Monday, 30 April 2012

Penneys/Primark Accessories Haul

hi again everybody!

i promised I would diversify and today I am coming good on that promise. I went to Penneys today and stocked up on a few summer accessories- you know the way it is, I went in for some new socks and came out with more than I anticipated or needed. Today was quite a refined haul as far as Penneys hauls go, but planned or not, I love everything I picked up.

Grey Shopper Bag w/Padlock detail, €13

I absolutely loved this when I saw it. It actually caught my eye a few weeks back but I didn't give into the evil voices in my head but I was weak today and succumbed. I love large boxy bags, i love bags with long straps and handles and I love this colour, so it seemed like a wise purchase to me. I like the way it is so simple and I think the padlock detail on it is cute and good value for €13. The label says the colour is grey but I think it is more of a beige/stone colour. As you can see from second pic, it's absolutely huge, love this, it's office appropriate which is a big plus for me. I didn't see any other colours in store but if they had a black one also I would definitely pick one up for work. If anybody else has seen these in any other colours, please let me know :)

Cream Floral Purse, €3.50

I also picked up a little summer purse to match my new bag and this little beauty was just €3.50. I don't change my purse as often as I change my handbag and often I just put some items from my normal purse into my new purse, and I think that will be the case here. It's cute and summery but it's not nearly large enough to cart around the various bits and pieces I insist on bringing everywhere with me -after all I'm sure we've all had those days where you get to the counter in Boots and realised you left your Advantage Card at home! It'll do nicely, I love matching items.

Coral Scarf, €4

Anybody who knows me will tell you I absolutely love the colour coral and I love scarves, so when I saw this baby, my only thought was 'WANT'! I love pink and red, and I find coral is one of those middle colours which matches both. I like this scarf because it's nice and light, not chunky or heavy for the summer months, and it's got these cute little baubles along, and, most importantly, it's coral, and I love coral. 

Black Sunglasses, €3

Even though I must own about ten pairs of sunglasses, I picked up these for €3 and I intend to leave them in my car because I never have a pair of sunglasses in the car when I need them. I am blind as a bat but I wear contact lenses every day, so I like to have the biggest, blackest sunglasses for driving. These aren't hugely dissimilar to my Guess or Aldo sunglasses and even though they will prob spend more time on top of my head than actually shielding my eyes, I thought they were quite the find.

White Canvas Shoes, €3, Black Pumps €3, Purple Pumps €3

I picked up three pairs of summer shoes too. I love bows- i go crazy when I see a bow on anything so I picked up a purple and black pair of pumps and also I picked up a pair of white canvas shoes- I usually veer so far away from white anythings, nevermind white shoes, but I reckon I'll surely get one sunny day over the summer where I can wear these without destroying them on their maiden voyage. I love Penneys shoes because almost every single shoe comes in a size 3.

5pk Socks, €3

Then, the reason I called into Penneys in the first place was to pick up some new socks because as soon as a pair of socks gets baubly, i won't wear them anymore. I love new socks, and at €3 for five pairs, it's hardly an expensive indulgence! I love Penneys socks, cheap and cheerful, but the only little issue I have is that Penneys socks come in standard size 4-7 and my foot is a ridiculously small size 3 which means the colourful heel of the sock is usually half way up my legs!

So that was my little Penneys/Primark haul today, I think I deserve credit for having enough willpower to keep away from the Essence and Catrice display units today!
Hope you enjoyed

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