Wednesday, 19 October 2011

MUA Tube Lip Glosses

These beauties can be purchased in any Superdrug store for just €1.05 a pop or if you live in the UK, you can pick them up on, unforch they don't deliver to Ireland.

 (Top to bottom: Shade 3, Shade 4, Shade 5)
(L-R: Shade 3, Shade 4, Shade 5)

The packaging on these glosses is simple and effective- decent 14ml of product per tube. They have a flat topped angled plastic applicator and it's easy to clean so there is no build up of product. There is only 2.8 mls of product in the MUA lip glosses and they are the exact same price and 10 mls in the e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shines and the MUA offering is the cheapest of the lot.

The actual product tastes really nice and goes on really easily. It doesn't parch your lips at all and it isn't uncomfortably sticky either. It might not last as long as as Juicy Tube from Lancome does, but for a fraction of the price, you can afford to keep topping up your lipgloss. The colours are gorgeous by themselves for sheer effect or lovely layered over different lip colours just for an extra dimension. The glitter is these is super fine too which just makes them that bit glossier and I absolutely love really fine glitter in lip glosses.

Bargain of the century, will definitely repurchase these.

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