Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick- 'The Nuder the Better'- Review and Swatches

Hi everybody, 

First off, must apologise for lack of postage recently- I just didn't have the time in the last few weeks since getting exam results and trying to get organised for my new job, etc. It's been all business for the last few weeks but things are slowly coming together now!

Anyways, enough with the waffle and onto the lipstick! I have been searching high and low but until I found this baby, I really was losing hope that I would ever find my HG nude. I wasn't expecting to love this but in my quest for office appropriate cosmetics, I swatched this one and pretty much loved it from them.

I love the packaging of Catrice lipsticks- the  glossy black of Ultimate Colour range more so than the cool silver of the Ultimate Shine range. It's so sturdy, it snaps shut, it's a little bit weighty which kind of sings 'quality' to me, it's definitely not flimsy, and lipstick goes all the way down so you have a significantly smaller chance of damaging your lipstick if you put the cap on in a hurry! It comes with the little sticker on the bottom- the colour of which corresponds to what is in the actual tube- and it has the shade name and number printed on for easy reference aswell. Also big shout has to go out to Catrice for always coming up with such quirky names for their products! A trip to a Catrice stand always makes me smile and I love the ingenuity.

As for the lipstick itself- I'd describe it as a MLBB colour- it's definitely a pinky toned nude but it's not pink. Like every other Catrice Ultimate Lip Colour that I have, there is a sheen but it's not frosty at all. It feels really nice on the lips- not sticky, not messy and it definitely does not have a drying effect. The colour lasts quite long and because it is a MLBB colour, it fades naturally to leave a nice tint over time. Also, this colour is very easy to reapply on the move- because of the naturalish colour, it's quite forgiving to apply.

Overall, if you're looking for a really natural looking nude colour, leaving more towards the pink side than the cream side, this is the one. I love this and I'm definitely going to pick up another before Catrice shake up their lip colours again.

I'm very happy with myself that I finally found what I consider to be my HG nude. If, like me, you find that light, cream nudes wash you out and make you look like you have no lips, give this one a whirl.

Thanks for reading xxx


Monday, 21 May 2012

Cherry Culture/NYX haul

Hi everybody!

Is there any better way to start the week than with a box of goodies from your postman? I think not! I was so delighted to finally get my hands on the Cherry Culture order I made about three weeks ago now, and finally, today was the day! I was a little worried about customs charges because I spent about $58 in all but I got away with it, which made it all the sweeter. 

It was my first ever order with Cherry Culture and I must say, it was a pleasant and easy transaction. I have been stalking the CC website loads for ages now, but it was only when the lovely Nina Carry informed me that they were having a 40% off NYX sale, I couldn't contain myself! I am a huge fan of NYX Cosmetics- definitely one of my favourite brands, so I picked up a few bits and pieces I had been wanting to try out.

What I got and initial impressions:

NYX Liquid Make-up in Shade 01- Pale- I swatched this on my hand and it seems to be a really good match colour wise- coverage wise I don't think it will be too heavy but I have yet to try it out on my face. Very optimistic though! I had wanted to get the palest HD foundation but that was sold out, so I went for this one instead. Also I am loving that it has SPF 15.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in 05 Glow- this is a beautiful colour, a little darker than I expected but still totally workable I think. This colour would also be perfect for lips I would say, just a really rosy glow off it- perfect for a fresh flush.

NYX Mosaic Powder in 06 Rosey- Five different shades of pink, can be worn individually but I think I will wear these together. Not Barbie pink- I'll have alot of fun with this.

NYX Powder Blush in 27 Summer Peach- this is one of the newer colours out- I have Peach by NYX already and it's one of my favourites so I said I would try their new peach- first impressions- it is packed with really fine gold glitter and it quite a dark shade of peach so will need to be applied with a light hand for sure.

NYX Single Eyeshadows in 84A Toffee Shimmer and 140A Snow Candy- believe it or not, these are the first two NYX Single Eyeshadows that I own, I have loads of NYX palettes but I never actually purchased any of their single eyeshadows before so I was definitely excited about these. I didn't go for very adventurous colours, instead picking what I think would work for me on a daily basis. I love Snow Candy- to me, it's kind of a middle ground between MAC Electra and MAC Crystal Avalanche- in that I think if you mixed those two MAC shadows, you would get something like Snow Candy. Toffee Shimmer is a little disappointing, I swatched it on my hand and it barely showed up, even hard to pick up on my finger. I was hoping for something more Champagne-esque but alas this was not the case. I guess I will probably layer it over another eyeshadow. Time will tell how I get on with that one. I adore the packaging though- they feel nice and sturdy.

