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Make up collection #1 - Eyes

So alot of people have asked me about my make up collection, and how much make up I actually have. I'm not saying I have been inundated with requests or anything, but folks like my good friend Sile have asked me about my make up collection. The truth is, I have a problem, I own far too much make up but I cannot stop being seduced by all things cosmetic! 

I think the easiest way to approach this is to just take it section by section- I'll do eyes first, then cheeks,  followed by lips, face, nails and brushes, and then maybe a collective on how I store my makeup. So without further ado, I'm gonna get the ball rolling with my eyestuffs!

Eyeshadow Palettes

Truth be told, I was a bit slow to jump on the eye palette bandwagon, I just preferred to have individual eyeshadows, esp. when I was in college and coming home at weekends, it was easier to have smaller individual shadows. I guess it just never really dawned on me that you can carry many different colours around in one neat compact! I love palettes now, they are so handy for weekends away or when you're in a rush, it's really easy to grab just the one palette instead of loads of individual shadows because the colours generally compliment each other and you can get highlight, crease, contour and shading colours all from same palette. It's all about the convenience! 

Collection includes: Sleek palettes in Oh So Special, Bad Girl, Storm and Original; Catrice Limited Edition New York and Berlin palettes and Smokey Eye palette; E.L.F. palettes in naturals and brights and the 100 colour palette and customised eye palette; NYX 'Nude on Nude' eye and lip palette, 10 colour palettes in Smokey Eyes and Haute Model, Purple Smokey and Smokey Look Kits, and 5 Colour Caribbean Palettes in I dream of Barbodos and I dream of Nevis, MUA palettes  in Starry Night and Heaven and Earth, Barry M eyeshadow trio* (this was a gift), No.7 palette in Rose Quartz


I actually think mascaras are one of my weaknesses, it's definitely one of my must wear products every day, even if I don't wear any other make up, I like to give my lashes a little lick of mascara. I have quite long curly eyelashes anyway, but I am very much a lashes girl, I love eyeliner and mascara. Now I have quite a few mascaras but not all of them are used, some of them have been gifted to me and some are back ups, I have quite a few new ones which I have yet to try also. My absolute golden rule with mascaras is that if they look dry, dull or gloopy at all, they get tossed. I have quite sensitive eyes, I wear contact lenses, and I find that some mascaras really irritate my eyes. One of the E.L.F. mascaras I own, the Mineral Infused one, actually scratches my lashline when I use it, more so than any other mascara I own, and the only reason I haven't tossed it is because i like to use the brush to comb my lashes if I feel they have gotten a little bit clumpy. Even though I love black black lashes, and to a certain degree I like the clumpy look (though not the clumpy, I only have three or four lashes look!), I also have blue, purple and plum mascaras, and sometimes I'll give these an outing too. 

I used to love eyeliner pencils, and I still do to a certain extent, but cream and gel eyeliners have really taken over now! I still use pencils when I don't want a really defined line, or if I am going somewhere in a hurry and haven't got the time to be meddling with little pots and brushes! My HG eyeliner pencil is Benefit Bad Gal, I adore this, I have like 4 I think, but it's just a lovely pencil, smooth and dark, easy to sharpen, easy to apply and relatively easy to remove (with a good eye make up remover, I love Eau Demaquillante Purifiante by La Roche Posay). I also have coloured eyeliners, some eyeliner pens, NYX jumbo eye pencils which make great bases and several eyeshadow bases, including primers from the e.l.f. essentials and mineral line and Fyrinnae's magical nectar, Pixie Epoxy, which, imo, is an absolute must for mineral eyeshadows. Speaking of mineral eyeshadows, I couldn't be bothered laying out and photographing all my mineral eyeshadows again but you can check them out by clicking the 'sassy minerals', 'black rose minerals' or 'fyrinnae' tabs over here --->>

Mascaras include offerings from 17, Miss Sporty, No. 7, Essence, MUA, Christian Dior (prob my HG mascaras), Rimmel, E.L.F., Benefit, Maybelline and NYC. I was also gifted a Mascara Primer from E.L.F. Cosmetics for review purposes.

Eyeshadow Primers, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils (love Milk, great eyeshadow base), Eye Bright by Benefit, Waterproof Eyeliner Pens from E.L.F. (these are a bit of a miss but I have been using them to apply cream eyeliner when I am in a bit of a rush), eyeliner pencils in blacks, greys, plums, silvers, blues from Catrice, E.L.F., Barry M* (this was gifted to me) and some Eyeliner and Shadow Sticks.

Eyeshadows, Mineral and Cream Eyeshadows, Cream and Gel Eyeliners

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, and I like to jazz mine up accordingly. I have a version of pretty much every colour under the sun, and I like to mix up colours every now and again. A recent trend I have been availing of is a bold colour pop in a smokey eye, I'll do a normal smokey eye and through in a pop of colour like a really vibrant purple or blue, variety is the spice of life after all! A recent trend for me is a champagne eye with lashings of black cream eyeliner and mascara teamed with bold bright lips, this has become one of the staple looks of mine in recent years. I absolutely love love love cream and gel eyeliners- my obsession began years ago before it got really trendy when I visited the Bobbi Brown make up counter in Brown Thomas, and I have so many different colours now. I like to apply my cream and gel eyeliners with an angled eyeliner brush, I think it gives really great scope for creating defined lines, definitely a plus when attempting to recreate  winged liner looks or cat eye looks. I love the E.L.F. Cream Eyeliners, they are probably my absolute must have E.L.F. product, they last so long, they are so easy to work with and they do not dry out insanely quickly like some other brands I have tried. I have also been leaning more towards using cream eyeshadows as bases, you need a really good primer to stop creasing, but E.L.F. have some great shades, I love Pewter and Smoke in particular.

Included in collection are E.L.F. Quad and Duo shadows, Catrice single and duo eyeshadows, Essence single eyeshadows, duo eyeshadows and 'Colour and Go' marbled eyeshadows, MUA pearl and matte eyeshadows, MAC eyeshadows and pigment pots, Smashbox shadows, Urban Decay, Christian Dior, 17 and Sephora Eyeshadows, E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeshadows, Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliners, Catrice gel eyeliner and E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeliners

I hope that this little post has given you a brief little insight into my eyestuffs collection, stay tuned for lip, cheeks, face, nails and brushes posts in the coming days! 

Toodle pip x


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