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Make up collection insight # 3- Lips (pic heavy)

hello again everybody :-)

this is the third instalment of my make up collection series, and now we have gotten to an area very close to my heart indeed- lips! From lipglosses to lip balms to lipsticks and lip pencils, I don't feel complete leaving the house without a little something on my lips. 

Lipglosses and Lipstains

i love glosses on their own and glosses layered over lipsticks- particulary pink or peach glosses over a nude lipstick when I am doing a smokey eye look. I have a few lipstains also from E.L.F. but to be honest, the only ones I would say are must haves would be Red Carpet (words simply cannot describe how much i love this) and First Date. 

I love lip gloss sticks (if that makes sense), and I particularly love the NYX round lipglosses for layering, the E.L.F. luscious liquid lipsticks for decent pigmentation from a lipgloss and also the Catrice colour show off range which has, in my opinion, unbelievable staying power and pigmentation. I have two Barry M lipglosses in a pale pink and orange colour and these smell like bubblegum and tutti frutti respectively, they are almost too delish to be purely cosmetic! Usually flavoured/scented lipglosses wouldn't rock my boat- an example would the E.L.F. Studio Minty Lipglosses- i find that these are so packed with glitter that they feel almost gritty on the lips and they have a really strong minty flavour which isn't hugely offensive but is a bit off putting if you're not into that kind of thing. Also, i have already blogged about how the E.L.F. Mineral Lip Glosses are a dupe of the MAC Lipglasses, you can see packaging pretty much identical.

I have loads and loads of tube glosses from ELF, MUA, a Christian Dior set that was gifted to me by a dear friend and a few Lancome Juicy Tubes, but I much prefer lip glosses with doe foot and not little wand applicators. I have shimmery glosses, plain and simple glosses, pretty much every colour I need. I also have the Smashbox O Gloss which is a clear gloss that naturally brings out your lips natural pinkness (and somehow my Smashbox O Glow ended up in this pic too even though it is a cheek product!). 

Lipsticks, balms and pencils

Now lipsticks are my real passion, this picture does not even capture my full collection in all it's glory because I know I have stashed lipsticks away in different places e.g. the car to make sure I always have one on hand. Is it very vain to say I actually really like the shape of my lips? I mean they're quite full without making me look like a duck's beak and i think i have quite a nice defined cupid's bow, so I hope that doesn't sound very vain! I could prob combat it by saying that I have practically no legs cos I am only 4ft11 and a half inches tall, but we won't even go there!! I love strong reds, pinks, pretty much anything blue based I find is very flattering for my pale skin w. cool undertones. I also like peachy/light pinks for summer time looks or I might pair a nude with a gloss if I was attempting a smokey eye. I prefer matte/sheens to frost on my lips- i try to avoid frostiness at all costs, and sometimes if I feel like a Lipstick is not matte enough, I'll matte it up myself using something like E.L.F. Studio Complexion Perfection. I recently picked up two MAC lipsticks from the Amplified range and I love how these apply- smooth, creamy and they don't budge.

As you can see, I am a huge fan  of NYX Round Lipsticks, i have 26 now but I've at least 6 more on my wishlist! I have nudes, light pinks, hot pinks, reds- I'll eventually get around to swatching all these but that's a day's work in itself! I love the round lipsticks- it's easy to understand why they are the top selling product on the NYX UK site- I love the texture, they don't bleed all over your face, and I think the lasting power is great but I don;t mind reapplying after a few hours. Even though I love every single one, stand out colours for me are Summer Love which is a really nice nude, Narcissus which is a crazy bright pink, Fig, Femme, Chaos, Rose, Tea Rose, Gem,  Eros, Louisiana, Paris and Power- i go for these time and time again. I cannot rate this lipsticks enough and I think if you are a lipstick fan and you haven't picked up a few of these yet, your collection is defo missing out! I also have some NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils and these are great too, so incredibly creamy and easy to apply- I love Chaos and Deep Red in particular.

I also cherish Catrice lipsticks and I have 5 to date- 2 from the Ultimate Shine Collection and 3 from the Ultimate Colour Collection. I love everything about these- the packaging which is so sturdy and sleek and simple, to the way these apply, the creamy and not drying feel on lips- they are brilliant imo, and at €4.99 or €4.49 a pop, where would you be going like. I noticed that they now have these stands in Penneys also- I spied one last week- you'll find them pretty much anywhere where you'll find an Essence counter. My local pharmacy stocks a Catrice line which is very handy indeed.

