Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Huge French haul- MAC, Nuxe, Nars, Caudalie, Bioderma, La Roche Posay and L'Occitane

Hi all!

As you may or may not know, I went to Paris last weekend for a college reunion and I picked up a few bits and pieces that I have been eyeing up for a long time. I lived in France for a few months when I was in university and whilst there, I quickly discovered that French skincare or French cosmetics are cheaper than they would be to purchase here, significantly in some cases! I have been trying my hardest to restrain myself for the last few months in anticipation of my holidays so I went a little bit mad alright but it's all sensible (or so I tell myself to feel better!). I picked up some cosmetics, skincare and even a smidgeen of haircare to keep me ticking over.

Firstly, I called to the airport in Dublin armed with €30 in vouchers and I picked up some MAC goodies that I have been lusting over for ages. I will include prices for comparative purposes- I deliberately try to contain myself to buying MAC only in the airport a few times a year, and so I make lists and compare prices to get the best value. I spent a day in the new MAC store on Henry Street swatching and making lists last week before I left so if you have any flights booked soon and are looking to pick up some MAC, I suggest you do the same because there are definitely savings to be had.

MAC Paint Pots

I picked up three of these for €15.58 each in Dublin Airport- I think they are about €19 in BT. I have been long lusting after these colours and I just adore the paint pots as bases, primers or even lazy day eyeshadows! These last for ages too so I think of them as investments.

MAC Eyeshadows in Nylon and Phloof!

Usually I buy my MAC eyeshadows in pans and put them into palettes but at €11.70 each, these are cheaper than pans and I can depot to put them towards my MAC empties collection for a Back to MAC lippie. I love lighter colours eyeshadows with a flick of liner and a dark lip and again, I'd been eyeing these up for ages.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes

I picked up two Mineralize Skinfinishes also- a limited edition Glamour Daze one in 'Superb' and a MSF in 'Soft and Gentle' because Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter inspired me. Soft and Gentle was €23.35 and the limited edition Superb was €22.70 but I paid €21.09 and €17.70 respectively with vouchers.

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

I have been using Studio Fix on and off again for years but I said I would finally bite the bullet and picked up some Studio Sculpt because some of my friends and fellow bloggers prefer this to the heavier, cakier Studio Fix formula. This is €35 in BT, €30.50 or thereabouts in the airport but with my vouchers I printed online I got it for €25.35. I got it in the shade NW15.

MAC Cremesheen and Lipglass Lipglosses

As I mentioned, I spent pretty much a whole day swatching in the new MAC store on Henry Street and these two shades caught my eye so I added them to the list. I got a Cremesheen in the shade 'Fashion Whim' and a Lipglass in 'Nymphette'. I paid €15.62 for the Cremesheen (normally €17.30 in the airport) and €13.72 for the Lipglass (normally €15.20)

 MAC Lipsticks

I couldn't resist picking out a few new lippies to add to my collection, and I have been seriously lusting after these three for quite some time. I find it hard to justify spending €18 on a single lipstick but with the vouchers, these only cost €12.70 each or €15.20 without a voucher. I picked up a Cremesheen in 'Creme Cup' which I have wanted for ages but couldn't justify paying €18 when it is so similar to Angel which I also own), an Amplified formula in 'Girl About Town' and a Matte in 'Please Me'. I know I will get so much use out of these colours.

I didn't bother picking out any perfumes or anything whilst I was in the duty free because I usually get a few bottles for Christmas and there was none that I really had my eye on to be honest.

One of my best friends got me a Sephora voucher for my birthday (he knows me so well!) so I popped into the magical haven of all things lovely and shiny on the Champs Elysées to pick up a few bits from Nars that I have wanted for ages.

Nars Lip Gloss in 'Turkish Delight'

It was so hard to try to convey to the Nars lady in Sephora that I wanted to purchase this colour- it was only until i said it with a French accent "tour-keesh dee-lite" that she understood what I was looking for, but all the pain was worth it, and I am completely sucked in by this colour already! I have been wearing it over Creme Cup and I really like the combination- as far as glosses go, this formula has really impressed me! It cost €25.

