Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Haul- thank you Mr. Postman :)

Hi everybody,

They say it never rains but it pours, and today was certainly one of those days. I am not talking about the wind and rain that has grasped Ireland today on what is meant to be the first day of summer- I am talking about the armful of goodies that my postman dropped to the door at 7.30am this morning. The postman is fast becoming my favourite visitor and it was a nice way to start the day- today I received some false lashes from a seller on eBay as recommended to me by a friend, my ELF mini haul from last week and one of the two MUA orders that I placed last week during the birthday promotion week.


I never used to wear eyelashes. I have quite long eyelashes myself so for a long time I didn't see the point. However, from first time I tried out false eyelashes, I loved them, not for length really but for volume on nights out. I used to get the same Eylure lashes non stop for ages (#110 i think but it's foggy), I tried a few of the Girls Aloud lashes and I picked up a MAC set way back that didn't really set my world on fire. Then for a long time, I used ELF False Eyelashes in Natural and I loved these, and I still do. My good friend advised me to visit a particular seller on eBay that she had tried herself and I duly obliged, and I was able to pick up three 10 packs of false lashes for €2.40 (there was a 'Buy 2, get  1 free' promo when I bought them), which means every pair costs just 8c each, and wait for it, this price INCLUDED postage!! I couldn't resist. I usually go for naturalish lashes- these ones are way way out there for me but I couldn't think of a better time to give something a go. They took about four weeks to arrive but that was the timeframe given on the website, so I can't really complain about delay. You can pick any combination you want from their offerings and leave a little note requesting which free set you would like. The seller I got them from can be found here and he has a nice enough selection. They come with glue and little diamondy things, doubt I will ever use these but they were a little bonus nonetheless. I definitely won't be using the glue provided with these- I am a fan of the Eylure glue which I have already reviewed here and I'll use this with them. Obviously, this is just a haul post and I haven't tried any of them on yet, but first impressions are good, the spine of the lashes looks like it will be easy to fit, and I reckon I'll have to trim them a bit to fit my lashline. I am not sure if they are reusable- at 8c a pair though, I probably won't even bother! Looking forward to trying these out and I will of course report back on my findings :)


Last week ELF had a one day offer where they were selling off the Studio Glossy Glosses for £1/€1.50 instead of the normal £3.50/€4. I had two of these already and I really loved them, I was holding out for maybe another 40% offer to get a few more but this was a good deal so I rolled with it. I also picked up 2 Custom Compacts because I have depotted some MAC eyeshadows and needed somewhere safe to store them. Looking forward to swatching all of these glosses.


As you probably know, MUA were giving away a free gift every day last week to celebrate their birthday and I made two orders last week. I really wanted to try out two items- the MUA BB cream in light and their newest product endorsed by Alexandra Burke, the Lip Boom. When I purchased the BB Cream, I got this Glamour Nights Palette free, which usually retails for about a fiver in Superdrug here. I love the quality of their eyeshadows and I have a few other palettes so this was one free gift I was not letting go! I also haven't tried the BB cream on my face but I swatched it on my hand- I got it in the colour 'Light'- and it seems to be a pretty good match- hope it won't oxidise on my face!

So the postman was very good to me today! Keep tuned for more detailed reviews as soon as I have tried this products out- I want to give everything a real try before I sit down to write a review because I want it to be the depiction of my personal experience using any given product.

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