Friday, 27 April 2012

NOTD- Essence 'A Lovely Secret'- Review and Swatches

Hi everybody,

Now I'm not really one for 'Nail of the Day' posts as such. I have really short nailbeds and i don't wear my nails very long so I don't really have the greatest canvas for nail colours. As I have said before in other posts on this blog, nails kind of come way down my list of priorities- after haircare, make-up, skincare, etc., but at the same time, I almost always have some colour on my nails. Juxtaposition much!

Anywhoo, enough with the blurb and on to the polish- and my god, what a polish it is! This is the Essence Colour & Go nail polish in No.86 (a lovely secret). Lovely in name and lovely on the nails I say. As we know, the summer is upon is and pastels are a big theme this summer, as is colour blocking etc etc. I have a lilac nail polish by Catrice but I have long been searching for a lavender colour- so I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted this Essence one today!

The colour itself is a purple toned lavender (as opposed to blue toned lavender) and there are the tiniest flecks of purple glitter in it (but it's not glittery per se). It took just two coats to build the colour perfectly, as is the case with most Essence nail polishes in my experience, and I love both the shape and size of the brush and the handle of the brush/cap of the polish which is nice and small and almost pen like instead of the more awkward brushes from other brands. It's not matte, but not too shiny, it actually has the exact matte finish that I like, and I haven't put a top coat on it yet.

I cannot even emphasise how pretty the colour is- I mean it is without a doubt one of my fave nail colours of all time and I think I'll purchase a few more of these just so I have lots of back ups and I never say that about any nail varnish I own. It's on trend, and best of all, only €1.29. Yeah. I know. 

You need this in your nail varnish collection- this is absolute Spring/Summer 2012 gold, i'm gonna give it a whacking 5 big stars. Invade Penneys and Dunnes and wherever else you can get your paws on this because I have a sneaking suspicion that this is gonna fly off the shelves.

Verdict- LOVE.

Hope you liked this quick little NOTD.


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