow sable brush - slightly stiffer brush so ideal for packing on colour
  5. Small lip nylon brush- ideal for applying lip colour
  6. Concealer nylon brush- perfect for flawless concealer application
  7. Small fan nylon brush- ideal for sweeping away any fallout
  8. Small round domed pony hair brush- perfect for creating a smokey eye look by putting colour on crease
  9. Small eyeliner sable brush- perfect for flicks and cat eyes
  10. Long lip sable brush- great control for application of lip products
  11. Fine haired nylon eyeliner brush- great control over liquid, gel and cream eyeliners
  12. Dense large goat hair brush- perfect for blush on the apples of your cheeks
  13. Foundation Brush with taklon bristles- promises a flawless foundation finish
  14. Small angled nylon brush- team this with your favourite eyeshadow to line your eyes
If you are looking for a professional quality piece of kit, then look no further. This set is €150 which is little over a tenner per brush, which is quite the bargain for professional make-up brushes. I picked up some individual brushes but I gave these a very thorough inspection on the night and I don't have enough good things to say about them- they are sturdy, sleek, perfectly proportioned and very sleek looking. One of the Inglot MUAs used these brushes in her demonstration on the night and we saw first hand how these can be used. 

We were very privileged to also be treated to a make up demonstration where the lovely Amy showcased a silver eye and gold eye look on the equally as lovely Rebecca, and she gifted us with the fruits of her expertise when it came to eyeshadow application, how to get perfect eyeliner, highlighting and contouring and fake lash application.

So what do you guys make of the new Inglot collection? Needless to say, along with the new products listed above, the regular favourites were also there for our perusal. If you have never been to an Inglot store before, check out these pics for an idea of how the store is laid out and how easy it is to swatch everything and get a feel for colours and textures before you buy.

Inglot have several stores around Ireland - including Dublin stores in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Dundrum Shopping Centre, Jervis Shopping Centre. For those of you living further south, try to get to the store in the Crescent Shopping Centre in Limerick or for those of you who are living further north, check out the store in Victoria Square in Belfast.

I said it at the start of this post already, but I adore Inglot. So much so I could not help myself but pick up a ton of goodies on the night- including 5 pan Rainbow Shadow palette, 4 pan Freedom palette with four beautiful autumnal shadows, a YMC Bronzer, an AMC Highlighting Powder, Lipstick in Shade 189, Lipliner in 856, Eyeliner Brush 31T, Lip Paint in 68, Lipstick in 63, Face Blush in 35, AMC Double Sparkle Eyeshadow in 466, 3 x Sleeks Cream Lip Paints in 98, 100 and 104, Nail Enamel in 225 and AMC eyeshadow in 62. I'll get around to swatching and reviewing these as soon as I get a chance to try them out. Here's a family photo of my haul on the night.

Many thanks to all the lovely ladies in the Inglot store in Blanchardstown, a great night was had by all, and it was fantastic to meet up with the other lovely ladies that I have been following religiously for years! That's all from me for now, but thanks for reading and I won't leave it as long to post again I promise! 



  1. Oh my dear god, you went mad!! You went absolutely bonkers! I envy you so much right now!!!! I wish I had got more!! Great post lovely :D

  2. Helllllssss woman u bought the store!!! I'm kicking myself I didn't buy more now looking at all your goodies. Cannot wait to see reviews and now doubt extend my wishlist ;-)

  3. wow girl you went CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol cant wait to see what you got :)

  4. I know ladies, I had a bit of a weakness on the night I think! No willpower to resist! ;P


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