NYX Lipgloss in 159 Smokey Look- I have seen and loved so many swatches of this and it's been on my wishlist for an age- I wore this today- just love it, definitely lived up to the hype!

NYX Matte Nail Polishes in 06 Sky Blue and 15 Baby Pink- again, these have been on my wishlist for ages, I wanted a really good light colour for the summer. I was hoping to get the white one but it was out of stock at the time (go figure!) so I picked up these two instead. I've tried the blue one already and i love it, I might do a NOTD later.

NYX Duo Pencil Sharpener- I have a tonne of NYX Jumbo Pencils that need to be pared now and I am too afraid to use an ordinary sharpener, when I was putting in the order at all, I said I would pick up one of these.

Cherry Culture Lip Balm in Strawberry- this was free with my order- CC allows you to pick whatever flavour you want so it was a no brainer for me! Feels nice on the lips, not too scented.

So that's it, looking forward to using these properly now and I will report back my findings once I have given everything a bash! I'll definitely use Cherry Culture again because I wasn't charged any customs duties or anything, and I would recommend them. 

Thanks for reading

Friday, 18 May 2012

Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette- review and swatches

Hi everybody!

I am very excited to have a brand new product to review for you guys today, and it's one I was so excited about getting. I am a huge fan of Sleek, I have four palettes already, and when I saw they were releasing a bright matte palette, wild horses could not have kept me away. I picked this up off and it cost €9. I preordered it about a week before it arrived just to make sure I would get my hands on it as soon as possible. I missed out of the Curacao palette when it came out a while back and I was not taking any chances with this one! There is also an Ultra Mattes palette in Darks but it didn't really appeal to me.

This palette consists of 12 matte colours in a variety of matte bright shades from white, pinks, blues, greens, even a very vivid yellow and orange colour. And as if the name doesn't give it away, it is a completely matte palette. 

The packaging is pretty simple and almost the same as every other Sleek palette I own. It came in the little cardboard box, and it is a small matte black palette with 12 shadows, a double ended applicator and a huge mirror. There is also a little plastic insert with colour names on it. The face of this particular palette is different to other Sleek palettes I own- the branding is just a bit different. 

As you can see, the colours are pretty poptastic. The pigmentation of each shadow is very different however. Some of the shadows are really well pigmented and others, particularty the three colours in the bottom right corner, Floss, Crete and Pow!, I found it really hard to pick the colour up in these. Cricket and Bolt were very chalky, really soft, I think the fallout would be quite bad with these colours. There is not much of a difference between Pout and Pucker- they are both hot pinks, so I resent the duplication a bit.

These are the swatches below, and as you can see, for the most part these are pretty nifty shadows, and the pigmentation is quite good. For the whole entire front line, I swatched the colour just once, which means if you want a more vivid effect, you can build the colours up to a higher intensity if you would like. The bottom right three colours were harder to swatch however, I swatched a few times for the purposes of this review but, as you can see, despite the heavier swatches, the pigmentation is lower. I was disappointed by this, I like matte white shadows and was excited to try this one out, but it was a bit of a let down to be honest.

Overall, I like this palette, but I don't love it. Out of all the Sleek palettes that I own (Storm, Bad Girl, Original and Oh So Special), it is definitely my least favourite, I just can't see myself reaching for this as often as the others. Overall as a palette, it didn't really tick all my boxes, three of the colours are poorly pigmented, two of them are very chalky and two more are too similar in my opinion. If you're looking for a palette of bright popping eye colours, this is the one for you. I personally wouldn't say I regret buying this, but I wouldn't repurchase.

Hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Get to know me!

Hi everybody!

Today I have a different post for you guys, and this is inspired by the plethora of 'Get to know me' tag posts. I love reading these posts on all the bloggers and vloggers that I follow and I have been informed that a blog tag is as acceptable as a video tag (thanks Jen!) so here goes, enough with the waffle and on with the deets!

