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Dupe Alert: Miss Tutu Perfume v Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Hi everybody,

I have a bit of a different post today- a new perfume dupe that I have recently found. I have long heard of Milton Lloyd- a UK based perfume company that specialise in creating dupes of famous branded perfumes. Now I cannot abide and would never support counterfeit goods or the black market economy, but I love a dupe. As far as I know, each perfume is £4 on the website which is not bad value. They only deliver to UK addresses however which is why I shelved the idea. However, this caught my eye in a local pharmacy a few weeks ago and I couldn't believe it. It cost €5.99 and is meant to be a dupe of Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I owned Coco Mademoiselle back in the day and it was one of my favourites, and my all time fave is another Chanel offering, Chance, which I will keep on repurchasing over and over. 

I am terrible at describing smells so I will just take what is on the website for your reference-

A modern sensuous chypre fragrance with bergamot, muguet and water fruits to sparkle. 
Precious jasmin, velvety red rose and woody vetivert give heady floralcy which reaches into a warm feminine sensuous background of amber, patchouli, creamy vanilla

This perfume lasts for so long. I am very fussy when it comes to smells, and a general rule of thumb that I abide by is you shouldn't be able to smell a person before you see them. This is definitely not overpowering, I literally use one spritz of this and it lasts the entire day. I have showed it to a few people already and they all purchased it since and love it. I also have very sensitive skin and some shower gels would irritate my skin quite badly but I have had no irritation around my wrists at all from this.

The packaging isn't the most glamorous and it definitely doesn't scream Chanel but it does the job nicely. You get 50 mls of perfume which is quite a decent size really. I've used it practically every day for the last few weeks and it's barely made a dent in it. One spritz of this is perfectly adequate to last a whole day- I usually spritz on my left wrist, dab that on my right and job oxo.

Just for your reference, if you are looking for dupe perfumes, the following is the list of the perfumes Milton Lloyd manufacture and the perfume that they dupe are next to them. For now, they don't deliver to Ireland but if you can arrange for a friend from the UK to send them over to you, do it! I think there are loads of reviews of these- just pick your favourite perfume and see if there is a dupe.

Dupe Name/Branded Perfume name
331 = 212
Bondage = JPG
Bondage Extreme = Deep Red
Bondage Out = Fuel For Life
Bondage Temptation = Armani Code
Boutique Girl = Armani She
Buddy = Boss Woman
Calibre Senses = Burberry touch
Calibre UK = Burberry Brit
Chacal = Poison
Cuba = Narciso Rodriguez
DNA = Armani Code
Exodus = Escape
Fame Day = Anais Anais
Fame Night = Oscar
French Look = Rive Gauche
Futurity = Eternity
Grasse Experience = Aromatics Elixir
Great Lakes = Cool Water
Hawaii = Chloe
To Go = Gucci Rush
Joe Girl = Tommy Girl
JoJo = Loulou
Kantali = Opium
Kudos = Clinique Happy
Love = Eden
Love You = J'Adore
Me Too = Joop Femme
Miss America Sport = Polo Sport
Miss Tutu = Coco Mademoiselle
Monaco = Paris
New York Dolls = Boss Femme
Now My Generation = J-Lo Live
Papagayo = Youth Dew
Ping Pong = 1881
Poker = Chance
Popcorn Girls = Touch Of Pink
Spirit Of Heaven = Angel
Spirit Of Shadow = Ghost
Success = L'Eau D'Issey
Summer Flowers = Kenzo Flower
Summer Sky = Light Blue
Superstar = Euphoria
Tactique = Amarige
Tutu Woman = Coco
Vogue = Chanel No.5
Young Love = Romance
Zozo = Giorgio Beverley Hills
The Look = CK One
The Look For Me = CK Be
Pure Gold Lady = Lady Million
Weekend = Pleasures
Arome di Femme = Acqua di Gio 

Overall, this has exceeded my expectations and I would love to get a few more of these and see if I would be equally impressed. Gotta love a dupe! 

Thanks for reading 


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  2. HI Aisling,
    Like you, i was in my local pharmacy when i saw this for €5.99. Expecting it to be pure dishwater for that price, I was very pleasantly surprised at the smell. It screams "Coco Madamoiselle", only at one tenth the price! I love Coco Madamoiselle, but tend to keep it for special occasions due to the I can smell like Coco all the time, but at a fraction of the cost!!!
    Great review by the way!
    Look forward to trying some of the other ones if i can find them! I'll definitely be spreading the word!

    1. Hi Louise,I would be exactly the same as you in that you would expect dishwater perfume at such a low price. I am keeping an eye out for other ones too so if I find them I'll keep you posted! I actually picked up Suddenly Woman in Lidl before Xmas for €3.99 and I love it almost as much as my Chanel No 5 EDT- I wouldn't say it's a dupe but it's a really new perfume if you can pick it up! :) x Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hi Ashling,

    I know this blog entry is from last year but I am curious to know if you found more of the Milton LLoyd perfumes. I'm a fan too.



  4. Hi. Does anyone where to buy cheap version of Jimmy Choo?

    1. I have been buying good quality perfumes that smell just like high street store perfumes,
      FM16 smells just like Jimmy Choo
      FM 16 smells just like Coco Mademoiselle
      FM54 mells just like Hugo Boss
      and there are many more from £11.99 for a 30ml bottle

      Infact better as The FM Group offer high quality perfumes and fragrances containing 20% perfume oil
      compared to the weaker Eau de Toilette containing 6-8% which people often purchase on the High Street.


    2. Perfume Parlour online. Just type in the name of the perfume and it will put up it's version of it. They do over 850 different fragrances and all the ones I have had till now have been good.

  5. My friend works for Milton Lloyd and they're bringing it out shortly! They're just finalising the packaging, I can't wait as Jimmy Choo is my favourite!

  6. My friend works for Milton Lloyd and they're bringing it out shortly! They're just finalising the packaging, I can't wait as Jimmy Choo is my favourite!

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  8. Does anyone know where I can buy Boutique Girl from Milton lloyd as I can't find it anywhere?

    1. They have a store on ebay, it might be there :)

    2. Thank you. I have looked on eBay but nothing there .. even on the actual Milton lloyd website. I have found Define from Next which smells like Armani Lei (She).... absolutely gorgeous. I tried the Armani on the left wrist and Define on the right wrist, not much difference at all and the dupe lasted around 8 hours.

  9. do they have a Marc Jacobs daisy dupe yet? If so, what's it called? Thanks

  10. hey aisling. what chemist can you get these in

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  12. Hi Aisling, just wanted to let you know that I am now a stockist of the Milton Lloyd range in southern Ireland!!! I get them direct from the Northern Ireland distributor. If anyone wants to order any, I'm selling them for €5.50 each or four for €20 (cheaper than the chemists!!!). There are also some gift sets available :-)
    If anyone wants the list of what's available, email me on or gimme a shout on 087 7438478 & let me know what you're looking for. I have a great selection, around 45 ladies ones (including Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo!!!) and 25 mens ones

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