Nars Blush in 'Deep Throat'

This is another blush that I have been lusting after for ages, and I love the beautiful light pink/peachy/coraly tones of this blush. I think it would pretty much go with anything and leaves a really nice natural flush of colour on the cheeks. This cost €29 in Sephora.

The rest of the products I got are all skin care or hair care products, and I haven't gotten a chance to try everything properly yet so I cannot yet comment on how I find them or how they work. I will eventually get around to reviewing everything! I include prices because I think it's interesting- for example, both of the La Roche Posay products I picked up retail for €18 here in Ireland and cost just €12.70 each in France. Again, I just think it's useful for comparative purposes.

Caudalie Eau de Beauté 30 mls - €8.00

Nuxe Eau de Mousse Micellaire 50 mls - €7.20

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse 50 mls - €13.50


La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat 40 mls- €12.70

Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Nuit 50 mls- €24.20

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm 15 g - €11.10

La Roche Posay BB Cream in Light 40 mls- €12.70

Bioderma Créaline 500 ml- €11.00

L'Occitane Volumising Spray 100 mls - €17.05

So that's all my haul from France, I had an amazing few days with the bestest friends a girl could ask for and I picked up some treasures along the way. 

I hope this was useful for you and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate! 

Thanks for reading! x


Thursday, 22 November 2012

NOTD- Essence 'Do You Speak Love?'

Hello all! 

It's been an age since I did a NOTD post, which is ironic in itself because I am a nail varnish addict.

I feel naked if I have nothing on my nails, and I am very selective about what I actually wear on my nails.

I don't like certain colours- I have really small hands and I always keep my nails short (and no, I am not a biter!).

I love red nails in winter time especially, and what with Christmas being a few sleeps away, red is the colour of choice at the mo.

I have a million different reds but one that I am uber loving this month is Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in 'Do You Speak Love?'.

It's a beautiful rich red, very much a true red and I adore the colour sooooo much.

I know I lauded a heap of praise on Essence nail polishes just yesterday (if you missed it, click HERE), but the formulation of this was a dream. It was practically opaque after one coat, and I threw on another for good measure. It dried nice and quickly also.

I love this- colour, finish, durability. I have absolutely nothing to whinge about today. This will set you back €1.79 and AFAIK it's still available on stands so if you are looking for a Christmassy red, try this one!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Essence Nail Polishes- New vs. Old - The Review

Hello all! 

I have always been a fan of Essence nail polishes, but something happened in the last few months, and I spent so long getting my head around it, that I can only talk about how I feel about it now.

Essence changed the formulation and packaging of their nail polishes.

Oh yes. Big switch up. All change. 

And this is one change I am more than willing to accept!! HELL to the YES!

The new formulation of the Essence nail varnishes actually blows me away- it is a million times better than the last formulation (which wasn't all that bad anyways!). The new formulation is gel like, and one coat gives great coverage but two coats give ultimate opacity. Even though the actual liquid is very thick and gel like, it dries insanely fast and lasts insanely long. Also, the colour is so shiny and glossy- not just in the immediate aftermath when you put it on, but also the day after, and even the day after that! I feel like it looks fresh for ages where other nail varnishes start to chip or even get a bit dull or knackered looking.

The new bottles are bigger than the older bottles- they now contain 8 ml of product instead of 5 mls. They are 50 cent more expensive but that's no biggie. My Essie or OPI nail polishes don't hold a candle to this new formulation. 

The packaging was also reworked and now the polish sits under a pretty hat which is the same colour as the lacquer in the bottle! Clever no? I love this- my nail varnish drawer is my bottom drawer and I love being able to fling it open and see exactly what colours I have at a glance. ALSO, in another bout of marvellousness, the caps also indicate the finish of the polish- whether it is bold colour, whether it has chunky glitter or a fine glitter or a sheen- the cap completely accurately reflects what is in the bottle. Too cool for school!

The new brush is *AMAZING*- it's so wide it practically covers all my nail AND the bottom of the brush is kind of curved so it's really easy to avoid your cuticles and paint along the sides and tidy everything up (which for me is a feat in itself because I have shakier hands than Shakin' Steven). 

In spite of being insanely pigmented and lasting abnormally long- these come off like a dream with a cotton pad and my Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover (purple cap). 

