Saturday, 15 October 2011

Musings of a make-up addict! x

Hello people,

Just by way of introduction- I am just an ordinary girl who has a real passion for cosmetics and products and I wanted to start a blog just so I could lend a hand to any of you who are interested in some similar products. I don't have a background in beauty therapy or the like, in fact (don't hold it against me), I am actually a baby corporate lawyer so in between the cut and thrust of corporate deal making and trips to court, I want to spread the word on some of my fave finds or save you from disappointment. I will always give my honest opinion, be it good, bad or indifferent, and I appreciate all the comments and feedback that you guys might have. I'll try to include as many pics as I can (bear with me, I am a bit of a technological noob!) for swatches etc. because sometimes seeing is believing and all that jazz. I have a bit of a tendency to ramble on so this blog will be a real test of my willpower :-)

Thanks for reading and please follow x

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