E.L.F. lipsticks are another love of mine, particularly the Essential range where lipsticks cost $1, £1.50 or €1.70. I picked up quite a few of these for a mere 85c each during the flurry of 50% off sales last year, like there are no words to describe what a bargain this is! When the new range came out last winter, I just had to nab myself some of the new ones also- I have the whole entire range but I have only photographed 10 (the other two are missing :( ) and I like them all bar Voodoo and Fantasy, only because these are a warm spicy red and a brown and I never would pick either of these, I just can't carry them off- Fantasy in particular makes me look like I've got chocolate spread all over my lips- not a good look! I adore and will repurchase to the death the following: Classy, Posh, Charming, Fearless, Sociable, Gypsy, Captivating, Seductive, Nostalgic and Flirtatious. I like the E.L.F. Mineral line lipsticks too but I don't love them the way I love the Essentials line. The staying power of them is great, and they are quite moisturising for lips, but the shades don't wow me the way the other line does. Shades I do love include Runway Pink, Party Pink and Ripe Rose. I also have four Studio Matte Lip Colours- i picked these up for €1 each using a promotion that cropped up last summer- I love Natural and Coral but Tea Rose makes me look like I am dead and Praline is a brown and I don't do browns. There is a new red one on the site which I am lusting after but I will try to restrain myself for another while longer yet. Finally, the E.L.F. Studio Conditioning Lip Balms are great- the pigmentation is brilliant- esp Romantic Rouge- but I find these to be just a little bit messy and a pain to reapply on the go. I love the lighter colours like Peaceful Pink and Mellow Melon, these in particular are great when you want to wear stronger eye make up.

I have a couple of Rimmel colours aswell- my fave red for years was Red Alert in the shiny pink packaging, and recently I was gifted a nude from the Kate Moss range and Soft Coral in the purple shiny packaging and form part of my collection also. I have three Pout Polishes from Sleek which I love also, and I pretty much wear these on low effort days when I want a naturalish look- Peach Perfection is great for these kind of days. I have seven NYC lipsticks and even though I hate the taste of this on the lips, they taste like crayons or something, I like the way these colours are quite sheer and buildable, and they feel quite nice on (apart from the taste which i really really don't like). I love Blue Rose, English Rose and Air Kiss in particular. I have some Barry M pieces too which were gifted to me by a friend I met through blogging, I find it quite hard to find Barry M stalls in the boots that I would go to and she very kindly set me over a lip pencil in bright red (perfect for xmas season) and a bright fuschia lip paint lipstick and I love these also. I have to really impress upon you also my love for MUA lipsticks which are priced at just £1 each and are packaged very similar to the NYX Round Lipsticks. I have seven of these now and probably the only thing I don't like about them is the fact that most of them don't have names, just numbers i.e. Shade 1, Shade 2 etc. I have three shades that have been named- Bare, Juicy and Nectar, and I find myself reaching for Nectar lots these days because it's a really nice summery peachy colour.

I have four MAC lippies in my collection to date including Impassioned, Chatterbox, MAC Red and Ramblas Red, and it goes without saying that these are top notch in terms of colour payoff and pigmentation and staying power, however the €17.50 price tag may be a bit of a put off. I am sure I will gather more of these in my lifetime (my bank a/c is scared!)

A little note on storage...

i am planning on doing a seperate blog post on storage because it took me ages to find a system that worked for me. As you can see from the pic, I have categorised all the lip products by type first i.e. lipglosses or lipsticks, and then by brand, just to make it easier to find the colour I am looking for if I have something particular in mind. If i don't have something particular in mind and just want to open my drawer and see what's there for the taking, I have arranged all my lipsticks in such a way that I can clearly see the minute I open the drawer all the colour options I have , be it stickers on lipsticks i.e. the MAC, E.L.F. and Catrice products or little bursts of colour from the packaging itself i.e. MUA and NYX. It took a long time to perfect and it can get really messy really quickly if i'm not careful but it's a system that works for me! What do you guys think of this system? 

Sorry for bombarding ye with so many pics. Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my lip drawer. I have reviews on many of these built up already but I hope to eventually getting around to swatching rhem all for you because I always consult blogs for swatches when I am purchasing lippies so in the interests of good karma and all that! 

Toodle pip xx :) 


  1. wow!! thats a lot of lip products!! :)

  2. i know right, i have an addiction problem i think! i'm always on the lookout for a new lipstick :)

  3. Have you done a post with swatches of all your NYX round lipsticks? If not I would really really love to see that, I am always looking for new lippies as well. Hope you enjoy the Revlon lip butter hun, mine is almost already used up half way. :)


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