Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sassy Minerals Haul

I came across this website ( on a US make up review site ages ago and being the mineral fanatic that I am, I just had to place an order and see if it lived up to the hype. I bought 14 samples at $1 dollar each (approx 73 EU cents or 63p) and shipping to Ireland was $4.21 (approx €3 or £2.66).

(Silk Luster Collection- Thunderstruck, Haunted, Wonderland)
 (L-R: Thunderstruck, Haunted, Wonderland)
 (Liner Collection- Flash of Brilliance, Gasoline Rainbow, Exhibitionist)
 (L-R: Flash of Brilliance, Gasoline Rainbow, Exhibitionist)
 (Shimmer Collection- Top Row: Success, Misunderstood, Wanderlust, Psych, Fierce. Bottom Row: Phenom, Rave, Crown Jewels, Starstruck, Dance in the Rain)
 (L-R: Success, Misunderstood, Wanderlust, Psych, Fierce)
 (L-R: Success, Misunderstood, Wanderlust, Psych, Fierce)
 (L-R: Phenom, Rave, Crown Jewels, Starstruck, Dance in the Rain)
(L-R: Phenom, Rave, Crown Jewels, Starstruck, Dance in the Rain)

These come in little domed sample jars and admittedly, there is not as much product in these are there have been in samples from other companies but these were half the price so it's probably only to be expected that they would have half the product. Each little pot is labelled on top with the colour name which makes it easy to identify. 

 I purchased colours from the Silk Luster, Shimmer and Liner lines. I wasn't very impressed with the Silk Luster shades, I just thought they were hard to build up and they just looked kind of dead, i was hoping they would be pastel coloured and nice but even with Pixie Epoxy, these colours just bombed in my opinion. I quite liked the shimmer colours too but I found these to be a little more talcy than minerals from other companies- they kind of melted with Pixie Epoxy and you can't really wear mineral eyeshadows without some form of a base. The Liner collection are SUPER sparkly, I really love these three layered over charcoal eyeshadow for a really dramatic smokey eye.

I'd repurchase the liner shades in full sizes but I think i'd stick to other companies for minerals.

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