Friday, 4 November 2011

Catrice Limited Edition Bohemia Nail Lacquer in CO2 'Bring me Terra-Copper'

When I saw that Catrice were launching a new special limited edition range called Bohemia, I was super excited, and when I first saw the new range laid out, this colour just sprung out at me, it looked kinda coppery but more orange than metallic in the bottle, I have other copper nail varnishes but none of them looked as orange as this and I am trying to build up every colour on the colour spectrum now so I said I'd pick up one of these. 

Initial impressions upon application: wow, wow, wow!!

One coat of this nail lacquer gives amazing coverage, i think it must be one of the only nail polishes I own that give great results from just one single coat, and not even a heavy one at that! It is so shiny, so packed with really really fine glitter that it doesn't even look glittery, just really metallic, and it is such an unusual pretty colour.

I think the secret must be in the formula, I have like ten different shades of Catrice nail lacquers now but this one is different, it's kind of thicker but don't get me wrong, not think in a gone off nail varnish way, but just not dripping off the brush before you even put it near your nail. It dries so super fast i was shocked, by the time i got to my right hand, my left was completely dry. I hate waiting for nail polish to dry, I inevitably always smudge a nail even if i sit still for half an hour. The formula of this really is gorgeous and I am still in a bit of shock at how just one coat gave such a strong colour effect. If i didn't actually paint my nails myself, i don't think i would believe it looking at the end result!

The pictures don't really do the colour justice, it's such a lovely colour, unlike anything I have ever seen before, like i said my eyes were drawn to it immediately on the display. It is just the most beautiful terracotta colour but it applies so glossily AND the formula leaves none of those nasty streaky marks that I have come across with so many other different lines.

The bottle is really pretty too, same shape as the ordinary non limited edition line but the top is decorated with this beautiful bohemian swirly art design and i think it is so cute. I also LOVE the way Catrice name all their colours with the best names ever, i think it's super smart, like some cosmetics lines prefer numbers or some just state the colour, but the nomenclature of all the Catrice products make me smile, 'Bring me Terra-copper'- terra-copper is a great way to describe this particular colour and i just love the ingenuity behind the brand.

It promises: 'ultimate colour, ultimate gloss, ultimate coverage'. It delivers easily on all three fronts. It costs just €2.79. Gorgeous, love it, highly recommend it, defo ***** rating! Pick it up before it's gone because it is a limited edition! 

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