Monday, 31 October 2011

NYC Lipstick Collection

I was looking for some sheer lipsticks and one name that kept popping up in all my searches was NYC Cosmetics, so I purchased one, I loved it and then I went back and got four more. There are only €2.49 each.

 (L-R: Lilac Dream/Rose Petal/Blue Rose/Snowcone/Smooch)
 (L-R: Lilac Dream/Rose Petal/Snowcone/Blue Rose/Smooch)

(L-R: Lilac Dream/Rose Petal/Blue Rose/Snowcone/Smooch)

Bearing in mind that these cost just €2.49 each, the packaging in these is ok. What I don't like is that the lipstick does not wind down fully all the way which means that it's really easy to clip to lipstick with the top when putting it back on and with these ones in particular, I keep accidentally denting them :-( Aside from my inability to stop taking chunks out of the lipsticks, the packaging is ok, it feels pretty sturdy, it winds all the way up and all the way down and when wound up, it does not budge so it seems pretty secure in the container.

I love these for being sheer colours great for daytime wear. I have loads of creamy high pigmented lipsticks and lots of glosses but what I was really looking for was a lipstick appropriate for daytime wear, and i didn't want anything too colourful. These apply really easily and they stay put but I would find myself reapplying every couple of hours because they tend to fade a bit but they do not bleed and I have never needed to use a liner with these either. The only thing I hate about these is the taste of the lipstick, it tastes like crayons or something, it reminds me of the taste of children's makeup, and no matter what I do I cannot get used to the taste, it's not even an acquired taste, it's just really not nice.

Great for daytime wear when you are looking for a sheer lipstick but be prepared for a nasty taste!

Star Rating:
I feel a bit mean giving it just three stars but have to knock a star off for both the dodge packaging and the horrible taste.

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