Thursday, 26 April 2012

Little haul and special delivery :)

hi everybody, 

i just said I would share with you my little hauls of the day. Today started off with a bang when the postman woke me up to hand me my brand new Blank Canvas Cosmetics brush set and airbrush blender sponge- many thanks to Una in Blank Canvas Cosmetics for these-I love good customer service and I am 100 times more likely to repurchase from a seller if I have been treated well. I haven't had a chance to test these out yet, I'm still kind of tormented because they are so new and shiny, but I will eventually get around to using them, and I'll report back in due course with my findings! Here are some pics as a taster 

I also was out and about the town today doing some shopping and I picked up some other bits and bobs too. It's quite a mixed bundle today.

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

I've read alot of reviews about this and they seem to be very complimentary. I am incredibly picky when it comes to hair products- I mean really I am so hard to please- but I do quite like L'Oreal hair products (whenever I go on holidays I always get L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect because it saves hulking my Kerastase regime around with me), and anybody who knows me will tell you that I almost always have my hair in order. I'm definitely not easily pleased when it comes to hair products but I've read enough reviews of this to warrant trying it out. I think it's pretty new on the shelves. I was particularly taken by the heavy glass bottling and gold detailing on the bottle. This brands itself as a Sublime Hair Enhancer, promising versatile use, sumptuous softness, luxurious shine and weightless touch. That's alot of promise for such a small bottle. You get 100 mls of product which I actually think is pretty generous because the oil looks really concentrated- you are only required to rub 'two precious drops' into your tresses to make the magic happen so it should last quite a while. It cost €8.99 which I think is a special introductory price- normal cost is approx €12 I think. I'll give it about a week to try this out and I'll put up another post about how I got on.

Academie Bronz' Express

I have heard so much about this tan too- most recent Sarah (Saz) included it in her April favourites vid. I'm going out on Sat night and I felt like a break from my usual St.Tropez, St. Moriz and L'Oreal Sublime tans, all of which leave me a very peculiar orange shade. I've heard so many great things about this, apparently professional beauticians are using this now. I was very torn today between this and Top Image tan which I have also heard loads about- what attracted me to Top Image was that it is specially formulated for Irish skin- which I presume means it's formulated for the incredibly pale and fairskinned like myself- but I went with this one in the end. I'm very excited to try this at the weekend- hopefully I won't turn out like an oompa loompa. It's normally €19.95 but I picked it up for €14.95 today.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory

I don't have alot of Rimmel foundations but I have heard so many good things about this foundation, I finally gave in today and bought the palest colour, Ivory, which swatched really nicely on my hand. I have heard that it is meant to make your skin look dewy, and from swatching it on my hand, I'm excited already. There is also SPF 15 in this which is a necessity for me- any bit of sunshine at all and I get freckles, and I want to protect against sun damage so I don't get all wrinkly before my time. There is 30mls of product and it cost €10.95, and I got a Scandaleyes mascara free with the foundation today which was about €8.50. I wasn't looking for a mascara and I won't open this for a while yet because I don't like to have too many open at any one time because they dry out so quickly. I have high hopes indeed for this foundation- I used to be a hardcore MAC Studio Fix Foundation fan and it's still my HG foundation, I guess I am always looking for a great foundation. Again, I'll review this when I have given it a chance to try and test it out so I can really give a considered opinion.

Even though I really don't need another nail varnish, I picked up two today- Essence no.86 'A Lovely Secret' which is like a pale lavender with just the tiniest flecks, i mean really tiny, of purple glitter. I have some pale purple nail polishes already but this one really caught my eye and for €1.29, how could you go wrong. I also picked up a Catrice nail lacquer in 'Pimp My Shrimp' which is very similar to another colour I have by them called 'Meet Me at Coral Island' which is one of my all time fave nail polishes of all time. I love coral on my nails- I wear alot of pink and red and I think this coral nails are an easy compromise between the two. I also have a really really short nail bed, small hands and tiny nails, so strong bright colours kind of suit my hands better- this was €2.79. I also picked up a little pot of Carmex because I find that this stuff is just like the liquor of the Gods for lips- mine aren't really chapped or sore, it's just I like to wear lipsticks and some lipsticks really highlight dry lips- today this only cost me the princely sum of €1.01 and it'll prob last me another year!

So like I said, I'll get trying all of these out and as soon as I have formed an opinion one way or another, I'll let you all know. 
Thanks for reading 


  1. Those brushes look amazing. I am in dire need of new makeup brushes so will check them out.

  2. Thanks Anita, they feel like great quality alright, I'm excited to put them to the test. If you were thinking of purchasing, can I just say keep an eye on Living Social and Pigsback- they usually have deals where you can get a set of brushes for €40 odd euro, just a little heads up :) If you look at previous deals on Pigsback, you can see for yourself, and if you share it on your page and get enough people to like it, they'll try to get the deal back on.

  3. Oh cool, I will definitely keep my eye out on those two websites. Thanks for the tip :)

  4. how much did you pay for the brush roll? I'm so jealous right now! x

  5. hi joanna, the brush roll including the flat top kabuki, airbrush blender sponge and postage was €47.44 exactly :) Keep an eye out on Pigsback or Living Social because I know I have seen these before, they'll prob crop up again! :D


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