Vital Stats:
Name- Aisling Rose Elizabeth Sheehy
Nicknames- Legally Blonde, Midget, Pidge, John, Squirt, mostly Ash
Birthday- 7th October
Place of Birth- Erinville Hospital Cork
Star Sign- Libra (pretty appropriate, eh?)
Occupation- Apprentice Corporate Solicitor


Hair Colour- naturally dark brown, however I am a slave to highlights = blonde
Hair Length- shoulder length
Eye Colour- grey/sometimes blue. Mostly grey though.
Best Feature- Erm, when my hair is order, I like that. I spend a shocking amount of money on my hair- trips to hairdresser, highlights, conditioners, etc.
Braces- nope, never needed them!
Piercings- haha, I'm very conventional- have had my ears pierced for years, got them pierced a second time a few months ago but didn't like it so let them close up, not planning on getting any more any time soon!
Tattoos- nope, none! Couldn't ever decide on one thing that I would like permanently etched!
Righty or Lefty- Righty!


Best Friend- Snow White a.k.a. Snowy, my first ever dog. She was a West Highland White Terrier, I was about three when we got her, I remember going to the house to get her and picking her out and christening her. She was a lovely dog, the most loyal companion. When she had to be put down a few years ago, I was inconsolable.
Award- the vast majority of my awards have been academic- I am frightfully boring I know! When I was in Junior Infants, I coloured in my entire vocabulary sheet in one night because I knew all the words anyway and I got a prize of a packet of Jelly Babies. It was one of my proudest moments!
Sport- never really been one for sports I'm afraid!
Real Holiday- don't know what exactly constitutes a 'real holiday', we used to go away every year when I was younger- I think maybe a trip to Wales may have been my first 'real' holiday.
Concert- this is a bit naff- when I was about 13 I think, went to the Mitchelstown Party in the Park and watched Six perform before they split. All very exciting! First real concert was probably Oxegen 2005. Best concert to date was the X Factor concert last year in the Point, brilliant time!

Film- tough! Armageddon makes me weep everytime. White Chicks in hilarious!
TV Show- Love Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, The Good Wife and all versions of The Apprentice and Dragon's Den
Colour- Pinks, reds, corals
Song- This question is too hard, I love far too many songs, don't have one single, standout fave.
Restaurant- I love Luigi Malones and there is a restaurant in my home town called 'Peppers' which I love too.
Store- depends on what I am purchasing! For work clothes, I like Next and Dorothy Perkins because they have great petite sections, Penneys handy for the old reliables, loving Bershka at the moment and I can't get enough of Forever 21.
Book- Again, too hard! I like lots of different kinds of books. I love 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen R. Covey and 'How to Walk in High Heels' by Camilla Morton. I'm currently reading 'Lessons of a Lipstick Queen' by Poppy King.
Magazine- U and Stellar because they have clothes and gear from Irish stores with Irish prices. I also splurge on Cosmopolitan every single month and I pick up Glamour magazine quite frequently also.
Shoes- I love my black Aldo heels that I picked up in Chicago a few years ago- they are so hard to walk in, I potter about the place, but I love them so much. They are a perfect size 3 and fit perfectly. 


Feeling- happy and excited- got exam results last week and have now finished my FE1s forevermore, and I am moving up to Dublin and starting my dream job in an amazing law firm in less than three weeks time.
Single or Taken- Taken, I'm a kept woman
Eating- not currently eating anything at this minute but loving mangoes at the moment
Listening To- Nicki Minaj 'Roman Holiday'
Thinking About- where the heck did I leave my purse?
Watching- nothing right now but I will be watching The Apprentice tonight for sure!
Wearing- Ralph Lauren rugby navy and pink rugby shirt, black A-wear jeans, pink Converse


Want Children- Absolutely. Two boys, two girls and a surprise!
Want To Be Married- I am a traditional kind of girl- someday I would like to get married
Careers in Mind- there is only one career in my mind- I want to be a kick ass corporate lawyer- busting out the corporate deals by day, whipping up everybody with my corporate swagger. I may appear all fluffy and light but you wouldn't want to meet me in the board room! I'm fiercely ambitious, I want to work my way right up the partner track.
Where do you want live- I am more of a city girl at heart but I don't think I would leave Ireland in the long term. I am moving up to Dublin in a few weeks and in the process of househunting right now, harder then I thought! Eventually, I would like a big mansion overlooking the sea in South Dublin City. I don't ask for much!

