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Make up insight collection #4- Nail Polishes

Hi everybody,

This is the most part of my nail polish collection- I have somewhere in the region of 110 bottles of nail polish- which is uncanny really because I'm not really a nails person- I mean I almost always have some colour on my nails, and I have gotten my nails done professionally a few times (even though the last time I got gel nails done, the technician said my nail bed was too small and they ended up looking more french manicure-esque- i did like it but it made me feel like a bit of a nail oddball). I have small hands and I never wear my nails very long, I like them to be neat, and I prefer simple bright colours over intricate nail art designs. I don't bite my nails, never have done thankfully, but I find they can be quite brittle from time to time so I file them regularly enough to try to keep them strong. In the grand scheme of things though, nails fall way down my list of priorities after hair care, cosmetics and skin care, but slightly above fake tanning because I don't fake tan all that often.

(I'll start at the top left corner and just give a little overview working left to right and then down along the rows.)

The red in the corner is by Christian Dior and I think it was a free sample when I bought J'adore perfume a while back. I adore this red, the formula, everything about this polish. 

I have some Barry M nail paints and crackle colours but to be honest, I am not the world's biggest fan of either. The nail paints are ok, not awful, just not great in my opinion, and the crackles are troublesome to say the least. When I picked these up for first time in Superdrug in Belfaast, I bought the light purple colour with a darker purple crackle and planned to top it off with Sally Hensen's 'Tough as Nails' top coat. I bounced back to the hotel that night, complete eager beaver to jump on crackling trend, and as soon as I opened it, I knew something was very wrong, the mixture was gloopy, thick and lumpy (despite it being 'brand new') and I brought it back next day and picked out another. Now I am always giving out about the ton of sellotape that places like Boots place on their products to stop people sampling them- there is nothing worse that tying to fight your way through a mound of sellotape trying to open your new purchase, but in this instance where the product had clearly been opened many a time, I actually had a moment of appreciation for the lovely sales assistants who take time to ensure that the product that reaches their end consumer is of merchantable quality. BUT since I have found both the black and purple have gotten increasingly gloopy as time has passed and I have not used either of these more than three times each. I don't think I would repurchase a Barry M crackle, my experience with them to date has just not been good, it hasn't really left a lasting impression. 

The top row is kind of comprised of random bits and pieces- 2 NYX polishes that were given to me by free when I purchased some products (I have yet to try these actually- my bad), a Nails Inc red polish which I got free with a magazine but cannot get open for the life of me, a Sally Hensen 'Tough as Nails' topcoat (love this- will defo repurchase- definitely reduces chippage), a No.7 polish (I got this using a €7.50 voucher- I'm not a huge fan of No.7 and I just used the voucher and contributed a euro or two and got a nail polish, a GILT navy polish with gold flecks which was gifted to me, some 17 polishes and a Rimmel French Manicure set. 

The second row consists of most of my Catrice polishes- these I absolutely love- €2.79 each- great colour payoff after two coats, they last a decent amount of time and they have really unusual shades. Also Catrice release special edition nail polishes very regularly and I almost always love all of these but then miss the boat. I've seen pics of the new 'Revoltaire' collection and I love the colours of those too! Dagnammit! I have six NYC nail polishes in total but for some reason cannot locate two of them- I like these, you might need two or three coats but overall they are good quality, not too bad for chippage when topped with a good coat. I have a few Rimmel ones and these are pretty reliable too, good colour payoff and good lasting power for the most part.

On the third row I have MUA polishes which may take up to 2 or 3 coats to build the colour but look pretty good afterwards and are not the worst culprits for chipping imo. I also have my selection of Essence polishes which I've only really gotten into in the last few weeks- i am not a huge fan of Essence overall the way I would be with Catrice- I love bits of pieces of Essence- their mascaras are great, their eyeshadows are really pigmented- but the stand out Essence product for me is their nail polishes which come in a vast array of colours, take approx 2 coats for great colour payoff and come  in little 5 ml bottles which means there is a good chance you will use up your nail polishes before they go all hard and gloopy and unshiny. Best bit of all- the price- at €1.29 each they are a bargain- they're pretty much the same price as a bar of chocolate from the tills. I think these are great value, they are so adorable- on trend because Essence are constantly releasing new colours (i'm currently wearing shade no. 86 in 'a lovely secret' which is a lovely pastel lavender colour- I am loving it- it might be my fave all time Essence polish :)

Next onto my E.L.F. polishes which form the bulk of my collection. Where to begin with these- i like them but i don't really like them at the same time. I like them because there are loads of colours, i picked most of them up for 85c each during a 50% off sale last year so they were cheap as chips, but they really really need a good topcoat to stop them chipping. Once you have the topcoat on, you're sorted. I have 42 E.L.F. polishes in total- I love the array of colours- some of my particular favourites are Coral, Gum Pink, Sunset, Fire Coral, Fuschia, Burgundy, Cranberry, Passion Pink, Purple Dream and Teal Blue. For the most part, two coats will suffice, but 9/10 out of 10 i always manage to smudge one nail before they dry fully. The reason I love these is that, for €1.70 each they are a bargain, nevermind the mere 85c I parted with, the range of colours is great, only without a top coat, I find these chip like crazy. I probably wouldn't repurchase any of the shades that I have, but there are loads of reasons for that- i'm not hugely into nails and nail polishes anyway to begin with, my nail drawer is prob the most neglected of all my drawers! But if E.L.F. released new shades soon, I prob would purchase, would love a pastel set for the summer, some nicer blues and greens maybe, and a crackle line would be a nice treat too. 

So that's just a little insight into my nail polish collection, I hope you've enjoyed it. I really like make up collection posts because I like getting to know a person through their array of products at a glance- and from a review perspective, I think it's helpful to put similar products in similar categories up against their competitors in a general overview type post. 

What do you guys think? Do you like make up collection posts too?

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