Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturiser in Fair

This is my all time favourite tinted moisturiser. Before I knew this existed, I hated tinted moisturisers but this turned everything on it's head. It costs €30 from Debenhams.

At €30, this might seem expensive, but trust me when I say it is worth every cent and is good value because one small squirt will be enough to cover your whole face. The package is a decent size with plenty of product and a little window in the front. The actually squirty hole where the product comes out looks stable enough to reassure me that my moisturiser won't be wasted, and a light squeeze will distribute just the right amount of product for use. Also because the bottom is flat, it is easy to store standing which will help you when it comes to the getting that last bit of product out when you're nearly at the end of the bottle.

This moisturiser leaves the most natural dewy and completely non oily finish I have ever witnessed from a tinted moisturiser. It goes on nice and light but make no mistake, it evens everything out and provides a lovely flawless canvas for those days you want to look natural but you don't want to leave your face naked. I have combination skin and it definitely helps my dry patches without greasifying up the rest of my skin- it is the perfect balance. I got this is the lightest shade which is 'Fair' and it is a perfect match for my pale skin.

Top of the class, couldn't get better than this, and I'm going to keep repurchasing this one.

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