Do you believe in?:

God- I do have faith and I believe in a greater good. I don't necessarily believe in the organisation of religion as it exists in Ireland- I don't believe you have to go to Mass or idol worship a priest to be spiritual. Each to their own.
Miracles- Absolutely. Miracles and serendipity!
Love at first sight- No, not really. I believe in lust at first sight- seeing somebody and going 'phwoar!', but love is emotional, and I am probably a bit cynical!
Ghosts- hmm maybe not ghosts like Casper but I definitely believe in spirits, I would hate to think that when a person we love dies, that they are gone forever. I completely believe in guardian angels, I feel like some of my dead relatives look out for me.
Aliens- not aliens in the Men in Black sense but I don't think us mere earthlings are alone in the Universe. The Universe is massive like. Just saying.
Soul Mates- yeah I do actually. I think there is somebody for everybody, but sometimes finding that special somebody is hard. I think people who are soulmates were meant to find each other.
Heaven- yeah, maybe not the pearly white gates, but I would like to think there is a better place.
Hell- hey, you don't have to die to experience hell- try sitting the Law Society's FE1 exams. That is hell on earth right there for you!
Kissing on a first date- each to their own. It's kind of par for the course in Ireland 
Yourself- absolutely. If you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect anybody else to believe in you?

So that concludes my tag- sorry if it's alot of text! Hope you know me a little better by now! 
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

NOTD- Essence Nude Glam in 01 Cotton Candy

Hi everybody!

 I have a quick little NOTD today. I will be starting my apprenticeship to become a solicitor in a few weeks time, and the last few weeks I have been looking at office friendly everything- clothes, make up, jewellery, etc. Nail polish is no exception, and looks like I am going to be trading in my hot pinks and cherry reds for some more muted neutral tones. I picked up a few Essence polishes today just to get me started.

(L-R: Cotton Candy, Iced Strawberry Cream, Frozen Queen, Express Dry Drops)

Usually I have only nice things to say about Essence nail polishes- I mean for €1.29 a pop they are delightfully (and perhaps dangerously!) cheap. This one, however, is definitely not my favourite. I didn't like the formula of this polish- I found it to be very thin and runny, it took about 5 coats to get the colour as opaque as it was in the photos, I found it hard to stop the colour running into my cuticles and it took so incredibly long to dry, even when I added a few drops of Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops.

I do actually like the colour 'Cotton Candy' even though the name gives connotations of a pink nude.  I don't really see any pink tones in this- it's more of a cream nude. I do like the colour but it took so many coats myself- therefore, I doubt very much I will go through the ordeal of using it all that often. I just don't have the time or patience to literally wait for every single coat to dry before I apply another, especially with the runny formula.

Overall, I am a teeny bit disappointed, not with the end result, but with the gargantuan effort required to get there. I do like the eventual end result- I think it's a really pretty nude and it hasn't turned me off nudes. Maybe I just got a dodgy runny bottle, who knows!

So- the verdict- I wouldn't repurchase this but I will use it up, maybe on a Sunday evening when I have a little longer to paint my nails than I will during the week when I get in from the office.

Thanks for reading xxx

Special Delivery- Wet n Wild

Hi everybody, 

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days, I've just been celebrating passing my Law Society exams. Now that I have sufficiently celebrated, it's back to business. 

So I have been bursting to get my hands on some Wet n Wild goodies for the longest time now, and last weekend I finally bit the bullet and ordered some bits from Nonpareil Boutique. 

I read somewhere recently that the Color Icon 6 Colour Palettes were being discontinued so I ordered all 4 (in for a penny, in for a pound right!) and first impressions are all good. I don't love the packaging but it does the job I guess, and it's sufficiently sturdy to withstand the many knocks and blows I will subject them too (not intentionally but I have butter fingers!). I swatched these on my hand when I got them and I was just so impressed by the silkiness and pigmentation. I'll post up proper swatches and reviews when I have had the chance to use these properly.