And the best part of all?? These puppies will only cost you €1.79 each. Ridiculous but YAY! These are my favourite nail polishes- honestly this new formulation has blown me away and the vast range of colours makes my heart sing- I literally cannot resist picking up one of these any time I pass a stand! They are also bang on trend- they have amazing metallic shades available on stands now (I have a coin shiny silver in 'Icy Princess' and a super glittery gold in 'Go Bold!'- we have seen Chanel and Dior champion metallic nails on their runways and many other brands have released metallic nail varnishes- off the top of my head, I know Inglot have released five metallic shades in their Christmas collection.

I am going to build up my new pretty little Essence family, so expect to see LOADS more NOTDs (i promise I will get back into doing them again!) and I'll try to feature and review and swatch as many of these as I can. 

Thanks for reading! x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Self Heating Face Mask - Review

Hi everyone,

Today I have a different post up my sleeve. I don't usually post about skincare but I have really been embracing it in the last few months because I have realised my skin has multiple personalities and I have been trying to accommodate them! I wasn't a huge fan of Soap & Glory originally but the line has definitely grown on me and I've been using lots of bits and pieces. 

The product I am talking about today is the rather longwindedly titled No Clogs Allowed- Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask. That's a mouthful right there if ever there was one. According to the box, this product features 1-minute Hot Poreclear Technology- is that actually a real technology?! It promises to rid your face of blackheads.

The general idea is that you apply a grape sized amount of this on your face and scrub it until it changes colour- from white to blue- and when it changes colour, this alleged Poreclear technology is activated. Pretty smart right? Then leave it for 3-5 minutes and sponge it off using the little pink sponge included for a squeaky clean.

I couldn't begin to describe my skin in one mere paragraph- but mostly, I go from having an oily T-zone to dry patches, particularly on my forehead. If I get a spot, it'll be on my chin 99% of the time. When I am having a dry phase, my skin would be completely parched and I would find that my make up looks flaky. I do have sensitive skin- I cannot use certain products like Johnsons Fragrance Free baby wipes on my face (they burn the face off me!) so I am always a bit wary of trying something new. But you only live once right? (I know, I'm a rebel!)

I was very pleasantly impressed with this product- even though truth be told, I was looking to poke fun at it. It applies really nicely, it's not too thick in consistency and you can feel the little beads as you apply it. It doesn't dry out or go hard on the face, but it most definitely is self heating. It doesn't burn but it was a stronger sensation than what I was expecting, and actually, I find it very refreshing to rinse this off and then spray La Roche Posay Eau Thermale on your face for a really clean fresh face before bed (my favourite time to wash my face!). The cream itself is not messy and it's not difficult to remove, especially with that dandy French sponge made from 100% natural biodegradable cellulose.

I have used this now about five times over the course of three weeks, and either I am going through a good skin phase at the moment, or this is helping out. I've also been trying other products so I cannot say that definitively. It does contain salicylic acid which might be the reason. It is a really nice product to put on your face as far as self heating, pore unclogging masks go, and I really like the fresh, zingy fragrance- not the usual Soap & Glory waft that would knock a horse! I am terrible at describing smells but I would submit that it's kind of a lemony-minty smell. 

Bottom line: I do really like this, and I would repurchase it. I cannot remember exactly how much it was but I think it was around the €15 mark from Boots. If you're skin has a split personality like mine, give it a whirl.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Make Up For Ever Haul

Hi all, 

I have a small-ish haul today for y'all. It was quite an unexpected haul also. I'll elaborate. I called into the Make Up For Ever store on Clarendon Street two months ago to pick out foundations armed with €180 worth of Pigsback vouchers, and even though I spent ages browsing and was colour matched, they were completely out of stock in practically every colour. Anything I picked up in the shop was out of stock. I was very depressed and vowed I would only return once the shop was restocked- they were expecting a mega order from Paris. I called into the store a few times, called the store a few times and even asked on their Facebook page, and last night whilst I was reeling in X Factor shock, I got a message on Facebook from MUFE telling me that the order from Paris had finally arrived. So, needless to say, I hotfooted it into town today and picked up a few bits and pieces I've been dying to try. 

