Friday, 11 May 2012

Possible Dupe? NYX Nude on Nude Palette v Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hi everybody!

Today I have a possible dupe for you- the NYX Nude on Nude Palette versus the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  

I eyeballed this on the NYX website last year, but kind of forgot about it, and by some stroke of luck, I found it in TK Maxx last November when they brought in all their Christmas stock, and it only set me (or my boyfriend I should say!) back about €20 I think. I don't actually own the Naked or Naked 2 palette and I just wanted to get a palette of nudes to see if I liked it before forking over the 40 odd yoyos for the Urban Decay offering. 

I don't really wear alot of nude colours on my eyes in general and it was something I was hoping I would get into. The NYX Nude on Nude Palette consists of 20 eyeshadows and 10 lipgloss shades to create your own 'nude on nude' look.

The 20 eyeshadows come in a different range of neutral colours- neutral, warm and cool, and a different range of textures also, including matte, satin and shimmer colours (but thankfully no chunky glitter offerings). It consists of everything from a matte white to a matte black, different browns, gold, coppers, ivory, grey, bronze, silver, navy and taupes. Overall, I would say this palette leans more towards cool than warm tones- something you need to bear in mind if you are considering a purchase.


 Normally, I steer well clear of eye/lip combination palettes, and it definitely was more the eye section than the lips section that drew me to this particular palette. That said, these lipglosses are not too shabby at all. Mostly pinks, with two red shades and one kind of mauve shade over on the far right. They are kind of fruity flavoured on the lips- not sickeningly so- and last a few hours. They are not the most pigmented glosses ever but I think of them as a nice bonus under a roof of pretty shadows.

The packaging of this is great. It's quite small but really condensely packed if you know what I mean, it's definitely perfect for transporting around in your handbag or taking it when you if you go travelling. It's super sturdy, the drawer with the lipglosses pulls out easily but rigidly and snaps shut so you know it's securely fastened. You can open the lipgloss drawer without opening the lid exposing the shadows (this would really irk me if it wasn't the case). It came with eyeshadow and lip brush applicators but I have since tossed these, I just never use them, I invested in decent brushes and I would rather use these but that's just my preference.  

Also, this might seem like a silly point, but the eyeshadows and lipglosses are sufficiently separated to ensure there is no cross contamination- i.e. no powder from the shadows should find their way to your glosses- the thought of powdery lipglosses and fallout clouding up the shiny glosses would totally turn me off- I am pleased to report that in the last 6 months or so of owning this, I have never experienced any fallout hitting the glosses.

I don't actually own the Naked Palette but I am increasingly more drawn to the Naked 2 palette and I probably will pick that up sometime soon. Because I don't actually own a Naked palette yet, I can't really do a swatch comparison to compare colour selection and range or how it compares but from what I have read and seen about Naked palettes, I would say that this NYX version is not an exact dupe but a worthy attempt. I do like this palette, and I would recommend it for the selection of eyeshadows alone.

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