(L-R: Cherry Frost, Retro Pink, Light Beige Frost, Just Peachy) 

(L: Retro Pink, Cherry Frost) (R: Just Peachy, Light Beige Frost)

I also picked up some Wet n Wild lipsticks too. I got one from the Mega Last Lip Color line in 'Just Peachy' and it's so creamy and smooth on the lips. I got three more from the Silk Finish line- I wasn't too sure about frosty colours because generally I avoid frosty lipsticks, but I saw some swatches of these online and I said I'd give them a bash as I was putting in the order today. I've tried them on my lips aswell- in fact, I have been wearing Retro Pink all day today and I am loving it. Again, I'll review once I have used these enough to form an honest and informed opinion.

On another point- I know people often complain about the shipping costs from Nonpareil Boutique but I don't actually think it's that bad- all of these bits cost $13.50 to post, and the parcel arrived from the US within a week which is very reasonable I think. Just in case any of you were thinking of ordering :)

Thanks for reading


Friday, 11 May 2012

NOTD OPI Nicki Minaj 'Fly'

Hi everybody,

I have another NOTD today and today I am channeling Nicki Minaj again. This is 'Fly' from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection, and it is a gorgeous teal blue shade.

This is a medium blue-teal colour with a creme finish and needed two coats to get opaque.

It was very hard to get this to photograph true to colour but it's more of a blue green than the blue that is appearing in the photos. I love the formula of this lacquer and I love the smooth and glossy finish. It dries quickly imo, less than 5 mins anyway.

I don't love it as much as I love 'Pink Friday' from the same collection but this is definitely my favourite turquoise. 

Thanks for reading


Possible Dupe? NYX Nude on Nude Palette v Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hi everybody!

Today I have a possible dupe for you- the NYX Nude on Nude Palette versus the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  

I eyeballed this on the NYX website last year, but kind of forgot about it, and by some stroke of luck, I found it in TK Maxx last November when they brought in all their Christmas stock, and it only set me (or my boyfriend I should say!) back about €20 I think. I don't actually own the Naked or Naked 2 palette and I just wanted to get a palette of nudes to see if I liked it before forking over the 40 odd yoyos for the Urban Decay offering. 

I don't really wear alot of nude colours on my eyes in general and it was something I was hoping I would get into. The NYX Nude on Nude Palette consists of 20 eyeshadows and 10 lipgloss shades to create your own 'nude on nude' look.

The 20 eyeshadows come in a different range of neutral colours- neutral, warm and cool, and a different range of textures also, including matte, satin and shimmer colours (but thankfully no chunky glitter offerings). It consists of everything from a matte white to a matte black, different browns, gold, coppers, ivory, grey, bronze, silver, navy and taupes. Overall, I would say this palette leans more towards cool than warm tones- something you need to bear in mind if you are considering a purchase.


 Normally, I steer well clear of eye/lip combination palettes, and it definitely was more the eye section than the lips section that drew me to this particular palette. That said, these lipglosses are not too shabby at all. Mostly pinks, with two red shades and one kind of mauve shade over on the far right. They are kind of fruity flavoured on the lips- not sickeningly so- and last a few hours. They are not the most pigmented glosses ever but I think of them as a nice bonus under a roof of pretty shadows.

The packaging of this is great. It's quite small but really condensely packed if you know what I mean, it's definitely perfect for transporting around in your handbag or taking it when you if you go travelling. It's super sturdy, the drawer with the lipglosses pulls out easily but rigidly and snaps shut so you know it's securely fastened. You can open the lipgloss drawer without opening the lid exposing the shadows (this would really irk me if it wasn't the case). It came with eyeshadow and lip brush applicators but I have since tossed these, I just never use them, I invested in decent brushes and I would rather use these but that's just my preference.  

Also, this might seem like a silly point, but the eyeshadows and lipglosses are sufficiently separated to ensure there is no cross contamination- i.e. no powder from the shadows should find their way to your glosses- the thought of powdery lipglosses and fallout clouding up the shiny glosses would totally turn me off- I am pleased to report that in the last 6 months or so of owning this, I have never experienced any fallout hitting the glosses.

I don't actually own the Naked Palette but I am increasingly more drawn to the Naked 2 palette and I probably will pick that up sometime soon. Because I don't actually own a Naked palette yet, I can't really do a swatch comparison to compare colour selection and range or how it compares but from what I have read and seen about Naked palettes, I would say that this NYX version is not an exact dupe but a worthy attempt. I do like this palette, and I would recommend it for the selection of eyeshadows alone.

