Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick- 'The Nuder the Better'- Review and Swatches

Hi everybody, 

First off, must apologise for lack of postage recently- I just didn't have the time in the last few weeks since getting exam results and trying to get organised for my new job, etc. It's been all business for the last few weeks but things are slowly coming together now!

Anyways, enough with the waffle and onto the lipstick! I have been searching high and low but until I found this baby, I really was losing hope that I would ever find my HG nude. I wasn't expecting to love this but in my quest for office appropriate cosmetics, I swatched this one and pretty much loved it from them.

I love the packaging of Catrice lipsticks- the  glossy black of Ultimate Colour range more so than the cool silver of the Ultimate Shine range. It's so sturdy, it snaps shut, it's a little bit weighty which kind of sings 'quality' to me, it's definitely not flimsy, and lipstick goes all the way down so you have a significantly smaller chance of damaging your lipstick if you put the cap on in a hurry! It comes with the little sticker on the bottom- the colour of which corresponds to what is in the actual tube- and it has the shade name and number printed on for easy reference aswell. Also big shout has to go out to Catrice for always coming up with such quirky names for their products! A trip to a Catrice stand always makes me smile and I love the ingenuity.

As for the lipstick itself- I'd describe it as a MLBB colour- it's definitely a pinky toned nude but it's not pink. Like every other Catrice Ultimate Lip Colour that I have, there is a sheen but it's not frosty at all. It feels really nice on the lips- not sticky, not messy and it definitely does not have a drying effect. The colour lasts quite long and because it is a MLBB colour, it fades naturally to leave a nice tint over time. Also, this colour is very easy to reapply on the move- because of the naturalish colour, it's quite forgiving to apply.

Overall, if you're looking for a really natural looking nude colour, leaving more towards the pink side than the cream side, this is the one. I love this and I'm definitely going to pick up another before Catrice shake up their lip colours again.

I'm very happy with myself that I finally found what I consider to be my HG nude. If, like me, you find that light, cream nudes wash you out and make you look like you have no lips, give this one a whirl.

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