Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory

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Today I have a review of a pretty new product on our shelves at the moment- the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. This has been much hyped about and much anticipated, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it to try it out- though admittedly I am not the hugest fan of Rimmel cosmetics- I don't have anything against them per se- they just wouldn't feature in my top 5 cosmetic brands. I have only ever tried one other Rimmel foundation- the 'Stay Matte' one- and I didn't love this, I didn't hate this, it was just ok. So even though I was very curious to try this, I was also a little skeptical. 

What Rimmel promise:

Finally. Your new beauty partner that keeps up with your fast-paced lifestyle.

Introducing new Wake Me Up Foundation from Rimmel London. Rimmel’s first 

liquid foundation that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow.


Nice sleek little glass bottle with pump. No complaints here. Pump does not distribute too much product. Has a cap which fits securely. It contains 30 ml of product which is a decent amount and usually hits somewhere around the €10 mark in shops.

Already swatched a little underneath and you can tell that it doesn't really suit my skin colouring

Heavy Swatch

Blended out- kind of yellow, not too glittery


I picked up the colour Ivory because it was the lightest colour and when I swatched it in the shop, Ivory seemed to be a good colour for me. The colour is slightly too dark but I can work with it, it's not dark enough to leave that dreaded tide line on the jaw. The foundation itself smells ok- in that it doesn't smell offensive to me- actually it's quite nice. It doesn't look glittery in the bottle, and I must admit I didn't find it too glittery like some of my fellow bloggers have done (one in particular said she looked like Edward from Twilight when she used the Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory!). I think the coverage of this is pretty good, i would say medium to full, and it's really sweet to apply with a foundation brush. My skin is quite dry at the moment and it definitely did not aggravate that- some foundations I have tried recently have highlighted the dry patches on my cheeks and forehead but this is not one. It promises a dewy finish and it did have a dewy finish to be honest- not too glittery but I have to admit I used a little Catrice Skin Finish Powder in translucent over it to set it because i don't like having a dewy chin! I used this at both night time and in the day, and even though the name gives connotations of daytime use, i.e. Wake Me Up, i think I would prefer this for night time looks. That's not to say I won't use it by day, I just express a preference for using it at night because the coverage is quite good. 

Overall Remarks

I like this, I don't love it, I don't hate it. It's ok- it doesn't make you look like you got 20 hours sleep the night before but it provides adequate medium to full coverage. I have not found that this is overly glittery, I don't feel like a disco ball walking around the place and nobody has, as yet, pointed out that I am overly glittery. I did use a setting powder with this however when I used it because I don't really like shiny foundations, there is a fine line between dewy and shiny. I don't know if that kind of defeats the purpose for using this foundation. Would I repurchase? Not sure. It's fine, it does the job, I don't not recommend it but I don't think it's a 'must have' product either. I haven't been blown away by it, I might come to love it more as time passes. I am very picky when it comes to foundations though and this one didn't quite hit the mark for me.

Hope this review was helpful, let me know what you think about this foundation.


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