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Huge Ebay Jewellery Haul (pic heavy)

Hello lovelies,

I've another post for you guys today and it's another first from me- a jewellery haul post. I love jewellery and bling, and I have a very specific taste which is hard to explain. I don't like spending alot of money on jewellery because I am forever losing it- I have lost the vast majority of my Newbridge trinkets- I am a disaster. I also love having jewellery that is different from the mainstream- I'm not really one for big pieces, but I like to have different pieces to everybody else. Every month I set myself a budget of about €25/30 to purchase some jewellery, and eBay is my destination of choice. You can pick up amazing bargains on eBay- what I usually do is select free postage and packaging and see what crops up. More often than not, I can pick up a pair of earrings or a ring for less than a euro, including postage to Ireland! The only downside is that you will probably have to wait for it to arrive, which may take up to a month depending on what part of the world it's coming from. You do have to scour the pages to find the right pieces for you, but there are great bargains to be had. All prices mentioned include postage!

So here goes!


I was looking at a fellow blogger's videos a few weeks back and she had an amazing white watch that she  purchased off eBay and she very kindly put up the link so we could go to the seller's site and see pick one up ourselves. I loved it and also picked one up for myself, and I was blown away when it arrived by the quality of the watch- lovely strong white leather strap, and the face actually feels really weighty and sturdy, and came with a free battery! I loved the white so much that I went back and purchased the same watch in red and black also from the same seller. They were possibly the most expensive pieces of jewellery I have ever purchased off eBay but I love them, I wear them all the time now over my Guess and other watches. These were all auction items- the white one cost €6.04, black €5.99 and red €4.90- all including postage and all came with a spare battery. You can see what other items the seller has here

I also purchased a black jelly strap watch for €2.63 (incl. postage) from this seller- I like it but I don't love it, I'll prob end up giving this to one of my younger sisters. This took absolutely ages to arrive- I purchased it in last week of February, contacted the seller in the last week of March and it took til the second last week of April to get the replacement. This is something you should just bear in mind.

I picked up this beauty for €2.07 including postage. I love it, it's just soooo pretty. I am really feeling purples these days and I am a sucker for anything with a rose on it, and this pretty charm bracelet is just so cute. The only thing is, the clasp does not work properly on this one, but I contacted the seller and he is sending out a replacement free of charge. Good customer service and they had loads of different colour and charm combinations- you can check out what they have here.

I like necklaces too, from the simple to the intricate, and this one cost me just 76 cent including postage! It's simple, chain is a nice length and pendant is perfect size. I have gotten loads of compliments whilst wearing this and when I tell people I practically got it for nothing, they can't believe it. If you like it, see if you can pick one up here.

I'm a complete sucker for roses, I love jewellery with roses, I love pictures of roses, my name is Aisling Rose so maybe that has something to do with it. I wear more studs than dangly earrings and I was chomping at the bit to pick up some rose earrings. I picked up a few pairs- the red ones were €3.01 from this seller (click here). I got a pair of green ones for €2.27 and purple ones for €1.86 from the same seller (click here). I picked up a pair of pink glittery ones from this seller for 80c.

I picked up another simple necklace for 55 cent and it was quite the find. Sometime I like a very simple necklace and I was delighted to pick this up for the price of a mere postage stamp! You can visit the eBay store where I picked up here.

This larger piece with a turquoise stone cost me just €2.09. I love this, it's a real statement piece and I have a soft spot for turquoise in any case, it's big enough to make an impact but not overly big as to look garish. I also love the chain on this. Here is the link to the eBay store where I picked it up.

Again, being a sucker for roses like I am, I picked up this necklace and earring set for €1.63, it came in a pretty little gift box, I've yet to wear this but I am very excited to. Here is the link to the seller.

I said I'd jump on the Shamballa boat and I picked up this red stoned pendant for €1.01 from this seller. I love this, it's small and neat but it's soooo incredibly shiny, it's really simple but bling- one of my faves. It almost makes me want to collect Shamballa jewellery and just have loads of little shiny balls to admire.

Again, following on with my rose theme, I picked up this bracelet for €1.11. I love it, little pastel flowers means it's on trend and it's just so cute. I'm not sure if seller has any left but you can check here.

I got embroiled in a bidding war for this bracelet but for €3.54, this is totally worth it, I absolutely love it. It's nice and short and fits my wrist really well, and not only do I love the turquoise stones, I love the setting of this bracelet too. One of my fave purchases for sure and if you like it, go here and see if you can pick one up too! 

I also picked up a pretty similar white bracelet from this seller and I love this too, it goes with so many clothes and I love the symettry of it. This one has also had many compliments and was just €2.35.

As well as roses, I also am having a bit soft spot for bows. I loved this black bow necklace the minute I saw it and it cost just €1.40. I am tempted to get another one just in case anything happens to this one- that's how much I love it. I also picked up these adorable rings- bows with little roses on the knot (I know!!! bows AND roses...what joy!!)- for 61c and 67c a piece including postage, happy days indeed! If you like these, try here.

I loved this earrings minute I saw them and when they arrived, I was not disappointed. They are shiny, not too heavy on the ears but simple and stunning enough in their own right. If you'd like a pair of these, check out here, they cost me just €1.01. I also picked up the silver and pearl effect ones for 60c.

This vintage opal style ring really caught my eye also and cost just €1.01, I'm not really a fan of the vintage look, antique gold style, I'm more of a silver girl myself, but I made an exception for this and I love it :) If you like it and want it, try here.

That concludes my March eBay jewellery haul, and as you can see, I picked up quite a few bits so cheaply. However, when buying anything off eBay, always remember to look at the sellers ratings and try to purchase only from top rated sellers. If you filter results to 'Free P&P' you can really see end cost of what you are going to pay and there will be no nasty surprises in the invoice you get in the end. You still have the exact same rights. I have had a few experiences with things getting lost in post or with items being slightly damaged or defective but sellers are so keen to get good feedback that they always try to remedy any problems as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoyed this little jewellery haul blog. If you have any questions/comments/whatever- feel free to comment down below. Thanks for reading :)


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