In general, I think MUFE is a really expensive line and it definitely wouldn't be my all time favourite brand or anything near it. I have some MUFE cosmetics already- a few lipsticks, powder blush, HD blushes, Uplight and Aqua Creams, eye pencils and lip pencils. I like everything that I have but I don't love it, and often I find it hard to justify the price of MUFE cosmetics against any other brand. I don't mind forking out for more expensive cosmetics if I feel like they can be justified. MUFE had a flurry of deals on sites like Grabone and Pigsback and I picked up some vouchers because honestly, I just wouldn't pay full price here for any of their products. 

HD High Definition Foundation

I have heard a lot about the HD foundations and I picked up two different shades to try out- 110 and 115. These are probably the two palest shades in the shop but I liked the consistency in the shop so I said I would pick it up. When I swatched the Face and Body foundation, I was not at all happy with the consistency or the finish, but the HD was impressive- obviously as I picked up two! At €39.50 each, these are definitely at the upper end of the scale and I have high expectations of these!!

HD High Definition Primer

I also picked up the HD primer in the shade 0 to compliment the foundations. Admittedly, I hardly ever use primer under my foundation these days, I keep meaning to but it never seems to happen! There were several different shades but I picked out the generic transparent gel like one. Again, at €31, it's not cheap, so again, my expectations are very high!

HD High Definition Invisible Cover Concealer

The very friendly girl in the shop recommended this to me even though I wasn't particularly looking for a highlighter today. I swatched it on my hand and was impressed with the mousse like consistency blending it out. I have been told this will cover a multitude of sins. I have the shade 310. This would set you back €27.50.

Sculpting Kit

I've been practising contouring now for the longest time, and I have found it very hard to find a cool toned contour colour. The girl in the shop recommended this to me- she said she uses this all the time and she also takes a 110 in the HD Foundation so she's equally as pale as me. The darker colour is a nice light cool brown and the lighter is a highlighting powder which is completely shimmerless and sheenless to my eye. They look like they might have a little bit of sheen in the pan but I think they are pretty matte swatched. This costs €35.

Aqua Cream

I already have a pearly white one of these and I love it, and this lilac one caught my eye in the store, and when I swatched it, I fell for it. It's a beautiful lilac with a silver sheen. The Aqua Cream range are waterproof and designed to be used on the eyes or lips, but I probably wouldn't use a cream product like this on my lips. A little goes a long way and I think this would last for ages. This is in the Shade 18 and costs €21.50.

That's my haul for today- like I said, I don't often shop with Make Up For Ever because I think pretty much everything is overpriced for what you get. I have never been blown away by any of their lipsticks or anything else I have tried so far, but like I said, I have high expectations for the new HD products that I picked up. I'll give 'em a whirl anyways and report back on my findings in due course. 

I'd just be interested to know- is there any MUFE product you can't live without? Does anybody else think it's a bit overpriced for what you get? 

Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

MAC Strobe Cream - Review and Swatches

Hi all!

I have another product review for you today, and this one is on the much revered Strobe Cream by MAC. It is definitely not new on the market but it's relatively new to me- I picked it up at the end of a very wet and humid summer to give me some sort of healthy dewiness. One of my favourite Youtube Gurus, Goss, recommended this and spoke very highly of it's magical healthy powers, and it has been on my wishlist since I saw his video almost a year ago. I kept putting off buying it because, let's face it, at €31.50, it doesn't come cheap! 

 MAC promise:

The ultimate quick fix for the skin. Super-powered with potent botanicals; de-snoozes, de-stresses,
moistens, freshens and boosts the look of dull, flat or tired-looking skin with a fully loaded vitamin zap and a 
mega dose of green tea. Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants. Enhances the
effects of light on all skin and in all lighting conditions from sunlight to spotlight.

MAC classify this as skincare and not make-up because it is treated as a moisturiser with the added bonus of luminosity. It leaves a pink/purple sheen when swatched on skin and there is no trace of sparkle or glitter, it is more of an opalescent finish.

As you can see, the packaging is quite slick in a white tube with a black lid. There is no pump for this product, instead you give the tube a little squeeze. You get 50mls of product which is a decent amount. There is also a 30 ml version available in select MAC stores.