Hope this was helpful, 
Thanks for reading 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My personal take on pink lipsticks (warning: pic and pink heavy!)

Hi everybody!

This post is going to be a big whopping ball of pink. Oh how I love a pink lip, and pink lipstick. I actually think I am hooked! This is the third instalment in my lipstick opinion series and this encompasses my favourite pink lipsticks. 

Generally, I love a cool toned pink. From baby pinks, bubblegum pinks, Barbie pinks, fuchsias and hot pinks, I always find myself veering towards blue toned pinks. I think they are very flattering, and like red lipsticks with blue undertones, they really brighten your smile and make your teeth look whiter. What's not to love about that?

I'm just subdividing this into baby and light pinks, daytime pinks and hot pinks and fuchsias, just for your reference. I really hope that my hit and miss experiences will help you in your quest for the perfect pink if you are still searching for it.

Bright Pinks

Pink is my favourite colour and sometimes I like a bright pink pop. However, I find it really hard to get bright pink lipsticks shades that I love. I personally draw the line at neons- in fact, I find NYX Narcissus a little too bright at times. I have a Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting which is a very light, sheer pink, so if you are a bit nervous about pinks or would like something subtle, I would recommend that.

(L-R: Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting, MUA in Shade 4, NYX Narcissus, Catrice Frozen Rose, E.L.F.  Flirtatious, NYC Snowcone)

I have a few pink NYX Round Lipsticks that I love to wear. Power is the closest thing to purple that I own, and I wasn't too sure when I purchased it if I would like it, but because there are clear blue undertones, I do quite like it, I don't think it's very harsh or severe looking and I would recommend this as a good starting point if you are looking for a lilac lipstick. Paris is one of my favourite pinks, I love it and Tea Rose, though much celebrated as a pink nude, is slightly too dark to be considered a nude on my lips, but I still love it as a daytime pink.

(L-R: NYX Power, Paris, Strawberry Milk, Tea Rose)

Daytime Pinks

These are basically the pinks that I would personally wear at daytime. I love MAC Chatterbox for daytime looks recently- I have actually posted a FOTD featuring this look already.  I also adore the ELF essential lipsticks in Charming, Classy and Seductive as daytime pinks and I love the formula of these too- much more so that the ELF Mineral Lipsticks, even though I do wear them relatively frequently. One thing has to be noted though- I am on my second Classy and when I was swatching it for this post, it snapped and broke- I was not impressed! Also, the formula of my second one was quite a bit different to the first one, less creamy, I am not sure if this is a new development, I had no problems with my last one and used it right to the end. Think I'll have to swot up on a bit of lipstick depotting now!

(L-R: E.L.F. Runway Pink, Party Pink, Ripe Rose, NYX Fig, E.L.F. Charming, Classy and Seductive, MAC Chatterbox)

Hot Pinks/ Fuchsias

I love hot pink lips on a night out- I just think they are glamorous and fun. My general rule of thumb is, you guessed it, to look for hot pinks with blue undertones, I find these really flattering against my alabaster skin. I think finding the right hot pink is similar to finding the right red, sometimes it just takes some trial and error to get it right. 

(L-R: MUA Shade 6, NYX Rose Bud, MUA Shade 12, NYC Rose Petal and English Rose, NYX Rose and Gem)

I think my favourite hot pink of all at the moment is MAC Impassioned- I love the Amplified finishes on MAC lipsticks- and it's just a really bright, cool pink, everybody compliments this in photos or in person, but it's definitely not for the faint hearted, it really is very vibrant! I also adore the ELF lipstick in Sociable, even though it's quite hard because it is packed with glitter and I find it dries my lips out, I love the colour, the finish and the lasting power. NYX Chloe is an unbelievable fuchsia with blue undertones, this definitely stands out against pale skin, and if you like really daring pinks, give it a try.

(L-R: NYX Louisiana, NYX Chloe, Barry M 146 Dolly Pink, MAC Impassioned, Rimmel Love Me, E.L.F. Gypsy, E.L.F. Sociable)

As you can see from the swatches below, the ELF Mineral Lipstick in Fiery Fuchsia is neither fiery nor fuchsia in my opinion. NYC Blue Rose is another super pigmented pink with blue undertones, and because it's that little bit more sheer than some of the others, it might be a good one to start off with. Also, if you are looking for a really vibrant fire red meets fuchsia colour, try NYX Round Lipstick in Fire.