(Blob on my hand straight from tube- looks like moisturiser)

(Heavily swatched- can see how opalescent it is in natural light)

(Blended out on hand- leaves a sheen)

I had such high expectations and hopes, but in all honesty, I am very underwhelmed by this product. I have tried using it a number of different ways:
  1. All over my face for a dewy undercoat for foundation (barely even noticed to be honest- didn't break my skin out but did not make me look any more dewy)
  2. I mixed a squirt of this with a squirt of my MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW20 over the summer to make the foundation lighter and give less coverage (epic fail- noticed absolutely no difference, even when I used 2 squirts Strobe Cream to 1 squirt Studio Fix)
  3. As a liquid highlighter on my cheeks, under my brows and down my nose (again, this was really underwhelming, it kind of just sunk into my skin and melted)
  4. All over my face in the place of tinted moisturiser (it left my face looking shiny in a greasy kind of way- I looked no brighter or more fresh faced when I had this on).

I am just so on the fence about this product- to be honest, I am very disappointed with it. I was just expecting so much more for the money I paid. I like drugstore cosmetics as much as the next person and some of my favourite finds have been in more inexpensive brands, but I am also a big MAC fan- I cannot get enough of their lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes especially. I can usually justify higher prices from brands like MAC because I believe they have higher capital to invest in the product in the research and development stages, but honestly, I cannot justify the price of this. I won't repurchase and I think I will struggle to find a use for this. Definite MAC miss for me unfortunately :(

Have any of you guys any tips on how to use up this Strobe Cream or have any of you had similar experiences to me? Would love to hear your opinions on this one because I feel it totally didn't live up to the hype.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes- Review and Swatches

Hello all!

Today I have a review of three cream blushes that I have been loving recently from Revlon. I should probably start off by admitting that I am not a huge fan of cream blushes because I have never really had any cream blushes before that I found were really workable. These caught my eye in Boots a few weeks back, I bought one to begin with the see what the consistency was like, and in the following weeks I went back and picked up the other two. I am loving these and I use them pretty much every day.

There are three colours available- Pinched (100), Flushed (200) and Coral Reef (300). Not all three shades are available in every Boots store so it is worth keeping this in mind. They cost €11.20 each. They all have a really lightweight formula and they blend like a dream, pretty much drying to a powder finish. I apply using my fingers and then buff out with a kabuki. These are also quite sheer and buildable, which I am sure appeals to many- they are definitely not as vibrant as they look in the pot. The texture and finish is semi-matte and it leaves more of a natural flush. I also like the way the formula is very lightweight- it does not feel cakey or heavy and it has not wreaked havoc with my sensitive skin.

 (L-R: Pinched, Flushed, Coral Reef)

Pinched is a peachy pink naturalish blush, and I find this is hard to get to show up on my skin. I have to apply several layers and even then, I almost feel compelled to top it up with powder blush. Pretty but  if it barely shows up on my porcelain skin, I don't know how it would fare with darker skintones.

Flushed is my favourite out of the three- it a beautiful pink, not as bright or vibrant in the pot as it is when it's blended out on your cheeks, it leaves the healthiest looking flush of colour on your cheeks, and I love it for that. I'll definitely repurchase this one.

Coral Reef was the newest addition to my collection because I found this quite difficult to track down. 
As the name suggests, it is a lovely coral peachy colour, again not as pigmented as it looks in the pot, but nicely buildable nonetheless. I love this for a healthy flush of colour when I am not wearing pink- it kind of gives off the impression that you have just come in out of the cold air and your cheeks are flushed. 

 (L-R: Pinched, Flushed, Coral Reef)

Natural daylight, heavily swatched

 (L-R: Pinched, Flushed, Coral Reef)


I really like these and I think they are worthwhile additions to my collection. They are a great formula, I  personally prefer that they are light to begin with and buildable. I love Flushed and have been using it loads since I got it, and I also really like Coral Reef. Whilst Pinched is a lovely colour in the pot, I just find this is too hard to build up on my pale skin.

Have any of you tried these before and how did you find them? Do you think that Revlon will release any new colours soon?