(L-R: E.L.F. Fiery Fuschia, NYC Blue Rose, Catrice Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss, NYC Air Kiss, NYX Fire)

So that concludes my personal take on pink lipsticks, I hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share. 

Thanks for reading 


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dupe Alert: Miss Tutu Perfume v Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Hi everybody,

I have a bit of a different post today- a new perfume dupe that I have recently found. I have long heard of Milton Lloyd- a UK based perfume company that specialise in creating dupes of famous branded perfumes. Now I cannot abide and would never support counterfeit goods or the black market economy, but I love a dupe. As far as I know, each perfume is £4 on the website which is not bad value. They only deliver to UK addresses however which is why I shelved the idea. However, this caught my eye in a local pharmacy a few weeks ago and I couldn't believe it. It cost €5.99 and is meant to be a dupe of Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I owned Coco Mademoiselle back in the day and it was one of my favourites, and my all time fave is another Chanel offering, Chance, which I will keep on repurchasing over and over. 

I am terrible at describing smells so I will just take what is on the website for your reference-

A modern sensuous chypre fragrance with bergamot, muguet and water fruits to sparkle. 
Precious jasmin, velvety red rose and woody vetivert give heady floralcy which reaches into a warm feminine sensuous background of amber, patchouli, creamy vanilla

This perfume lasts for so long. I am very fussy when it comes to smells, and a general rule of thumb that I abide by is you shouldn't be able to smell a person before you see them. This is definitely not overpowering, I literally use one spritz of this and it lasts the entire day. I have showed it to a few people already and they all purchased it since and love it. I also have very sensitive skin and some shower gels would irritate my skin quite badly but I have had no irritation around my wrists at all from this.

The packaging isn't the most glamorous and it definitely doesn't scream Chanel but it does the job nicely. You get 50 mls of perfume which is quite a decent size really. I've used it practically every day for the last few weeks and it's barely made a dent in it. One spritz of this is perfectly adequate to last a whole day- I usually spritz on my left wrist, dab that on my right and job oxo.

Just for your reference, if you are looking for dupe perfumes, the following is the list of the perfumes Milton Lloyd manufacture and the perfume that they dupe are next to them. For now, they don't deliver to Ireland but if you can arrange for a friend from the UK to send them over to you, do it! I think there are loads of reviews of these- just pick your favourite perfume and see if there is a dupe.

Dupe Name/Branded Perfume name
331 = 212
Bondage = JPG
Bondage Extreme = Deep Red
Bondage Out = Fuel For Life
Bondage Temptation = Armani Code
Boutique Girl = Armani She
Buddy = Boss Woman
Calibre Senses = Burberry touch
Calibre UK = Burberry Brit
Chacal = Poison
Cuba = Narciso Rodriguez
DNA = Armani Code
Exodus = Escape
Fame Day = Anais Anais
Fame Night = Oscar
French Look = Rive Gauche
Futurity = Eternity
Grasse Experience = Aromatics Elixir
Great Lakes = Cool Water
Hawaii = Chloe
To Go = Gucci Rush
Joe Girl = Tommy Girl
JoJo = Loulou
Kantali = Opium
Kudos = Clinique Happy
Love = Eden
Love You = J'Adore
Me Too = Joop Femme
Miss America Sport = Polo Sport
Miss Tutu = Coco Mademoiselle
Monaco = Paris
New York Dolls = Boss Femme
Now My Generation = J-Lo Live
Papagayo = Youth Dew
Ping Pong = 1881
Poker = Chance
Popcorn Girls = Touch Of Pink
Spirit Of Heaven = Angel
Spirit Of Shadow = Ghost
Success = L'Eau D'Issey
Summer Flowers = Kenzo Flower
Summer Sky = Light Blue
Superstar = Euphoria
Tactique = Amarige
Tutu Woman = Coco
Vogue = Chanel No.5
Young Love = Romance
Zozo = Giorgio Beverley Hills
The Look = CK One
The Look For Me = CK Be
Pure Gold Lady = Lady Million
Weekend = Pleasures
Arome di Femme = Acqua di Gio 

Overall, this has exceeded my expectations and I would love to get a few more of these and see if I would be equally impressed. Gotta love a dupe! 

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