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Blank Canvas Cosmetics HD Kabuki Collection - Review

Hi all!

I am very excited to get to talk to y'all about the HD Kabuki Brush Collection from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I had been lusting after this since I saw it on the website and seeing as I was completely impressed with the last brush set I got from BCC, it was a no brainer! 

The kit consists of 4 different kabuki brushes and I will talk about each one individually and detail what I use them for. In general, these are staple brushes in my collection- I use at least two of these on a daily basis. They wash well with baby shampoo and warm water- I have washed these at least a dozen times and they come out perfect everytime. In between deep washes, I use my MAC brush cleanser on these to keep them clean (I'm a bit of a freak like that!), and I have not experienced so much as a single hair shedding. Quite the feat!

For any of you who are not aware, Blank Canvas Cosmetics is an Irish company set up by professional MUA Úna Tynan. She offers a multitude of brushes- both individually and in sets- pretty much a brush for any occasion! She also stocks eyeshadow and powder palettes and airbrush blender sponges. The F20 has been available on the site for a while now but the latter brushes are part of the Pro Deluxe Brush series.  This set is remarkably similar to the Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Set which retails for €57 on  Cloud 10 Beauty.

So now onto the brushes!

F20 - Flat Top Kabuki/ Buffer Brush


I ADORE this brush for putting on liquid foundation- I love it so much that I have 2 so that when one of them is drying, I have a back-up so I don't have to use an inferior brush. It's so unbelievably soft, nice and dense, the ferrule is nice and sturdy and I also heart the shiny black brush handle- it's perfectly ergonomic. I primarly use this for foundation but I have also used this for applying powder to set my foundation and buffing everything flawlessly. This is my number one go-to brush of late. 

Also, just for comparison purposes, I just want to post a picture of the BCC F20 in comparison to the star ELF Powder Brush, which I also really rate. 

I much prefer the handle of the BCC offering- I just like the way it's all one width pretty much down to the head of the brush where the ELF Powder Brush has this stonking big ferrule in comparison to it's handle, I just don't find it as user-friendly as the F20. The head of the F20 is also slightly smaller which I personally prefer for applying foundation and even though they are probably equally as dense as each other, there is a bit more give in the F20.

F21- Angled Top Kabuki

This has become my favourite brush for applying blush to the apples of my cheeks. Again, I love this for all the reasons I love the F20- softness of the bristles, density, sleek handle and easiness to clean. I don't have any other angled kabuki like this, but this is definitely my favourite blush brush of late. It picks up colour very nicely and I think it just gives a lovely flawless application of colour to the cheeks. This is another brush you definitely need in your life!

F22- Round Top Kabuki

Again, this brush is super duper soft and fluffy, and I use this to apply finishing powder or mattifying powder on my T-Zone when I feel I need it. This is quite similar to the F20 apart from the fact that the head is rounded. I use this mostly to complement the work of the other two brushes- sometimes I use this to buff the colour on my cheeks a bit or to buff in a cream blush once it is on my skin. Handiest brush ever!

F23- Tapered Top Kabuki

I will be the first to admit that I probably would have not ordered this if I was buying these brushes individually and I am loathe to admit it! This brush has been a revelation and made me seriously consider my brush prejudices! Basically, any thing at all to do with my undereye area and this brush is all over it, literally. I love this for blending concealer or mousse foundation under my eyes when I get those nasty, unsightly bags of greyness. This is enough to battle every the most cakiest of undereye concealers and it's definitely a victory for underdogs in my eyes!

So I bet you're all wondering how much these bad boys would set you back...I have just checked the prices online on www.blankcanvascosmetics.com. Each brush will set you back 12 bucks a pop which is ridiculously good value, but if you are feeling like self-gifting coming into the Christmas season, check out the 3 piece set (F21, F22 and F23) for €32.50 or the entire HD Kabuki set will only set you back €45. They also offer international posting and keep an eye out on their Facebook page (click here) for special offers because they often have offers up. BCC have just celebrated their first birthday and you would be directly supporting an Irish homegrown business so not only would you acquire amazing brushes if you made a purchase, but you would also get that feel good patriotism buzz!

That's all from me for now but thanks a million for reading :)
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